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Carry The Evil With You With Annabelle Bags And Wallets

We really like Annabelle. These are not only the movies from the cinematic universe of “The Conjuring” that introduced her to us, but the fact that an insanely creepy horror character was created here – at least in the version of the movies, whose appearance differs from that original Annabelle doll (as you can read here). We have already reviewed several Annabelle products, such as Funko Pops, bobbleheads, Monster High doll and more. So really it’s only natural that Annabelle products are inspired by the world of dolls, but it’s really not the only option. Because Annabelle can also be a fashion item.

With Annabelle bags, you can take Annabelle with you (almost) anywhere. In this review, we will look at the technical data, design, and buying information of these products.

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Why Should You Buy Annabelle Bags?

Annabelle bags are a great choice for horror lovers, and especially Annabelle lovers, for many reasons. First, they are unique and spooky. If you love horror movies and dolls, you will appreciate the design and details of these products. They are inspired by the haunted doll from the Conjuring universe, and they feature her face, dress, and hair in great detail. These products will surely catch people’s attention and make you stand out from the crowd.

Annabelle bags may also be well-made and durable. These products are made of materials like vegan leather and metal, which are strong and sturdy. These products may last for a long time and withstand daily wear and tear.

Although every item has its own characteristic, overall we can say that annabelle bags and matcing fashion items can be spacious and functional. These products have enough room to carry your essentials, such as your phone, wallet, keys, makeup, snacks, etc. These products will help you organize your stuff and make your life easier

Another vital point is that Annabelle bags can be fun and versatile. These products are not only for horror fans, but also for anyone who likes to have fun and express themselves. You can use them for various occasions, such as Halloween, cosplay, school, work, travel, etc. You can also mix and match them with different outfits and accessories to create your own style . These products will add some spice and excitement to your life.

These are some of the reasons why you should consider buying Annabelle bags or wallets. They are unique, well-made, spacious, and fun products that will make you happy and satisfied. You can find them online at various retailers at reasonable prices . You can also look for discounts and coupons to save some money. 

Annabelle backpacks

How To Choose The Best Annabelle Bags And Wallets For You?

Choosing an annabelle bag depends on your personal preferences, needs, and style. Here are some factors to consider when looking for an annabelle bag:


Annabelle bags come in different sizes, from small to large. You should think about how much you need to carry and what kind of items you want to fit in your bag. For example, if you need a bag that can hold a laptop, you might want to look for a large annabelle bag. If you only need a bag for your essentials, you might prefer a small or medium annabelle bag, or even Annabelle wallet

Annabelle bag


Annabelle bags are made of various materials, such as metal, leather, canvas, cotton, or raffia. You should choose a material that suits your taste and lifestyle. For example, if you want a durable and sturdy bag that can withstand wear and tear, you might opt for a metal or leather annabelle bag. If you want a lightweight and soft bag that is easy to wash and fold, you might go for a canvas or cotton annabelle bag.


Annabelle bags have different designs, colors, and patterns, ranging from simple and plain to colorful and quirky. You should choose a design that reflects your personality and mood. For example, if you are a fan of horror movies – like duh – you might like an annabelle bag that features scary characters or scenes. If you are into cute and fun designs, you might enjoy an annabelle bag that has a much friendly Annabelle on it

Annabelle Bag

Which Annabelle Bags We Found Online?

Annabelle Mini Backpack

If you are a fan of horror movies and dolls, you might want to check out the Loungefly Annabelle Cosplay Mini Backpack. This backpack from Loungefly, fully officially licensed by Warner Bros, is inspired by the creepy doll from the Conjuring universe, and it features her face, dress, and hair in great detail.

The Loungefly Annabelle Cosplay Mini Backpack is made of vegan leather (polyurethane) and measures 9″ x 10.5″ x 4.5″. It has a zippered main compartment, a front zippered pocket, a side pockets, an interior drop pocket, an adjustable straps, and more. It also has a top carrying handle for easy portability. 

Loungefly WB Annabelle Cosplay Mini Backpack

The Design: Creepy And Stylish

The design of the backpack is what makes it stand out from other backpacks. It has an applique of Annabelle’s head that rises up over the top edge of the backpack, giving it a 3D effect. The face has embroidered eyes, nose, and mouth, and we must say the Annabelle looks here pretty cute. 

Other aspects are lush red satin ribbons, while ethereal white canvas make a stylish representation of her famous dress. On the front showcase you will find a ruffled applique, crowned with a 3D faux satin rose, as a chilling baby carriage print adorns the back. Crafted with love (and a sprinkle of fear), this Annabelle Backpack boasts gunmetal. The front pocket has ruffle and fabric flower details that mimic her dress. The backpack also has shiny red satin ribbon details that contrast with the white background of her dress.

From our impression, The Annabelle Cosplay Mini Backpack is a unique and spooky product that will surely catch people’s attention. It is well-made, durable, and spacious enough to carry your essentials. It is also faithful to the original doll from the movies, making it a must-have for fans.

Where Can You Buy Annabelle Cosplay Mini Backpack?

Buy on Fun.com

Annabelle Wallet

Annabelle Cosplay Bi-Fold Wallet - Entertainment Earth
If you liked the design of Annabelle mini backpack, you will probably love this mathcing item, by Loungefly as well. The Annabelle Cosplay Bifold Wallet is a creepy and stylish accessory inspired by the haunted doll from the Conjuring movies. It is made of faux leather and has a clear PVC window on the front that shows an applique of Annabelle’s full body.

The wallet also has wood grain debossed details on the back and inside, as well as a Loungefly metal badge. The wallet has a zippered closure and a flap with snaps. Inside, there are card slots, ID slot, and bill compartments. The wallet measures 6.5 inches wide and 4 inches high.

Where Can You Buy Annabelle Wallet?

Buy on Entertainment Earth

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Annabelle Tin Tote

Recently, we made a review about horror lunch boxes, and even specific Jason Voorhees lunch boxes. A specific type of lunch box is what we call “A Tin Tote”: a lunch box that is made of metal, usually with a handle and a clasp. Tin totes are often decorated with images or logos of popular characters, movies, games, or brands. They can be used to store and carry food, snacks, or other items.

Annabelle Tin Tote - Entertainment Earth
The Annabelle Tin Tote is a retro-styled lunch box that features images of Annabelle from the movies, and the greatest thing is that every side of the box has different artwork: On the front, for example, you will see Annabelle sitting from the back, with the title “Found You” and the relevant logos of Annabelle and “The Cunjuring” franchise. It is made of metal and has a hinged lid with a metal latch. The tote also has a plastic handle for easy carrying. 

It is not intended for use by children under 12 years old.

Where Can You Buy Annabelle Lunch Box?

Buy on Entertainment Earth

Annabelle Illustration Tote Bag

The next item in our review is Annabelle Tote bag. In short, a tin tote is a type of lunch box that is made of metal, usually with a handle and a clasp. Tin totes are often decorated with images or logos of popular characters, movies, games, or brands. They can be used to store and carry food, snacks, or other items. Some examples of tin totes are:

The Warner Bros. Annabelle Illustration Tote Bag is a scary and stylish accessory inspired by the haunted doll from the Conjuring movies. It is made of 100% spun polyester fabric and has a dual handle of 100% natural cotton bull denim.

The tote bag features a colorful illustration of Annabelle on the front, with her name written in red letters. The illustration shows her face, hair, and dress in great detail, as well as her cracked eye and bloody tears. The illustration also has a dark background with a spider web and a skull. The tote bag has a black handle and border around the illustration.

Warner Bros. officially licenses the tote bag and comes with a Warner Bros. metal badge. It is a perfect gift for fans of horror movies and dolls who want to show their love for Annabelle. The tote bag is spacious enough to carry your essentials, such as books, laptops, clothes, etc. It is also easy to wash by hand.

The Warner Bros. Annabelle Illustration Tote Bag is a unique and spooky product that will make you feel like you have Annabelle wherever you go. It is well-made, durable, and functional. It is also a fun accessory to use for Halloween, cosplay, or everyday use.

Where Can You Buy Annabelle Tote Bag?

Buy on Amazon

Annabelle Cosmtic Bag

Horror girl, are you looking for a stylish and practical cosmetic bag to store your makeup essentials? If so, you might like the LEVLO Annabelle Cosmetic Bag Makeup Zipper Pouch. This is a cotton canvas bag that has a zipper closure and a wrist strap. This white cosmetic bag has a colorful prints Annabelle from the movie on one side, in 3D printing. Beneath, the words “Peace, Love, Annabelle” on the other – We are not sure these are the right words to describe Evil and murderous Annabelle, but this contradiction is one of the coolest things here.

The bag measures 9.5 x 6.7 inches (23X17 cm), which is large enough to fit your brushes, lipsticks, eyeshadows, and more. The bag is also durable, washable, and easy to carry. Whether you use it for travel, work, or everyday use, this bag will keep your makeup organized and secure. Plus, it will make a great gift for any horror movie fan or collector. 


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