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A Zombie Bride Costume Creates A Look To Die For

There are characters in the horror catalog that, by their very essence, are considered sexy: think, for example, about vampires, who are almost always associated with sensuality. To put it mildly, zombies are not the average man’s wet dream. If there was a blind marriage reality show in the horror world, the male grooms might not be dead set on getting the zombie. Zombies are usually mutilated and covered in blood, their slow and clumsy walk is far from attractive, the smell of the rotting corpse does not correspond with the latest recommended perfume collections, and the appetite for flesh and blood organs is not something that will excite the average man (even if it could save him a few dollars Because with a zombie there is no point in going on a date in a restaurant).

Nevertheless, “zombie bride” is a term that can raise expectations for something special, and you can see it clearly in the costumes. A zombie bridal costume is a relatively sought-after product, and some imposing models even manage to be sexy.

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A Zombie Bride: Not Much Of A Horror Icon

If we look at the history of horror movies, we only remember a few zombie bride characters. One of the most apparent examples is Emily, the corpse bride from “Corpse Bride,” Tim Burton’s excellent animated film. There is, of course, “The Bride of Frankenstein,” the masterpiece from 1935, in which they try to create a partner for Frankenstein’s monster and discover that something has gone wrong with her. The problem is that this is more of a monster rather than precisely a zombie. The same goes for other brides like Tiffany – aka Chucky’s bride.

Several movies depicted the outbreak of a zombie epidemic right in the middle of a wedding, which is a pretty bad start for a living ever after. Such zombie attacks happened quite shortly in the prologue of “Zombieland,” which shows that the outbreak of the same mutant strain of mad cow that turned most of the population into cannibal zombies was the rest of the wedding. “REC 3”, the third film in the Spanish franchise, deals with the zombie outbreak during a wedding.

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The Advantages Of Zombie Bride Costume

The conclusion is that unlike other types of scary costumes that are in demand today, the design of a classic horror icon (say, Freddy Krueger or Pennywise) or a character that has gained massive interest in recent years thanks to movies and series (the clear example is Wednesday Addams costume), zombie bride costume does not necessarily correspond with a specific icon of the horror world. It mainly refers to a familiar horror image we have known for decades.

Here also lies one of its first advantages: it is a classic costume that can always fit. It doesn’t depend on fads, like the success of a specific character from a movie that may become more forgettable after a few years. If you add this to the eternal symbolism of the bride, you get a different meaning. Or, if you want to be a bit kitschy: true undying love, created by the combination of romance and gothic.

There are different versions of zombie bride costumes, as you can conclude from the review we will bring here later. The bottom line is that these costumes are considered unique and creative thanks to their appearance, which tends to be elaborate: the outfit often goes hand in hand with appropriate makeup and some accessories, and this makes it impressive and one that offers an opening for creativity and upgrades. Each “bride” can choose her perfect costume and go wild in the later stages with face and body makeup.

A zombie bride is an exciting twist to the traditional and “romantic” bridal costumes, and you can also combine it with a suitable zombie costume for your partner. In fact, some versions of costumes can fit an entire group, like a zombie family.

How Do You Choose A Perfect Costume?

It’s not easy to choose a zombie bride if that is what you want for some weird reason. The choice of a zombie bride costume is more straightforward, but there are still some points you should consider to find the perfect outfit. Whether it’s a costume that the bride chooses for herself or a surprise from her husband or partner, it’s worth putting some thought into some preliminary tests that can ensure that the costume will fit exactly.

The first decision is about the style, which can match that of the intended bride but also completely contrast it because the costumes allow us to break boundaries and be someone else for a few hours. In our case, as you will see later, there are classic and elegant zombie bride costumes for girls, while those that are considered wilder and sexier.

Quality And Materials
Even though you don’t get married in zombie bride costumes, it is essential to note that the costume is made of comfortable materials that will also ensure that it will be preserved appropriately. Pay attention to the manufacturer behind the costumes and the reviews about the specific model, which often say what is hidden under the lines. Materials like polyester, fabric, and different types of silk should do the job.

If you buy your zombie bride costume in a store, don’t give up on trying it on your body.
Since it is impossible to measure the dress when purchasing online, it is essential to pay attention to the size chart that should appear on the manufacturers’ websites or online stores. Don’t just be satisfied with the general definitions of the size (medium, extra large, etc.) because they vary between the different models and manufacturers.

When choosing wedding dresses, it is crucial to think about comfort: this is why brides look for dresses that will not be too tight or even prefer to select several dresses in advance for each of the stages of the happiest evening in their lives (because what to do if the traditional wedding dress will not necessarily fit the dancing stage). The choice of a bridal zombie costume is more straightforward, but trying to get an impression of the outfit’s comfort before buying is essential.

The good news is that some models come with adjustment options, such as elastic straps. This can be a big plus regarding your comfort or the journey to create the perfect fit for your body.

Accessories are an integral part of costumes, especially in the case of bridal outfits. Most models come with essential elements, such as a dress and hijab, but some also offer necessary additions: flower bouquets, for example.

It is vital to check what the costume includes and to equip yourself in advance with something that may improve the appearance even more, such as jewelry or a crown for the head.

The price of a bride zombie costume can vary widely depending on factors such as the quality of the ensemble, brand, accessories included, and where you’re purchasing it from. Generally, you can find bride zombie costumes anywhere from around $20 to $100 or more, depending on the abovementioned factors.

We recommend checking online retailers, costume shops, and local stores to understand current pricing. You can define in advance an amount you wish to spend on the purchase, but from our impression, the prices here are reasonable, even compared to other scary costumes.

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Fabulous Zombie Bride Costumes We Found Online

We went through the major websites where you can find scary costumes today, or costumes in general, and found some awe-inspiring models.

Note that some zombie bride costumes come in different variations, and as mentioned – You can easily upgrade your performance with makeup, special effects, and matching accessories.

Classic Zombie Bride Costume

Classic Zombie Bride Costume
We start the review with the next costume, which shows our zombie bride in all her glory. The look you’ll get here is classic and refined, so the outfit does manage to convey the message and explain what it represents, but on the other hand, it doesn’t tend to be too scary or disgusting.

This silver-gray dress, which has a ragged but luxurious look, includes a velvet bodice decorated with pearls (faux, of course), a lace and net overlay that complete the elegant look – at least if you ignore the ragged sides and the subtle blood stains, which are printed on the top of the dress alongside a fabric rose and textures that look like skulls. The costume comes with a headband combined with a matching headband and a red bouquet to create a bloody romantic look.

This hot dress is made of 100% polyester, velvet, satin, lace, and tulle (another fabric type). It features short sleeves with layers of lace and a skirt made of a combination of fabrics that reaches almost to the floor. You can choose this women zombie bride costume in one of three sizes – medium, large, or extra large – and go through the size charts on the various websites to see what fits you precisely.

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Sexy Zombie Bride Costume

Sexy Zombie Bride Costume

Maybe from the beginning of this article, you somehow got the impression that we think that zombie brides, by and large, are not very sexy. We stand behind this statement but are happy to discover that in the world of costumes, there are models that prove the opposite. Well, apparently, in a world where you’ll find sexy Freddy Krueger costumes, scary scarecrows, clowns, fields, and mummies, this shouldn’t come as a surprise.
A sexy zombie bride costume includes a traditionally fitted, shorter, and more revealing dress and a matching headdress featuring a black headband and skull.

The dress is made of polyester (97%) and a particularly elastic synthetic fabric called spandex (3%). It includes a bodice with a texture that simulates seams and a skull, a jagged hemline for the skirt, ribbons on the side of the dress, and more. The model comes in five sizes: extra small, small, medium, large, and extra large.

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A Bloody Woman Zombie Bride Costume

We continue with another costume you can describe as “sensual.” The bottom line is that this costume, which traditionally includes a dress and a robe, offers bloodstain prints on each part, looking a bit bloodier than the previous models we’ve reviewed here. You can get the sexy vibe mainly thanks to the dress design, which includes relatively bare shoulders with adjustable shoulder straps, frayed hems, and a relatively short length, which exposes the legs.

The costume consists of a back zipper, and is intended for hand washing only.

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And by the way, you can also find a bloody nurse costume from the same series, with roughly the same design, but that’s already a topic for another article.

Kids Zombie Bride Costumes

Crafted from 100% polyester, these kids zombie bride costumes promises an unforgettable Halloween experience, complete with eerie style and unmatched comfort. This outfit features a distressed zombie dress that boasts an eye-catching bloody ribcage graphic. The dress is meticulously layered, creating a multi-dimensional effect with printed bones on the arms that add a gruesome touch. The attention to detail is apparent even in the practical design, featuring an elasticated waist and a Velcro neck opening for easy dressing. which will surely help your girls.

Crafted with premium materials and an unwavering commitment to detail, this kids zombie bride costume is designed to provide exceptional quality. The costume looks great from girls aged 7-8 to those aged 10-12, this costume is versatile and adaptable to different sizes. It’s available in four sizes: Small, Medium, Large, and X-Large.

Emily Corpse Bride Costume

emily corpse bride costume

Remember Emily, with whom we opened the article? So if you are addicted to Tim Burton’s movies and love the character of the corpse bride, who the hero of the movie accidentally puts his wedding ring on her finger and thus becomes her husband in the land of the dead, you will be happy to know the next new costume. This Emily Corpse Bride costume was recently available for pre-order and should hit the virtual shelves in the following months.

Emily Corpse Bride costume, officially licensed from the beloved movie, includes a lace upper body, without sleeves, with a decoration of exposed ribs in the chest area (because this is a bride who comes from the dead). On top of the waistline, in the shape of the English letter “V,” you will find frills in a light blue shade. There are also matching printed decorations on the skirt itself, with other components being a pair of blue gloves (that don’t cover the fingers), a flower crown, and, of course, an attached home.

To our understanding, the dress does not come with the traditional blue wig, but even in this case, you can find such a wig quite easily.

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Makeup: A Vital Part Of Your Dead Zombie Bride Costumes

It needs to be longer to elaborate here on the art of makeup in the case of a zombie bride costume (and in general). Right on the edge of the fork, we’ll note that makeup for costumes of this type can make the difference and make the costume a real “wow,” while without makeup, people might have trouble understanding the concept (because not every bloody bride is a zombie). Some say that the key to the success of a zombie bride costume is in the small details, although the models we reviewed here are a great starting point and will do the vast majority of the work for you.

Still, want a unique costume with a personal touch? With a little effort and creativity, you can add elements that upgrade the outfit, such as fake blood stains, relatively pale skin tone, exposed bones, dark circles under the eyes, scars, stitches, and so on. A logical choice is to visit a professional makeup artist, although it should cost you several hundred dollars.

That is why some wish to do it alone, and it is a task that is certainly possible. The Internet can be an excellent source of inspiration, with pictures of suitable makeup or complete costumes and detailed tutorials (also on video!) showing how to make a zombie bride costume for Halloween or any other occasion.

Here are some few tutorials:

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