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Wednesday Addams Costume: Black And Gothic Is The Thing

There are characters from the world of horror who have been with us for decades – even if it always seems that their last appearances are the ones that are stuck in our memory. The character of Wednesday Addams is a prime example, which has “come to life” in recent years thanks to the hit Netflix series starring gothic horror darling Jenna Ortega.

Everyone seems to have their Wednesday: this columnist, who grew up in the 1990s on both The Addams movies, will identify her mostly with Christina Ricci. But she appeared even earlier in the original Charles Addams comic back in the 1990s 30 of the last century, and later in several TV series, animated series, Broadway musicals – and, of course, also a long line of products, including Wednesday Addams costumes that will undoubtedly be especially hot this year.

Who Are You, Wednesday Addams?

As you already understood from the quick review we did here, there are several incarnations of the character of Wednesday Addams. Our Wednesday, who usually appears in the franchise around 13, stands out with her pale skin tone and black hair braided in long braids. She is a decidedly pale figure, with the possible exception of the eye and lip makeup, which you can also choose to be black.

Her look is gothic, reflected in many blacks in her performance. You will see her mostly wearing a simple black dress with a high and pointed white collar, contrasting the dress and giving the character a stiff, gothic, and somewhat old-fashioned look. The rest of the items in the show are pure black as well. The dress has a relatively modest look, up to knee height or below, and has long sleeves. The subtle style should express the conservative nature of Wednesday, but of course, you will also find sexy and revealing versions of the costume today, as we will see immediately.

Our Wednesday is fond of spiders and the Bermuda Triangle but less for humans. as much has been written about her indifference to human people and her relationships with the people around here (some theories claim that Wednesday represents a girl on the autistic spectrum). She likes death and torture, and as we saw in that opening scene of the series on Netflix – she has no problem dispatching piranha fish in the pool where the layered bullies swim. This character is essential in determining additional accessories that come with the costume or that you can add to it if you are a little creative, including spiders, a black umbrella, a voodoo doll, and more.

Why Should You Buy Wednesday Costumes?

A horror fan might consider buying a Wednesday Addams costume for several reasons:

  1. Iconic Character: Wednesday Addams is an iconic and beloved character from the Addams Family franchise. By dressing up as Wednesday, a horror fan can pay homage to this timeless character and showcase their appreciation for the genre.
  2. Nostalgia and Pop Culture Appeal: The Addams Family has been part of pop culture for decades, and many horror fans grew up watching the movies, TV shows, or reading the comics. Wearing a Wednesday Addams costume allows fans to tap into that nostalgia and connect with a character they have known and loved.
  3. Unique Aesthetic: Wednesday Addams’ style has a unique aesthetic that blends darkness, elegance, and a touch of gothic charm. For horror fans who appreciate these elements, donning a Wednesday Addams costume provides an opportunity to embody that style and express their love for the macabre.
  4. Versatile and Recognizable: Wednesday Addams’ costume is easily recognizable, making it a great choice for Halloween parties, costume events, or conventions. It allows horror fans to stand out and engage in conversations with fellow enthusiasts who appreciate the character and the genre.
  5. Creative Interpretations: While Wednesday’s costume is often portrayed in a traditional manner, there is room for creativity and personalization. Horror fans can put their own spin on the costume, incorporating unique accessories or makeup techniques to create a distinct and personalized rendition of the character.

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Wednesday Addams Costumes: Meet All The Options

Super Cool Adult Wednesday Addams Costumes

The good news is that we found dozens of styles of Wednesday Addams costumes, many of which have been added to the market in recent years following the success of the Netflix series (the second most successful in Netflix history, behind the fourth season of Stranger Things).

Please note that in some cases, you will not find in the description of these costumes the inscription indicating that it is a Wonsadi costume – but for example, a general description such as “Gothic girl’s costume” – but when you see the costume, it is clear exactly who it is. Other costumes are described as “Friday Costume,” or loosely translated as “Friday Costume,” in them, you will also find our Wednesday. We guess that this title corresponds with the character’s middle name in the franchise, which according to the Netflix series, was chosen since Wednesday was born on Friday the 13th.

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Kid Wednesday Addams Costume

Similar to other types of costumes, in the case of Wednesday Addams, you will find a division of the different models according to the target audience. The good news is that it’s always early enough to dress up as Wednesday, as you’ll see in some of the hottest Wednesday girl’s costume designs today. The look of these costumes is similar to that of the adult costumes, more or less, with the main difference being, of course, the size.

Baby Wednesday Addams Costume

Sometimes, you will find scary baby costumes, which can be terrific for parents addicted to horror movies but a little more problematic for the kids. In the check we did, we saw some beautiful Wednesday costumes on Google that are also suitable for little ones, although not as a ready-made item on the big websites – maybe except for black dresses since they correspond with the character. In other words, you may have to be relatively creative to assemble a Wednesday costume for your babies.

Speaking of creativity, there’s a whole world of Wednesday-style makeup options. For example, here is an excellent video that shows how to do it:

Sexy Wednesday Addams Costume

The truth is that this statement is problematic. Is it possible to define Wednesday Addams, who is, as I recall, a child or at least a teenager, as sexy? Probably not. When Christina Ricci played her in the first 1991 film, “The Addams Family,” she was about 10-11. Played by Jenna Ortega (who is sexy in her own right), Wednesday is a typical 15-16 teenager, apparently. As mentioned, her performance is relatively modest, and her dancing abilities… um… it’s hard to define sensuality.

But we live in a world of horror costumes, where even a Freddy Krueger costume can be sexy. This means you can easily find some sexy Wednesday Addams costumes. Most of the sexy Wednesday Addams costumes offer a “twist” to the familiar look of the character, for  example, turning the old-fashioned and traditional dress into tight tights, making the collar lower, or replacing the dress with a tight camisole with a generous neckline. In short: if you are looking for a gothic but also sexy look, which corresponds with the character but moves away from its original interpretation, there are enough options.

Another point that is important to emphasize: in recent years, we have witnessed a rather welcome phenomenon in which more costumes are offered for women in a spectrum of sizes, including sexy costumes. In the case of Wednesday Addams costumes, you’ll find some very cool outfits with plus and larger sizes.

Buying A Wednesday Costumes? There Are Also Accessories!

A costume can only be complete with the accompanying accessories, which often make a difference and create a superb performance. In the case of Wednesday costumes, you can find various items that come with the outfit or buy them separately.

Among other things, we found wigs in the style of Wednesday Addams, a makeup kit (in which the color black, of course, stars), black shoes (including hot ones with a spider web print), socks, and tights, purses, and related accessories – which you will also find separately – such as spiders, voodoo dolls, skulls and so on.

How Much Does Wednesday Costumes Cost?

The price of Wednesday Addams costumes can vary depending on various factors such as the quality of materials, brand, and where you purchase them. Here are some general price ranges to give you an idea:

  1. Basic Costume Sets: You can find basic Wednesday Addams costume sets, including the dress and collar, in the range of $20 to $50. These are usually made from affordable materials and are suitable for casual costume events or Halloween parties.
  2. Mid-Range Costumes: If you’re looking for better quality and more detailed costumes, expect to spend between $50 and $100. These costumes often feature higher-quality fabrics, more accurate designs, and additional accessories to enhance the overall look.
  3. High-End or Authentic Replicas: For collectors or those seeking the most accurate representation of Wednesday Addams’ costume, there are higher-end options available. These costumes can range from $100 to several hundred dollars, depending on the brand, craftsmanship, and authenticity of the design.

Keep in mind that prices may also vary depending on where you purchase the costume, whether it’s from a specialty costume store, online retailer, or through a custom order. Additionally, the inclusion of accessories like shoes, stockings, or wigs may impact the overall cost. It’s a good idea to shop around, compare prices, and read customer reviews to find the best balance of quality and affordability within your budget.

Where You Can Find Wednesday Addams Costumes?

Wednesday Addams costumes are easy to find through the big online shops and costumes shop. Here are some links 




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