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Eating Horror Movies For Lunch? Taste Some Horror Lunch Boxes

Lunch boxes are one of the most useful items out there. Whether you take lunch boxes to work or school, or just like to have a snack in front of the TV, a convenient lunch box will do the job for you. But why shouldn’t this box, beyond its practical side, have a unique look? The good news is that today you will find lunch boxes designed in any style – and yes, also boxes with horror designs that give respect to the genre and its heroes (or villains).  Horror lunch box will help you express your love for this world, put you in the right atmosphere, and maybe.. um.. whet your appetite.

So what are the best horror lunch boxes? Check out cool Halloween lunch box ideas!

Horror Lunch Box

Jason Voorhees Lunch Box – Meet A Bloody Friend For Dinner

We continue the review of horror lunch boxes with the box that will provide you with a hell of a murderous lunch. The white box from “Bioword” is designed in the style of Jason Voorhees’ famous hockey mask from “Friday the 13th”, with a zipper that surrounds it and a comfortable carrying handle that reminds more of a handbag and less of a lunch box. Since this Friday the 13th Lunch Box opens fully upwards, its space can be used efficiently and you can store a relatively large amount of items.

It holds an official brand license, which means it is 100% authentic.

Jason Voorhees lunch box - Horror Lunch Box

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Friday The 13th Lunch Box

Another Jason Voorhees lunch box, also fully licensed by the horror brand, is suitable for those who prefer scary lunch boxes with a more rectangular and traditional shape. The fearsome serial killer appears on this dark metal box, with a plastic carrying handle on top. A significant advantage of the meta is that its cleaning is simple and often requires nothing more than a wet cloth.

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Food Can Be A Child’s Play With Chucky Lunch Box

You didn’t really think that we wouldn’t find a horror lunch box with the most famous doll in the horror world, did you? (sorry, Annabelle!). Chucky makes an appearance on top of this colorful tin box, which looks retro with shades of blue and yellow, the inscription “He wants you as his best friend” and the cartoon presents some of Chucky’s favorite killing tools.

Chucky Lunch Box

 Chucky Lunch Bag also includes a metal buckle that will protect your food from murderous dolls and a plastic carrying handle that will make it easier for you to move it around and integrate it into your daily routine.

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For Minimalists: Bloody Horror Lunch Box

Not every scary lunch box has to have monstrous killers perched on it, and not everyone is horror movie lunch box. Sometimes, less is more. The next box is minimalist in appearance, but that may be part of its charm: a white box with touches of red “blood”. The combination of oxford fabric and aluminum allows the box to be durable and offer good thermal insulation, which will keep your food at the appropriate temperature.

The box offers large interior space, although its external dimensions are not astronomical. This thanks to the correct division of the inner space, which opens with a zipper, and also to the small outer compartment where you can store, for example, your phone or wallet. Although its external dimensions are not astronomical, it is a cool box that can be used as a lunch box and more.

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