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Recreating Prey Grizzly Bear Scene With Neca Bear Blood Feral Predator

“Prey,” the fifth film in the cinematic universe of “The Predator,” is, in my opinion, one of the pleasant surprises of 2022 in horror cinema. It was far more successful than most films in the franchise, perhaps even since Schwarzenegger’s first film in 1987, and offered an exciting character played superbly by Amber Midthunder. The prequel takes us back to the 18th century, to the Comanche tribe living on the Great Plains (well, if we ignore the language), some important messages that are very suitable for the current era, and above all – thriving scenes with a rather impressive version of the Predator. So, every time I hear about a new product based directly on the movie, I get curious.

Neca, responsible for many collectibles from the world of horror, recently launched a fascinating action figure, which corresponds with one of the most memorable scenes from the film: the moment when our Predator goes into battle with a grizzly bear, to the astonishment of the heroine. Or rather, the moment after which the alien celebrates the knockout in a particularly bloody way. Let’s meet Neca Prey Ultimate Bear Blood Feral Predator.

neca bear blood feral predator

Everything You Need To Know About Prey Grizzly Bear Scene

As mentioned, “Prey” presents the struggle of Naru, a brave and determined warrior who is far from being skilled enough, against the Predator – that advanced alien (and quite ugly, if we go back to that quote by Schwarzenegger from the first film), with some essential features. One of them is the ability to camouflage, weapons that express alien technology Progress, and a few more surprises. Even before the moment comes when Naru fights to save her tribe from the Predator and shows them that women can do everything etc., etc., she encounters several dangers that characterize the period and location of the film—for example, a quicksand scene or an encounter with nature’s animals, including a scary grizzly bear.

In recent years, we have encountered several horror movies whose hero was a bear; in some cases, he may even have taken cocaine. The problem is, I’m not sure when cocaine was even invented and whether it was available among the Comanches in 1719. When I saw the scene of the fight between the Predator and the grizzly bear that chased the main character, Naru, while she was hiding in a thicket of branches, I was sure the bear didn’t stand a chance.

Prey Grizzly Bear Scene works, in my opinion, in many ways. Although it is clear to us that the heroine will survive this, there is a tension here, and we connect with her feelings of fear In the first fight against the bear, as well (or even mainly) when she realizes who is fighting against the bear. Midthunder’s acting in this scene is very impressive, and she conveys many emotions without words. The fight is certainly visually impressive, with the digital animation only revealing to us, to a certain extent, the Predator, which is almost invisible.

After the victory, our favorite alien lifts the grizzly bear in the air – no easy task, considering a grizzly bear can also reach something like 400 kilograms – as the bear’s blood merges with the figure of the Predator and allows us to see its body and face a little more clearly.

If you haven’t seen the movie or want to remember what was going on in the scene, take a look at this short video:

Predator Prey Action Figure: A Roaring Collectible

I like collectibles that correspond not only with a specific character but also with a scene that has become iconic (for example, Chucky’s marriage proposal to Tiffany Funko Pop!, which we wrote about on the site not long ago). Neca’s new action figure attempts to do just that. This action figure, measuring 7 inches (a little less than 18 cm), shows the feral Predator in the moments after the victory in the battle against the bear, when, as mentioned, he is full of blood.

Neca Bear Blood Feral Predator Accessories

Neca Ultimate Bear Blood Feral Predator includes some of the accessories associated with the Predator and the scene:

Predator emoji  mask

Predator emoji Magnetic backpack

Predator emoji bladed glove

Predator emoji Collapsible and expandable spear parts

Predator emoji Replaceable lower jaw

Predator emoji different types of hands

bear blood feral predator neca accessories

The Bear Blood Feral Predator action figure has 12 articulation points, so you can recreate scenes from the movie or invent new ones. You can also pick up a small grizzly bear figure that you may have in your children’s toys (not included in the kit, of course)

The current version of the Predator action figure comes in a transparent package with a “bleeding” red lid, probably inspired by that scene, and from my impression, it looks great.

neca prey ultimate bear blood feral predator box

Where Can You Buy The Neca Bear Blood Feral Predator?

Neca Bear Blood Feral Predator is now available for pre-order, and it should reach buyers very soon, starting in August 2024.

You can purchase the product on the following websites:

Buy on Entertainment Earth

Buy on Target

Please note that the product is intended for ages 14 and older according to the official guidelines. Since it has small parts that pose a choking hazard, it’s essential to keep it away from children (with all due respect, they should not playing with a Predator action figure, do they?).

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