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Michael Myers Shoes Are Killing It On The Floor

Michael Myers is, as we know, one of the most beloved horror icons. Like any other icon, it has distinct physical characteristics, some of which have changed throughout the films (remember that there are 13 films here, so far!), and others have been preserved. Of course, his famous upgraded William Shatner mask gets most of the attention, but his performance is not limited to them. Michael Myers shoes are an integral part of his character and have a functional role.

The good news is that even if you don’t intend to chase after poor babysitters, you can stock up on different types of Michael Myers shoes. These shoes are not necessarily supposed to imitate the original but are designed in a way that expresses a lot of love for the brand and Michael. So, how do you choose Michael Myers shoes, and what are the main versions you can find today?

Michael Myers choosing shoes in a shoestore (AI creation)

Michael Myers Shoes: A Combination Of Aesthetics And Functionality

You’ll usually see Michael Myers wearing black lace-up boots with white stitching, chosen to add to his menacing image. In some movies, we see other styles of shoes, for example, brown cowboy boots. In some of the different versions, the traditional boots got a modern twist because the shoes should conform to the fashion edict.

His boots are said to have a pointed toe and low heel, which should make them comfortable for running. Well, assuming Michael Myers even runs. Like many other terrifying villains, he can walk at the speed of a turtle and yet get anywhere before his victims, who make a sprint that wouldn’t put Usain Bolt to shame.

Michael Myers Shoe

Who Should Buy Michael Myers Shoes?

Like other scary fashion items, Michael Myers shoes are not for everyone. There may be people who prefer them because of their unique look, and sometimes also because they are very lovable (as you will see later), but usually the person who buys them will be a fan of horror movies, especially the “Halloween” franchise.

After all, shoes are a fashion item that expresses our great loves, and buying them is a statement that can express our great hobby, or even personality and style (don’t worry. Not everyone who wears Michael Myers shoe is a potential serial killer). You can give them as a gift to someone close to you who also likes horror movies.

Michael Myers-inspired shoes come in various designs, from gothic and eerie styles to cute furry shapes. It is important to note that there is not an endless supply of shoes here, as you will see right away, but some offers can be just suitable for horror fans.

How to choose Michael Myers shoes? (AI)

How Do You Choose Michael Myers Shoes?

Despite the relatively limited range of options, it is clear that you should take several parameters into account before you choose the ideal model of Michael Myers shoe for you; among them:

The Type Of Shoe

Michael Myers shoes come in several styles, mainly sneakers, boots, or slippers. Only you know what type of shoes you need and their use. For example, if you are looking for shoes for everyday use outside the home, you can choose sports shoes. For special events (for example, Halloween or horror movie nights), you will find more elegant versions, and of course, there are also slippers that are suitable for home use. What could be more fun than curling up on the couch on a rainy night and watching a horror movie while wearing scary pajamas and Michael Myers slippers?


Unlike the monochromatic look of Michael Myers shoes in the movies, you will find more diverse color schemes in the merchandising versions of the beloved serial killer. Of course, there are dark shades, but unsurprisingly, some models offer a combination of red (which symbolizes blood, like many other scary things). Some shoes come in more relaxing shades, perhaps as an antithesis to the slasher movies.

Michael Myers Shoes


A large part of horror fans buy various items online, and this can be a problem in the case of shoes. The shoes should fit you exactly, including the size or feel, certainly if you intend to use them relatively frequently. Most models come with enough sizes to choose from, but we recommend not to be satisfied with the general definition (for example, S, M, L, and XL) but to see the measurement table. Do not hesitate to take measurements of your feet if necessary.


Shoes, as a whole, come in several forms. There are wide or narrow shoes, and the decision of which to choose depends on the characteristics of your feet. Another distinction, relevat also to Michael Myers shoes, is between high and low shoes, which affects their style and comfort. There are cases where you will find a high-top and low-top version for one model or at least a similar one. The preference of what to buy is ultimately yours.


The price range for various fashion items, including shoes, is, of course, wide. You can see it, as well, in the models of Michael Myers shoes, with gaps that can be large. Other options, such as custom-made shoes, can lower the price but, in some cases, make it more expensive.


Although the choice of a fashion item is an individual matter, or perhaps because of this, we recommend you to read reviews of the various models. You may find important information about the shoe’s style, comfort, or quality. Remember that such parameters are vital in choosing the perfect shoe that can stay with you for an extended period. If Michael Myers survived 13 movies (at least), you can expect your shoes to last longer. If the reviews are cutting the product to pieces, it may be not the best solution for you.

michael Myers shoes with knives (AI)

What Michael Myers Shoes Are On Stoke Today?

Michael Myers High Top Shoes

A pair of high black shoes, officially licensed by the brand, which include prints of Michael Myers throughout, obviously holding a kitchen knife. We liked the design here, which combines black and orange, one of the primary colors associated with the Halloween. 

The shoes, exclusively manufactured by Fun.com, feature an orange stripe on the sides and back of the sole. On the back, you will find a stripe in orange with the inscription “Halloween.” The shoes come with two types of laces to choose from: black and orange. They combine man-made canvas with rubber soles. They are intended for everyday use, and there is no doubt that they should draw attention to them.

Michael Myers High Top Shoes

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Michael Myers Low Top Shoes

Michael Myers Halloween Low Top Shoes

If you prefer low shoes for comfort or style, the following model can suit you exactly. These cool low-tops feature a large print of Michael Myers on the side of the shoe, holding a bloody knife, along with similar, smaller prints on the inner spaces of the shoe. The shoes are black and white – with a bit of red – and you’ll also find “You Can’t Kill the Boogeyman” on the front tab and “Halloween” on the back. From a functional point of view, they combine canvas in the upper part with rubber in the soles, with all the materials made by human hands.

From our impressions and the reviews, these shoes are comfortable, can be adapted to different uses, and blend nicely with most clothing styles.

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Adult Michael Myers Slippers

Slippers are comfortable, flat, and pleasant slippers without laces. If you want to feel at home, you can find slippers with a lovely design by Michael Myers, who looks almost cute here with his dark hair, blue clothing, famous mask, and the small knife he holds in his right hand. Well, at least if you ignore the fact that it’s Michael Myers.

Michael Myers Sleepers

The shoes, officially licensed by the brand, are 100% polyester. From our experience (and the many positive reviews we’ve read about the product), this material is comfortable and pleasant for home use. There are plush fibers, foam insoles, and faux fur here.

The main disadvantage is that the shoes come in only two sizes – one for Small and Medium, and the other for those with Large or X-large sizes.

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Michael Myers Halloween Sleepers

Another version of Michael Myers sneakers in the broader design of the brand, where next to Michael, you will also find knives, a pumpkin (the night of the masquerade, after all), and the inscription “You Can’t Kill The Boogeyman” (“You can’t kill the boogeyman”). The shape here is more standard, except for the prints, but the quality is high. The shoes are made of 100% polyester, man-made, with foam insoles. According to the marketers, an anti-slip material was inserted in the outer soles.

These Michael Myers sleepers are an item officially licensed by the horror brand.

Halloween Michael Myers Slippers

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Custom Made Shoes

These are the main models of Michael Myers shoes that we found for purchase online. Another option is to order custom-made shoes; that is, an artist will create an ornate model for you according to your requirements – which can, of course, be a character from a slasher movie that will appear on top of them. 

At Fiverr, we’ve found a few shoes customization services that might suit you, with excellent reviews, and the prices certainly look tempting. In the horror and art groups on social networks, we have also found several offers of this kind in recent months. The advantage here is that with a bit of creativity, and especially a talented artist who gives you the service, you can get a shoe that no one else has. Just like Michael Myers, um, there’s only one.

We found some pretty special shoes on Etsy, usually created by artists and decorators. Some of the models here – Like Hey Dude Michael Myers shoes – look like works of art for all intents and purposes, but you must read reviews and see how high quality and valuable the shoes are because not only does appearance matter. The price range is vast, from a few hundred shekels for a standard shoe to a particular model approaching four figures.

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