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Fiverr’s Fever: The Best Fiverr Services For Horror Fans

A few years ago, when I was a reporter for a magazine focused on lifestyle and the good life, I received a phone call from my editor. “We’ve arranged a tour of Faber’s new offices for you,” she announced enthusiastically. “Fiverr? The five-dollar ones?” I replied, trying to remember what it was about without Google. I knew at a general level that it was a digital commerce arena where various service providers could offer their talent and knowledge to anyone who needed them. Faber started as an arena Quite simple to create business cards and logos for the business at a starting price of five dollars, which also earned her her name.

But this happened back in 2010. Since then, Fiverr has expanded to monstrous proportions, with its estimated value as of the current point in time at approximately 1.2 billion dollars. A piece of clear evidence is the company’s well-designed offices, or as Fiverr’s people said in the same article: “Such offices are a statement that we are a company worth over a billion dollars.” Another example is the list of service providers today on Fiverr, which is broad and unique. You will find people who offer some weird Fiverr services ideas: receiving a message from the cookie monster, learning to communicate telepathically with animals, doing magic that will make the person ordering the service sexy or get his ex back, and of course also a drawing of the client as a mermaid.

We have not gathered here to discuss business, finance, or design. As a horror fan who realized over time that there are more and more services designed for fans of the genre and that there is a vast world of artistic horror, the memory of that meeting in Faber’s designed offices came back to me when I went through the platform and tested the “scary” services offered there.

What Horror Services Are In Fiverr?

Horror Voice Over

One of the most requested Fiverr horror services is horror voice over. The principle here is simple: you hire a narrator who reads what you want others to hear – be it a horror story, a podcast, a blessing, a narration for a movie, or anything else – in some scary voice. It can be an imitation of a familiar horror icon (for example, “Jigsaw” from the “Saw” franchise), a generic but menacing horror voice over by a a man or woman, and, of course, voices in different languages. If you want to hear a horror narration in the Indian language, for example, know that it is possible.

The horror narrators allow you to convey the text to them and choose between different styles, accents, and tones of voice according to your preferences and talent. There is an option to add sound effects or music, such as screams, scary laughter, etc.

It is important to note that in 2023, it is optional that these services will be provided exclusively by commentators, voice actors or some people who just use horror voice changer. We believe that in the coming years, following the takeover of artificial intelligence (AI) software in our lives, we will get to see more and more services that are not based on voice changes or imitation skills but on different programs that take a sample of a particular voice and dress it up in a compelling way on text.

Here’s a few examples of reccomended horror narrators on Fiverr:

Dark Art

The truth is that “dark art” is an extensive term you can divide into several groups. The principle here is that you order a custom piece of art for you, according to preferences or even unique visual objects. The graphic designer could, for example, create a poster for a horror movie in which you are the protagonist, draw a picture for you that you can proudly hang at home or in the office, create advertising products – and the list goes on. During that visit to Faber’s offices, I saw, for example, dinnerware with illustrations of the employees’ animals, a service that, according to company officials, was ordered from Faber’s service providers to inaugurate their move to a new office.

Some of the best Fiverr services offer in advance a painting in specific styles, such as gothic horror or macabre, but those who can adapt themselves more fully to desired style.

Horror Music

In the past, I served as a video editor. In our free time in the office, between one stressful edit and another, we “played” with scary music. We sat in front of various videos and edited them convincingly (more or less) with music and sound effects. The next big horror movie didn’t come out of here because, in advance, what can you expect for a video of a tractor making dinosaur noises from “Jurassic Park,” but we did get a few hours of fun and clearing our heads.

If you’re looking for scary music for your project – be it a movie, video, commercial, game, app, or anything else – you can use, you guessed it, Faber’s services. You can request the composition of an original soundtrack, the use of an existing work, a remix of a current song, or even a well-known “scary” tune. Here, too, you have enough customization options in terms of the rhythm, the instruments, the genre, the effects, or the style you are looking for, starting from classical music, such as pressing pianos, to noisy works on pure rock or metal.

Horror Writing

Recently, in one of the groups dedicated to horror on Facebook, one of the participants uploaded a short “script” for a horror story that he prepared with the help of one of the artificial intelligence applications. The result was very strange – a combination between “Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey” and something about Peter Pan – but it showed that horror stories could be created in seconds nowadays. The writer of these lines also dabbled in writing short horror stories through ChatGPT. Let’s put it this way: the results can be solid, but it’s hard to believe that the new Stephen King will emerge from here.

A better option is giving the job to professionals with the talent to produce these stories, from short to full-length novels. At Fiverr, we found the possibility to hire horror writers who will make a story according to your requirements. You can give them general information, for example, about the plot, the characters, the genre, and more, or even a free hand. The recommended service providers will also offer options for corrections and changes until you are satisfied with your story.

Horror Design

Today there is a massive demand for collectibles from the world of horror, some of which we have already written about on the website: horror Funko Pop figures or scary Bobbleheads, which come in the designs of the best icons that the world of horror has known. But why not create a character in this style, in which you will be the ones who star? Or will you choose a new and unique version of the icons we all know? Such products may be a lovely addition to your collection because many look for their personal touch today. This product that no one else has may even express their character and personal preferences.

We found several service providers that provide this answer in a short examination of Fiverr. Such Fiverr horror services starts with an illustration of characters in various styles (e.g., Funko, anime, pop art, the Japanese kawaii style, or even a drawing of the applicant as a zombie), goes through custom-made character sculpting, and also includes complementary products, such as designed packaging. Look at the freelancer’s examples and see exactly how the working process is with them. Remember that most designs need more than one draft.

Here, for example, are some of the freelancers who offer the design of bobble head-style characters:

Horror Logo Design 

Not long ago, we wrote here about the characteristics of a scary logo: for example, the common use of colors like red or black, “scary” objects that fit into the design (like skulls or bones), and other characteristics. This critical service may be excellent for owners of various horror-related websites and media, companies that provide horror products, film distributors, etc., and Fiverr may have some great options.

You may pay more than the five dollars needed back then, in the early days of Faber, for a truly professional and impressive logo. Still, the crucial importance of a logo today shows that this investment can be highly worthwhile.

Horror Makeup

 If you want to turn yourself or someone else into a horror icon or a scary character, your journey can start with Fiverr. Please note that this is not about personal makeup services by an expert because we are still talking about digital services here. You can indicate to the service providers the makeup you are looking for (face painting, special effects, blood, bones, and so on) or even some inspirational photos. The makeup artists will be able to guide you and send videos detailing step by-step all the necessary steps until you have the perfect makeup.

How Much Fiverr Horror Gigs Should Cost?

One of the advantages of Faber, from the point of view of the recipients of the services, is that the various products are offered here at relatively affordable prices, and above all – compared to other ways that exist today to receive them. As mentioned, countless digital works have been done since the $5 era, even if several Fiverr services (including those we said) meet other budgets. For additional and more complex works or using the services of a first-class artist, you may pay tens or hundreds of dollars. 

Since this is a platform for service providers, the choice can be complex, even regarding horror. It is recommended, as always, to see examples of previous work by the same artist or service provider. Check the reviews about the freelancers because, many times, they are the ones that tell us the picture of them.

The price of such Fiverr Horror gigs can come into consideration. However, try not to choose the cheapest freelancer you can find. In art, as in art, you sometimes have to pay for quality – and this is true in Fiverr as in any other arena, digital or physical.


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