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Learning How To Draw Chucky Can Be A Child’s Play

A few weeks ago, I spent quality time with my little girl. As in many other cases, she asked me to draw all kinds of things for her. “Now, Daddy, I want a picture of a doll,” she said excitedly. “A doll that plays with a child. A good doll!”. I looked at her and happily announced: “No problem, honey!”. I took the colors – I made sure there was quite a bit of red in the painting because it’s her favorite color – and I created the doll. I dressed her, put some makeup on her face, and added accessories. I was proud of my creation and handed it to the girl with an adorable smile.

A few seconds later, she started crying in panic. “Daddy!” she shouted and pointed at me angrily. My wife, who was in the next room, came over in a panic and asked what happened. “I don’t know, I just made a painting for her,” I answered innocently. The problem is, my wife took the paper and discovered a drawing of Chucky in his “good guy” clothes, scars on his head, and a knife in his hand. “This is the last time you draw her all your characters from horror movies!” she raged. “But it’s Chucky. It’s a cute doll,” I replied defensively. It didn’t help.

The truth is that this story didn’t exactly happen that way. Still, many adults and children want to know how to draw Chucky the killer doll, or make him a friendly and lovable creature, at least on paper. The good news is that several tutorials will show you how to do that in different styles.

How to draw chucky

Why Should You Make A Chucky Drawing?

As you may have understood from the story at the beginning of the article – whether actual, made up, or exaggerated – it is not sure that horror paintings at general the perfect leisure activity with the children. Chucky, being a murderous doll that kills everything that moves in creative ways, might scare the youngest of them. Nevertheless, as you will see below, some illustrations are friendlier. You should introduce your child to Chucky at a certain age; these drawings are an excellent option.

Drawing Chucky allows you to delve into the horror genre within art. This genre often involves unique and macabre details, making it an exciting and challenging subject for artists. Drawing Chucky can help you improve your artistic skills, believe it or not, or even learn about how dolls look or certain elements you can express on paper. 

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Drawing can develop fundamental skills, especially in the young, such as coordination and hand-eye coordination, gross motor skills, and, of course, imagination (hopefully not an imagination of the horrible acts that Chucky might do, in the case of young people). In summary, drawing Chucky, the horror movie doll, can be an exciting and unique artistic pursuit that offers opportunities to delve into the horror genre, enhance your attention to detail, and connect with a community of horror enthusiasts. It’s a chance to explore your creative abilities and capture the essence of a menacing character.

Here are a few more possible advantages of drawing Chucky:

  1. Attention to Detail: Chucky is known for his intricate design, featuring scars, stitches, and a malevolent expression. Drawing such creatings can improve your artwork’s attention to detail and precision.
  2. Character Study: By drawing Chucky, you can study the character’s menacing attributes, which can be valuable if you are interested in horror character design or even cosplay.
  3. Creative Expression: You can experiment with Chucky’s look, adding your artistic interpretation to make your version stand out.
  4. Cinematic Connection: Chucky has a rich cinematic history, and drawing the character can be a way to connect with the horror movie fandom, especially fans of the “Child’s Play” series.
  5. Mood and Atmosphere: Depicting Chucky in different settings and lighting conditions can help you explore the mood and atmosphere in your art, a crucial aspect of horror-themed illustrations.
  6. Therapeutic Value: If you enjoy horror movies, drawing Chucky can be a therapeutic way to engage with your interests and even overcome any fears associated with the character.
  7. Personal Challenge: Successfully capturing the essence of a character like Chucky can be a rewarding artistic challenge, showcasing your ability to tackle complex subjects.
  8. Portfolio Diversification: Including a character like Chucky in your portfolio can demonstrate your versatility as an artist and make your work more diverse.
  9. Halloween Art: Chucky is a popular character for Halloween-themed artwork, and learning to draw him can allow you to create your spooky artwork during the holiday season.

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Should Children Learn How To Draw Chucky?

Drawing Chucky, the horror movie character, is typically more suitable for older children, teenagers, and adults than young children. Chucky is a menacing and violent character from the “Child’s Play” horror movie series, and his appearance can be disturbing for some individuals, especially young children. 

Here are some considerations:

  1. Horror Theme: Chucky is a horror icon known for his violent actions and menacing appearance. Young children may find the character frightening or unsettling.
  2. Complex Design: Chucky’s design includes scars, stitches, and an overall creepy look. Drawing such details may be challenging for young children and may not be age-appropriate.

Please consider the maturity level of your child. The horror genre and characters like Chucky are generally intended for a more mature audience who can handle the scary and intense themes. If your child expresses interest in drawing Chucky, or you want to help them make their first steps in the horror world. Assessing whether the child is emotionally mature enough to engage with this subject is essential. Parental guidance and discussion about the character may be necessary.

The worst-case scenario: There are a lot of Alternative Characters. For younger children interested in drawing, there are plenty of age-appropriate and kid-friendly characters to choose from in cartoons, animated movies, and children’s books. What is so bad about Barbie or Mickey Mouse?

easy chucky drawing

How To Draw Chucky – Video Tutorials

As you have seen in his previous reviews, which showed you, for example, how to draw Freddy Krueger or Pennywise, your journey to the perfect drawing of Chucky can start on YouTube. A quick search will show you several detailed tutorials explaining how to draw Chucky step by step in various styles and difficulty levels, from simple Chucky drawing to some pieces of art.

We start the review with a tutorial video from the creator of Cartooning Club How to Draw, a viral channel with about 4.5 million subscribers. The video lasts about 10 minutes and shows all the steps required to illustrate Chucky with all the familiar signs: the Good Guy suit, the ominous look (which in this case is quite friendly), and the knife he’s holding. 

The video seems like an easy Chucky drawing. It also includes instructions for the reasonably basic equipment needed to create it, mainly markers of various types. Please note that the instructions here are for the illustration itself and not for coloring it, which you can do according to your imagination, the conventional representation of Chucky, or the complete drawing that appears in miniature on the screen throughout the video.

From our impression, the level of difficulty in this Chucky drawing in color is reasonable, so it can suit those who are taking their first steps in illustrating horror characters.

Chucky Has A Cute Side

Not sure that at the starting point, you would think that a Chucky illustration could fall into the category of “Draw So Cute,” the excellent YouTube channel (about 3.5 million followers) that provides us with the following detailed guide. Still, if you skip about ten minutes to the end of the video, you’ll see it’s possible. 

This guide will show you how to draw Chucky quickly, in a version that you can call “kid friendly”: Cartoon Chucky drawing without a knife or other means of killing, and even without facial scars. The video shows examples of other cute creations from this channel, besides this cute Chucky drawing, like Pennywise or Ghostface.

How To Draw Chucky Face?

Articco Drawing provides us with another video that is possible to do with a beautiful final result. The video, which lasts about 8 minutes, will show you how to draw Chucky’s face. The difficulty level seems reasonable to us, and the use is of relatively thick markers that are also suitable for use by children. If you add to that the happy music (some would say too happy), you can understand why this guide can be your entry point into the world of Chucky’s art.

Chucky Can Be Realistic

It is not sure that we can define Chucky – a doll that talks and murders people – as a realistic character. However, in art everything is possible – And you don’t even have to make a professional artist to make it. The following guide is probably the closest there is to creating Realistic Chucky drawings.

The following video, also on the Cartooning Club How to Draw channel, is probably intended for people who are more experienced in drawing, or at least those who want to create a careful, detailed, and more “realistic” illustration of Chucky’s face and upper body. The video lasts about 27 minutes, with almost no talking, and in some contrast to Chucky’s character with quite soothing background music. I don’t know if your result will look like in the video, certainly the first few times, but it’s worth a try.


Continuing with another drawing with a relatively high difficulty, this time from “Draw it, Too!”, a YouTube channel with about 380,000 subscribers. The result here is also very detailed, but to achieve it, you must follow the instructions of the video, which lasts more than 34 minutes, quite precisely. We have yet to try it, but from the comments and the photos we’ve seen, those who followed the video got a result far from the original. 

How to Draw Chucky Step By Step

Prefer to avoid ads on YouTube? Looking for other ways to learn how to draw Chucky? No problem. It’s time to turn to another friend of ours, Google. It is sometimes vital to follow the instructions and not just try to reproduce the final result independently because the order of the operations or the method by which you produce certain object parts can be significant. 

On the Internet, you will find several guides that explain with words, often accompanied by pictures or short videos, exactly how to draw Chucky step by step. For example, here is the excellent site of Easy Drawing Guides. At the end, you can make a creation of Chucky drawing easy, with the famous doll standing and holding… a ruler. Even though this is an excellent example of a guide that shows you how to draw Chucky easy, the road there may seem long. The main problem here, in our opinion, is a lot of text, so it can be challenging to follow the instructions or “translate” them into drawing movements.

On the following site, we found another guide, which emphasized this time the visual and less on the text. The guide includes 29 steps, all of which have a relevant picture, with a relatively simple “code’: everything that appears in red should be added to the drawing in the current step, while the existing drawing appears in black. We liked that, in addition to the specific example, this site has instructions that you can use for additional pictures of Chucky in terms of facial expression (yes, we mainly mean the crazy smile), eyes, clothing, accessories, and so on.

cartoon Chucky drawing

Chucky Drawing Outline: Paint As You Like

If you’ve read our previous tutorials on horror character illustration, you’ll know what to do. The first way is to look for complete pictures of Chucky, depending on what you want to draw, preferably in English because this is where the significant volume of results is. Image searches for phrases like “Easy Chucky Drawing” or simply “Chucky Drawing” offer many options.

You can look at a particular Chucky drawing and try to recreate it, or even print it and color it (try searching for a phrase like “Chucky Coloring Page”). Here are some excellent illustrations from the Just Coloring Pages website. Available for simple download and printing at the click of a button. Another site that offers some fantastic examples is Coloring Pages Only.

Did you get an appetite? Here are some more Chucky products:

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