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Floating And Barking: Dog Pennywise Costume

A few weeks ago, we celebrated my daughter’s birthday. As is the best tradition, we decorated the house with balloons – most of them red, because after all, it is her daughter’s favorite color and a color that I also like personally, being a Liverpool fan. When the dog came to the table area to steal a chocolate cake with a Mickey Mouse print (“Forbidden! Dogs don’t eat cakes!”), I decided to try giving away one of the red balloons with him—a big mistake. The dog, a Yorkshire terrier with no fondness for ball games, just stared at the balloon and then at me with angry eyes. “Come on, let’s play,” I said enthusiastically. I answered with a questioning look and a drooping tail. “Look, a red balloon. You piece of a clown!” I said in an authoritative and assertive tone. Then I jumped in place. The dog barked and ran to the toilet, and our little girl was frightened. “Clown! Clown dog. Why don’t we buy you a scary clown costume. Pennywise dog costume!”.

This idea was less than enthusiastically received this year in our family home. My wife repeated something about me trying to bring horror into our house and that it is unsuitable for girls, and in general, why we need to look for dogs for clowns. The dog decided to pee on all the red balloons left to decorate the house. But, of course, I didn’t give up. I decided to make an article about Pennywise costumes for dogs, so you (and my wife) can see what it’s all about. And who knows, it might be perfect for your dog.


The Benefits Of Pennywise Dog Costumes

There are many, many advantages to choosing costumes for our children. From a certain age, they can know precisely what they want (usually a character from some TV show they know), gently beg us to buy it, and react with tantrums if it doesn’t happen. Dogs don’t have that privilege. I have never come across a dog that walked into a dog costume store, if there are any, that wagged its tail and barked about a costume it particularly liked. I’ve heard more stories about dogs trying to pee on outfits in the store, but that’s not saying too much. Moreover, such an action could cause discomfort in front of the store owners.

Dog Pennywise Costumes

The meaning is clear: you are the ones who decide whether to look for a costume for your dog and pick the right one. A Pennywise dog costume, or even a scary clown costume, is very suitable for anyone who likes horror movies, including the famous clown responsible for the highest grossing horror movie ever. The costume can make your dog look creepy and cute simultaneously, attracting attention and compliments from other people.

It can also be used as self-expression for you, for example, when it comes to your love for horror movies. For the same reason that our dog, who is not too fond of football or red balloons, nevertheless walked around for years wearing a Liverpool kit, the writer’s favorite football team. In our case, there are many scary dog costumes suitable for fans of the genre, such as the Chucky dog costume that we reviewed here on the website not long ago.

Buying or even making costumes can be a fun party. It can be fun and creative to dress your dog up as a popular horror character, and sometimes, the dog also enjoys the attention and the outfit that makes a festive look. Great photos can come out, which will be a souvenir of these lively circumstances. In addition, it can be an excellent way to bond with your dog and have fun together, for example, on Halloween.

Dog Pennywise Costume

How To Choose A Dog Pennywise Costume? 

Before we start looking at some options for creating the perfect clown costume for your dog, a general note: costumes are supposed to be fun. Even though dogs may not enjoy these costumes as much as you would like, you don’t want them to suffer. With all due respect to the benefits of costumes or the possibility of producing photos that will gain a lot of likes on social networks, you must first consider whether your dog will cooperate. Not all dogs are comfortable wearing costumes, especially ones with many parts or accessories. Tight outfits or those significantly limiting the dog’s ability to move are not recommended too much. Try to check how easy it is to remove or re-wear the costume if necessary. For example, if it is a costume that requires a lot of preparation before defecating the dog, it might not fit. 

There are quite a few scary clown costumes, even for dogs, but in our case, we will be looking for outfits that correspond distinctly with Pennywise, who has the unique and distinctive look that makes him so iconic. The main features of the costumes are:

  • A silver or gray shirt with red pom-poms.
  • A white ruffled collar.
  • A red wig with a receding hairline (maybe it is time for Pennywise to see a specialist for a hair transplant?).
  • A red balloon.

Some costumes may also have hands or fake hands holding the balloon, which can add to the effect. However, it would be best to avoid costumes with too many details or accessories that could be uncomfortable or dangerous for your dog.

Price certainly plays a role in choosing horror costumes, especially considering that the dog will probably only be wearing the costume for a few hours. We recommend comparing options and prices online, even for the same costume. It is essential to consider not only the price but also the service, the shipping options (sometimes, outfits that look cheap on paper become much more expensive due to international shipping costs), the exchange policy (usually, you cannot exchange a costume after opening the package) and so on. 

The last advice we can give you is to have fun and take pictures. After you have chosen the best costume for your dog, you can dress them up for fun and take them out for a festive walk, party, or any other event. You might even win contests or prizes for the most creative or funniest costume.

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Even Dogs Can Be Afraid Of Pennywise

Believe it or not, dogs can be afraid of specific costumes. Not long ago, we wrote here on the website about the fear of clowns, a phenomenon that characterizes a considerable percentage of the population. Can dogs also be afraid of clowns? Believe it or not, the answer to this can be positive. Dogs like what they know and get used to and may respond poorly to changes. They may feel threatened when they meet clowns, including a clown costume or their apparition in a mirror because they don’t understand what clowns are. They may be afraid of their unusual appearance, the loud noises associated with them (did someone say birthday songs?), the unexpected movements, and the aids, such as balloons.

We do not claim to be dog psychologists. This problem, to the best of our understanding, needs to be more widespread and researched. Still, here are some factors that can affect a dog’s fear of clowns:

  • The dog’s personality and temperament – Some dogs are more sensitive or anxious than others and may react more intensely to unfamiliar or frightening things.
  • Previous experiences of the dog – If the dog has had a bad encounter with a clown or something similar, it may develop a phobia, an intense and persistent fear. Think, for example, if there was a clown at the girl’s birthday party that the dog was afraid of or the things he did 
  •  The environment and socialization of the dog. If a dog is exposed to different people, animals, and situations from a young age, it may be more confident and less afraid. However, when a dog is isolated or even “neglected,” it may become more fearful and reactive.  
  • Pranks – Some people like to scare dogs to see their reaction, which may be “amusing” to them. Yes, we mean, among other things, the guy who uploaded a prank video of his dog wearing an adult Pennywise costume.

If your dog is afraid of clowns, don’t force them to face their fear or punish them for being scared. A Pennywise costume for them is not such a good idea either. Instead, you need to provide comfort and security to the dog and help him deal with his fear positively. You can consult a professional dog trainer or behaviorist for more advice on how to help your dog overcome his fear of clowns. But that’s a topic for another article. 

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Fantastic Pennywise Costumes For Dogs

 The truth is that, somewhat disappointingly, our testing showed a relatively limited supply of Pennywise costumes for the quadrupeds. You won’t find dozens of options here, but a small number of models that repeat on most sites. Of course, the number of options may be more comprehensive in smaller stores or at custom costume designers. But these costumes look perfect for Halloween or any occasion you want to scare your friends and family with your dog’s creepy appearance.

IT Dog Pennywise Costume From Rubie

IT Dog Pennywise Costume From Rubie

The IT Pennywise Pet costume is intended to be worn as a shirt (Step-in shirt). The costume is made of 100% polyester and includes arms holding a red balloon. The costume also comes with a wig that covers your dog’s head and ears and has the distinctive white face and red hair of Pennywise, the scary clown from the IT series. This costume is officially licensed from the movie IT and is available in four sizes: small, medium, large, and extra large.

It is vital to check the size chart before buying and measure the length of your dog’s neck, chest, and back to find the best fit. The reviews indicate that the sizes are a little smaller than you think, so it might be an intelligent recommendation to take one size larger than your best friend needs.

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Handmade IT Dancing Clown Costume

Handmade IT Dancing Clown Costume

On Etsy, we found a very cool Pennywise costume that is getting great reviews. This is a handmade Pennywise-inspired costume that can fit both dogs and cats. The costume is made of cotton and consists of a shirt, a wig, and a red balloon. The shirt is made of cotton and includes red pom poms and a ruffled collar. The wig is made of synthetic hair and has a receding hairline. The balloon is made of latex and has a string attached to it.

The costume is available in different sizes, from XS to XL, and can fit most dog or cat breeds. The seller provides a size chart and measurement guide to help customers choose the right pet size. There is free shipping within the US and international shipping options.

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DIT Dog Pennywise Costume

If you want to test your creativity, save money, or invest a few hours in a pleasant activity with the children, you can make the clown costume for your dog yourself. There are some pretty detailed guides online, either written or video. We have yet to try it. 

In one of the popular guides, you will need to stock up on a few items in advance: a gray or silver shirt, red pom-poms, white fabric, red rope decoration, zipper, wig, balloon, glue gun, fabric paint, scissors, and a ruler, most of which you can find in craft or stock stores of various kinds.

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The first step is to prepare the shirt for your dog. You can use an existing shirt that fits your dog (for example, the children’s) or make one from scratch using gray or silver fabric. You must cut the shirt into a V shape in the front and sew or glue the zipper along the edge. Next, glue the red pom-poms onto the shirt in two rows. Cut some white fabric and make a ruffled collar and cuffs for the shirt. You can use the red rope trim to decorate the collar and cuffs. 

The next step is to prepare the wig for the dog. You can buy a ready-made wig or make one from synthetic hair. You must trim the wig to fit your dog’s head and shape it into a receding hairline. You can use hair spray or gel to keep the wig in place. You can watch this video for more details on how to make the wig. Now it remains to prepare the wig for your dog, where you can also choose between buying a red balloon and making one from scratch, for example, latex. Tie the balloon with a string and attach it to the dog’s costume.

Another terrific option is to write on the balloon, “You will float too.” You can watch this video for more tips on how to make the balloon. The last step is to put everything together, dress up your dog as Pennywise, take a picture, and share it with the guys.

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