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Slashing Art: How To Draw Jason Voorhees And Stay Alive?

Sometimes, horror happens in the most beautiful places: For example, Crystal Lake Camp, located near a lake of the same name. It is very tempting to sit there on a Friday, resting on the grass or in a boat, listening to birds chirping and seeing the spectacular view with the reflection of the green trees on the water. The problem is that when you do this, a serial killer with an ice hockey mask (which hides a distorted face) and a machete may chase you or come out of the water surprisingly and drag you along with him. At least, that’s how things are going in horror movies that center on Jason Voorhees, one of the biggest icons we’ve had the privilege of knowing.

Suppose you have read previous articles on the website like you must have because this website kicks ass. In that case, you must have learned that the famous killer from the “Friday the 13th” franchise is the “hero” of many products: from lunch boxes in various designs through board games such as puzzles to fashionable clothing items, socks, for example. The good news is that “Friday the 13th” also has an artistic side, as you can learn how to draw Jason Voorhees.

You are welcome to read the following review as part of our horror drawing series, which showed you, for example, how to draw Chucky, Freddy Krueger, or the cruel clown Pennywise, and learn how you can resurrect Jason once more. Well, at least on paper.

How to draw Jason Voorhees

Jason Voorhees Appearance (Or: How To Make Jason Drawing Easy?)

Jason Voorhees, the iconic character from the “Friday the 13th” series, has several distinctive characteristics in his appearance and behavior:

  1. Hockey Mask: Jason is best known for his hockey mask, usually white with red markings and holes. It’s a signature element of his appearance.
  2. Machete: Often seen carrying a machete, which is his weapon of choice. It’s synonymous with his menacing presence.
  3. Tattered Clothing: His clothing is typically worn and tattered, often consisting of a dark-colored shirt and pants, reflecting his rugged and weathered appearance.
  4. Large Build: Jason looks like a physically imposing figure with a large, muscular build. He’s a formidable and relentless force.
  5. Silent and Stoic: Jason is quiet and stoic, rarely speaking and relying on his actions to convey his intentions. He moves with a purpose, often stalking his victims in a slow, deliberate manner.
  6. Undying and Persistent: He’s known for seemingly indestructible qualities, surviving numerous attacks and appearing seemingly unstoppable, creating a sense of fear and dread.
  7. Tendency to Hunt Camp Crystal Lake: Much of his story revolves around the Crystal Lake area, where he seeks revenge or targets those who come there.

When drawing Jason Voorhees, capturing these elements—especially the hockey mask, machete, imposing stature, and the sense of foreboding menace — will help you draw his character effectively.

Jason drawing

The Benefits Of Jason Drawing

Well, the truth is that it is difficult to find an unequivocal answer to this question. In many cases, we like to draw what interests us and that we connect with: this is why our boys and girls, for example, would prefer to learn to draw animals, famous characters like Mickey Mouse or Bugs Bunny, heroes from TV series, and so on. As horror fans, we may want to know how to express our love. And what could be a better option than painting prominent horror icons like Jason Voorhees?

A painting by Jason Voorhees can help you in different ways.This figure is not too complex to draw, at least according to our non-professional knowledge, so it is possible to achieve impressive results similar to the “original.” At the same time, the drawings can help you improve your artistic and creative abilities. Depending on the type of drawing or the guide you are basing yourself on, you can draw, for example, Jason realistically but also as a cartoon, colorful, and “cute” character. You can add a personal dimension to your drawings after you understand the game’s rules and develop essential skills.

How to draw Jason Voorhees easy

In somewhat surprising way regarding horror art, drawing is a hobby that can give you a few hours of pleasure (because, after all, you can’t watch horror movies all day. That’s why there are nights). Painting has a relaxing dimension, up to the level of therapy for everything and anything. It’s not for nothing that we have talked in recent years about an increase in the popularity of art therapy, including painting, which may help in various ways. Drawing can calm you or improve your mood in the process or when you are satisfied with the result. It may also be an effective tool for dealing with stress and anxiety situations.

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Drawing is a tool for self-expression; through it, you can express your love for horror movies. Think, for example, of a horror painting hanging on the wall or even framed, or – another example – a painting you share on social networks. If you have an artistic talent, you can make these paintings part of your income, with custom paintings according to the buyers’ requirements, products on which the beloved character appears, and so on. The basic guides we’ll provide here won’t make you a top-notch craftsman, at least not at this point, but it could be a start.

How to draw Jason Voorhees

How To Draw Jason Voorhees Step By Step – The Videos

How To Draw Jason Easy With Your Kids

We start the review with a video lasting about 13 minutes – how ironic – from the creator of Drawing with the Blakeys. In this lovable channel, a father and son experiment with different drawings. This time, they prepare two additional sketches of Jason at the same time (which may be a bit confusing at first); one of them is relatively realistic, and the other is in a style that is more reminiscent of children’s illustrations. You can, of course, guess which of them painted each of the works.

From our impressions, the equipment needed in this  easy Jason drawing is rather basic, and the difficulty level is reasonable. In the process, you will learn some valuable tools, such as creating depth or different textures in a painting.

Jason Voorhees Cartoon-Style

The following video, 9:37 minutes long, was created by the popular Cartooning How to Draw channel (over 4.3 million subscribers), which has also starred in our previous drawing tutorials. This channel teaches how to create realistic or cartoon characters, depending on the specific video. In this case, we will create an impressive and lovable cartoon character of Jason, with familiar features such as the pierced hockey mask or the blood-spattered machete. The guide mainly uses simple tools, such as a pencil, markers, and colored pencils, and also offers tips for making the drawing more realistic, such as adding different colors and shading.

Realistic Jason Voorhees Drawing

We continue the review with a video from the creator of Art.Simple, a channel with more than half a million subscribers. Despite the channel’s name, from our impression, the difficulty level here is slightly higher than in the previous videos. The video, about 18 minutes long (don’t worry, the pace is quite reasonable), will allow you to create a relatively realistic character of Jason with almost no colors.

We liked the final result that went down to the minor details of the character, such as the holes in the mask, the blood stains on the knife, or the wrinkles in the skin. You won’t find instructions on how to paint here; what’s more, this character is less suitable for colored drawings, but with a bit of imagination, you can add depth.

How To Draw Jason Voorhees Mask?

There’s no doubt that Jason’s mask is his most recognizable element, so you might want to know how to draw just that accurately. Happily, Mister Brush created just such a video, just over five and a half minutes long. The video does not include verbal explanations, but mostly music, but it is slow enough to follow along. We liked the final result, which had several primary colors that reminded us of the “real thing.”

The creators of the video state that they use for this Jason drawign a black marker so that the result can be seen better, but recommend that beginners practice with a pencil first so that they can erase if necessary. Afterward, you can go over the outline with a black marker and color it with colored pencils or pastel colors, according to your preferences and the art supplies at home.

Jason Painting Academy: Some Courses You Should Know

If you are looking for a more in-depth course that will give you skills that can accompany you in the future, you will be happy to hear that several courses look great and are available at the click of a button (for a price, but very reasonable). On Udemy, we found a class taught by artist Enrique Plazola and traveler Artem Dolov (who may be able to accompany you if you plan to visit Crystal Lake)

The course consists of six lessons and 49 minutes of video content. It will allow you to learn, among other things, how to draw Jason’s mask, draw him in profile, and produce his clothing. The course fits perfectly for beginners who want to learn how to draw horror characters. As part of the registration, you will get access to various files and a certificate of completion.

On the excellent website Skillshare, which offers courses in almost every subject imaginable, we found a similar course also taught by Enrique Plazola. The contents are reminiscent of the previous class and the course’s duration (about 49 minutes, divided into six lessons), except for some minor differences. You can go through and see which website interests you the most, for the simple reason that on each of these sites, you will find an endless list of other content that can speak highly to horror fans.

Drawing Jason Independently: Possible Mission

Our last method is the simplest to implement, but the results through it will probably be the least impressive. You can use our best friend, Google, to search for Jason’s illustrations. There are several relevant search terms here, mainly in English, such as “Easy Jason Voorhees drawing” or “How to Draw Jason Voorhees.” A similar search on Pinterest will provide you with similar results. The disadvantage is that without guidance regarding the order of operations or the required drawing technique, there may be quite a gap between your plan and the final result.

How to draw Jason Voorhees (38)

You’ll find some exciting options if you’re looking for instruction but can make it with Jason drawing easy written guides. We found step-by-step guides on Dragoart or How to Draw For Kids. From our experience, you will have to “fill in the gaps” in some cases because not every hand-drawing action will be recorded, and there will not always be information about the right way to create specific shapes. Still, you can try.

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