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Invite Evil To Your Home With Annabelle Doll

We don’t need to introduce Annabelle to the horror fans among us. The creepy ragdoll appeared in the first scene of “The Conjuring” franchise and later went on to have three spin-off movies with the Annabelle doll (for now). Similar to the story of Ed and Lauren Warren, presented in these stories, the Annabelle doll also has a certain hold on reality. So is this horrible Annabelle doll really haunted? probably not. But horror fans have the chance to buy themselves an Annabelle doll.

Is The Annabelle Doll Real?

To understand the mythbehindn the actual Annabelle doll, we go back to 1970. In that year, according to the Warrens and as shown in the movies, a nursing student named Donna received a heartwarming gift for her 28th birthday from her mother: a strange-looking doll, which she bought at a doll store Second hand (in the movie, by the way, the doll is given as a pregnancy gift from a husband to his wife).

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Annabelle Doll’s true story become fastly a horror story. Donna and her roommate Angie noticed there was something strange aboutAnnabellew doll. Donna and her partner were ready to swear it moved on her own from place to place in the house: one day, according to her, she left it on the couch in the living room. When she returned home from work a few hours later, the doll was in the bathroom, with the door closed. The two claimed that one day, it wrote “Save Us” in writing similar to that of a little girl.

When Donna noticed blood on Annabelle’s body one day, she realized it was no longer child’s play. They turned to the help of a medium, who conducted a séance in which it emerged that inside the doll resides the spirit of a girl named Annabelle Higgins, who previously lived in the same property but died at the age of only seven. The same Annabelle loved Donna and her roommate, but not their boyfriend. So she attacked him.

So, according to the story of Annabelle doll, she tried to strangle him, and later also made seven cuts in his skin, which miraculously disappeared. It was already excessive.

Annabelle the doll

Annabelle Doll Facts VS Myths

So who do you call at this stage? You guessed it, the Warrens. The Warrens carried out their tests, concluding that a menacing inhuman entity had indeed taken over the doll: not the girl’s spirit, but a malevolent demon that used a girl’s form to manipulate the girls and eventually take over a human body. The researchers locked her behind bars, or rather behind a glass window in what would later be known as their private and secret museum in Connecticut.

Even at this stage, the strange reports did not stop, when the Warrens said she had somehow moved between different rooms in the house. It is said that a priest who came to the Warren family home and insulted him was immediately involved in a car accident, which almost resulted in his death. A couple observing the doll in the museum also had an accident, with the man knocking on the glass box and also being killed.

Over the years, the Warrens have investigated thousands of cases. They wrote books, founded the Society for Psychological Research, and inspired dozens of movies. At the same time, many saw them as charlatans or crooks. The character of Annabelle also won quite a few critics, who treated her as nothing more than a Halloween decor, or “a meeting between pop culture and paranormal folklore” – as claimed by a professor of religious affairs named Joseph Laycock.

What Does The Real Annabelle Doll Look Like?

Unsurprisingly, Annabelle’s cinematic character is different from the real one. The original Annabelle doll was a Raggedy Ann doll, or “rag doll”. These dolls, which were very popular in the 1950s and 1960s, were traditionally made from scraps of fabric found in homes.

Raggedy Ann is considered the most recognizable in this category, which is now named after her. She was created in 1915 as a doll when three years later she also appeared in a successful book called “The Adventures of Raggedy Ann”. The doll with red hair, a triangular nose, and blue clothes is the best-known in the genre.

The real Annabelle doll also looked like this, more or less, but it’s probably not sexy enough (or at least scary) from a cinematic point of view. We mustn’t forget that unlike other cinematic horror dolls such as Chucky, Annabelle doesn’t move (apparently), doesn’t tell stupid jokes, and doesn’t stab people to death – so it was important for the character to be scary enough. For this reason, and perhaps due to trademark issues, the filmmakers turned her into the all-too-familiar porcelain doll.

The origin of Annabelle doll. Raggedy Ann
The origin of Annabelle doll. Raggedy Ann

Apart from that, there are some minor changes in the representation of Annabelle in the movie compared to the real Annabelle doll. If in the film Annabelle is imprisoned behind a glass window, in real life she was imprisoned in a wooden box. What you’ll find in both reality and the movie is the sign that warns people not to touch and a tarot card attached to the “prison” where the doll is.

Where you’ll Find Anabelle Doll For Sale?

Today there are enough options, for those addicted to talking, to stock up on an Annabelle doll. Of course, you can’t find the real Annabelle Doll for sale, and the main demand is for dolls in the “movie version” and not the Annabelle Doll Raggedy Ann one. You will find a wide catalog here, from small dolls designed to be placed on the table to life-sized figures, or very close to it.

For larges: Annabelle Doll Life Size (Almost)

We couldn’t find life size Annabelle Doll, but there are some great other options. Here, for example, is a 40-inch (about one meter) standing replica of Annabelle, with a very impressive level of detail. The doll’s body and head are made of flexible polyurethane foam and a strong wire frame. The head and neck were injected with vinyl, to simulate as much as possible the “real thing”. The character is dressed in clothes from the movie and holds in her right hand the note “Do you miss me?” (“?Miss Me”), which means she can be a great source of intimidation for guys.

Annabelle Doll Life Size replica

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Star images 18″ Annabelle Prop Replica Doll

Those looking for a smaller Annabelle doll (about 18 inches), which can be suitable for those who like to collect a lot of dolls or struggle tofind free space for them in their home. Those who are looking for a doll in these dimensions that is expensive and probably also a little better quality compared to most of the options will be able to buy the next doll from Star Images. Here, too, the head and limbs are made of vinyl. This Annabelle Doll toy wears a satin dress, a red sash, and a rose-shaped ribbon.

Star images 18" Annabelle Prop Replica Doll

The hair is gathered in two braids, like in the movie, and there is precision down to the smallest details: for example, the scars on the face or the menacing glint in the eyes.

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For Collectors: Annabelle Figurine

Some horror fans prefer their horror in small sizes, at least on the shelf. Today, there is a huge variety of figurines inspired by characters and horror films, so it is not difficult to create a particularly scary collection (for example, there are similar figurines of the nun from the cinematic universe of “Summoning Evil”, Reagan from “The Exorcist” and more. Anabelle Figurine, in height of only 10 cm, is a beautyAnnabelleion. This figurine pop annabelle, made of cast stone and well designed,  is inspired by the character of Annabelle from the movie.

Annabelle Figurine

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For Art Lovers: Annabelle Handmade Vinyl Figure

Annabelle Handmade Vinyl Figure

Another super cool Anabelle product is part of the the Knit Series, By Robots. This official licensed item is handmande, and the result looks unique (and no so terrifying, compared to some other dolls we reviewed). This Annabelle Vivyl Figure is about 5″ tall (13 cm), so you could position it freely in your house or office. It containts no moving parts.

You should also check other items in the series, including Hannibal Lecter, Pennywise, Ghost Face, Harry Potter Characters and more.

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