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Looking For A Bloody Meal? Buy Friday The 13th Lunch Box!

Jason Voorhees, the psychopathic killer from the “Friday the 13th” film series, is one of the most famous horror villains. His character, with the hockey mask that resembles a distorted face, his machete and other killing tools, the extreme physical features (such as the ability to get from place to place at the highest speed even at a slow pace, or the possibility of surviving almost any injury) and the fondness for brutal killings, made him a name that nearly all fans Ima knows or even grew up with. Even so, Jason has been missing from our lives these past few years. The series currently includes 12 films that make it one of the most successful in the history of horror films, a TV series, comic books, video games, and a long list of other scary products. But the last movie was made in 2009, and we’re still missing Jason while looking forward to Peacock’s Crystal Lake series, which will air sometime in 2024 and explore Jason’s mysterious past.

Until that happens, we can find a long line of products based on the character of Jason. After he visited Camp Crystal Lake, killed a ship’s crew to take over Manhattan, went to hell, or even slashers in space (for God’s sake), it was time for our beloved Jason to go to lunch, too. Friday the 13th lunch box could be an excellent solution for him, but not only.

If you’re a fan of the “Friday the 13th” and Jason Voorhees series of films, want to show your love for your favorite slasher or horror films as a whole, or are just looking for an excellent and practical way to carry your food and drink with you, you’ll surely be happy to hear about these lunch boxes That can be a beauty of a scary item to design and use frequently. All you have to do is choose an item, fill it with food products, and create a menu emphasizing special delicacies on Friday the 13th.

Jason Voorhees Lunch Box

Friday The 13th Lunch Box: A Style Bloody Meal

Buying a branded horror lunch box excellent for several reasons, and Friday the 13th lunch box may even take it to another level. The boxes have a practical side in the form of ample storage space and essential features, such as thermal insulation and clever division into cells. Moreover, these boxes are visually appealing and can be used as self-expression. You can tell everyone willing to hear about your love for horror movies or even find a topic for a joint conversation. Some will say that the boxes can say something about the character of the person who uses them, and we hope that this “something” is not affection for the victims.

Jason may be an overly enthusiastic supporter of the environment, but the lunch boxes that bear his name and sometimes his picture can also work on this level. On the ecological side, this is a reusable item, which will prevent you from using disposable products that are harmful to the environment. Financially, you can save quite a bit of money, partly because the lunch boxes prevent you from having to visit a restaurant every day or order delivery to the office.

How To Choose A Friday The 13th Lunch Box?

The main points in choosing a branded “Friday the 13th” lunch box are not much different from other types of boxes, even those considered “scary.” Concerning the design and style, you should ensure that the package suits your size, capacity, and division into compartments. For example, the box should fit in a bag or be easy to carry in a car or public transport. It must have enough cells to keep order because you don’t want to annoy Jason. Always check how it closes because you don’t want an unsecured box that will result in the food items in your lunch getting mixed up like they were the victims of Jason’s latest range.

Although the prices of the lunch boxes are reasonable, it is still a more expensive purchase than simple and unbranded types of lunch boxes: you have to pay for style. We recommend choosing a lunch box from durable materials that you can use for a long time. Containers of stable materials, such as metal or plastic, can do the job. Check the cleaning instructions for the item because some models are suitable for hand washing only, while others can also go in the dishwasher.

Friday the 13th Lunch Box

Friday The 13th Lunch Boxes We Found Online

Here are some cool models of Friday The 13th Lunch box, available on the major websites.

Jason’s Hockey Mask Lunch Box

Friday the 13th Jason Lunch Box
The first cool box from the Biowored Store, officially licensed by the brand, is designed like Jason’s iconic hockey mask – and it’s as cool as it sounds. You will find on its back all the elements identified with the white mask, such as the two holes for the eyes, the small black circles, and the red markings around the eyes (it is important to note that in the different films, there were slight changes to the mask, like the color, markings or additions such as scratches, but the general appearance is similar). The back is smooth, except for the “Friday the 13th” logo.

This type of Jason lunch box is about 28 cm high, about 20 cm wide, and almost 9 cm deep, which means it has enough space for food items. It includes a carrying handle for convenient transportation, a zipper for external closure, and a thermal cover for the bottle, which can maintain the temperature of your drinks. The item made of polyester, a material that is easy to use and maintain.

Friday The 13th Jason Mask Lunch Box - Entertainment Earth

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Please note that in the Bioworld Amazon store, you will find some complementary items with a similar design, such as a coin purse, a mini backpack, or a winter beanie. A perfect combination with their Jason Voorhees lunch box.

Hemkunt Large Jason Voorhees Lunch Box

The Hemkunt company is responsible for the next model, and it includes some exciting features. First of all, you will find here a rather impressive drawing of the character of Jason and close-ups, which entirely manage to convey the madness of the villain. The box is made of Oxford polyester. As far as we understand, it is a mixture of polyester and cotton in a unique weaving pattern. It offers impressive resistance to water damage (do not exaggerate) or wrinkles and is easy to clean. You can clean it in most cases with a simple damp cloth. 

This Friday the 13th lunch box includes an insulated lining, which will allow you to keep the order and freshness of the food. The closure here is with double zippers, which open in a way that will enable you to maximize most of the space, while the weight, on the other hand, is light. The box includes adjustable shoulder straps, a side net for storing bottles, and a front pocket. In this pocket, you can keep, for example, dinnerware, keys, and other small items.

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Several other Friday the 13th style Hemkunt models have similar features but slightly different designs.

Metal Friday The 13th Lunch Box

קופסת אוכל יום שישי ה-13 ממתכת, עם ציור צבעוני של ג'ייסון וורהיס

The following item will be perfect if you want a “Friday the 13th” metal lunch box. This Jason lunch box, officially licensed by the brand, is made of metal and is considered strong, durable, and easy to clean and maintain. The box opens with a metal buckle and includes a red plastic carrying handle.

The highlight in these Friday the 13th lunch boxes is the colorful modern design, which includes the menacing figure of Jason and, next to it, the famous logo of the film series. The disadvantage is that there is no division into compartments or options such as thermal insulation, meaning there are food products you can only store here for a short time. On the other hand, you can use Jason Voorhees lunch box as a gift box or storage for other purposes.

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Looking for more cool lunch boxes inspired by the world of horror and movies from other genres? Try the following options:

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