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Art Of The Clown: How To Draw Pennywise Easily?

As you raise little girls, you rediscover your drawing abilities. The average parent can sit for hours with their child and scribble what looks like animals, fruit, familiar child characters, shapes, and whatever comes out. The truth is that I’m good at drawing, except for one problem: I don’t have much of a visual imagination. I find it difficult to draw from scratch without any inspiration, but I copy existing drawings quite well and upgrade them. This means that all those websites and videos that show how to draw quickly (‘Easy drawing”) are one of the most important in my arsenal, and they also showed me how to create the most famous clown in the world in a few minutes.

At first glance, it’s hard to think of reasons to draw Pennywise with the kids, the hero of the It series of books and movies (whose first remake of 2017 is the highest-grossing horror movie up to date). That is so true, he is a clown. Children love clowns, and clowns star in many children’s paintings. On the other hand, it is a figure of a monstrous clown who murders children and may therefore scare the little ones in the group. Unless you’re a super cool parent, your kids probably won’t recognize Pennywise, even if some might understand that it’s a “scary clown.”

Nevertheless, we can consider exposing the children to our most fantastic hobby. We made, for example, an article about suitable horror films (also) for children. Whether you want to practice your drawing skills, decorate the room with some horror creations from your pen (or your brush), or “just” provide quality education for children, we have collected for you some tools that will help you draw Pennywise in different levels of difficulty: starting with a drawing you can scribble In a few minutes, up to complex works of pure art.

Which Pennywise Can You Draw?

Even before you start with the first tool, which is free videos of a few minutes that will show you how to complete the drawing step by step, an important note: in most of the representations you will see here, similar to other horror products inspired by Pennywise, the character we will try to create the one from the remake. This is the super-creepy clown played by Bill Skarsgård in both movies (2017's It and 2019's tedious It: Part 2), with some changes from her previous portrayal in the same 90s TV miniseries. The drawing refers to the small nuances of the character, for example, at the level of the hair, the makeup on Pennywise painting face (the "blood" decorations around the eyes, for example), or the clothing. Sometimes he even manages to express aspects of Skarsgård's representation, such as the childish smile on the one hand and the very scary one on the other.

Since we're dealing here with simple and relatively quick drawings, you won't need to equip yourself with too many essential tools in most cases. Most of the paintings are based on a pencil or at least a marker or a brush (depending on your creativity). In some cases, you will also learn how to color the character. Each painting has its own rules, but the bottom line is that you won't need too many colors.

How to Draw Pennywise - Photo

Youtube As A Drawing Teacher

Unsurprisingly, YouTube is my first "friend" who wants to know how to draw Pennywise or make simple drawings in general. Here are some videos, starting with easy Pennywise drawing and becoming more coplex as we proceed.

Beginner Pennywise Ideas: How To Draw Pennywise Face?

We start the review with a video from the creation of Mister Brush, showing how to draw Pannywise easy. This fascinating page contains about 800 videos and approximately 177,000 subscribers (the page has already set a goal of reaching 300,000 subscribers, so you can subscribe to help it achieve this goal). From our impression and our rather quick experience, it is a relatively simple drawing that will require a few minutes of your free time and only two colors: black and red, creating Pennywise painting face as cool as possible.

The painting process in the video is at a relatively slow pace, so you can follow and not stop it too proactively. There is also background music that will put you in the mood and help you create this quite easy Pennywise painting.

How To Draw Pennywise Full Body?

The following guide comes from an even more popular page called Cartooning Club How to Draw, which has more than four million subscribers (!). The current video has already received more than two million views, and rightly so: it allows you to create a beautiful painting that shows the whole figure of Pennywise, including the clothes from the movies and the unique makeup.

From our impression, the degree of difficulty here is a little higher than in the previous video, as evidenced by the fact that the video lasts about 13 minutes. Still, there is no need for prior knowledge of colors (you draw with basically one color, although you can color it after this according to your imagination). There is also an audio explanation that will make your life easier and more enjoyable.

Take a look at the process and final result. Isn't it a cute Pennywise drawing?

Realistic Pennywise Drawing

We continue to increase the difficulty level and, in this case, the realism. "Cartooning Club How To Draw" uploaded another video about two years ago, much more realistic and consistent with the familiar images of Pennywise from the new version. This drawing is drawn with pencil only in several ways, as explained for about 25 minutes. You may have to put more thought into this or even try it a few times, but the result is worth it, without a doubt.

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Original Pennywise Drawing

If you still prefer to draw the character as he was presented in the three-hour-long miniseries from the 90s (to the best of our understanding, this is a more appropriate representation of Stephen King's book). The same channel uploaded a video that also explains how you can make the original Pennywise Drawing. The result of this old Pennywise drawing is just as fabulous:

Pennywise Professional Artwork: Keep The Work For Artists

If you're looking for inspiration or enjoy seeing high-level art, watch the following video in which a super talented Korean artist known as Drawholic shows how she drew, realistically and with lots of depth and color, the character of Pennywise. The video is in fast motion and not precisely a do-it-yourself guide (what's more, the professional level here is super high), so it probably can't tell you how to draw Pennywise The Dancing Clown.

But it is still recommended to watch and get excited about this painting and her other works, including Wednesday Adams, characters from Harry Potter, characters from the wider Marvel cinematic world, and more.

If you are looking for Pennywise paintings for decoration and want to keep the job for the experts, you can find such services online at reasonable prices. Here is, for example, the relevant artist available for such works on Fiverr:

Drawing Books, Apps, And Everything In Between

If you don't have time to watch videos or want to improvise a little more, you can take an existing drawing and try to draw it a little more freely as long as you reach the final result. A simple Google search of images called "Pennywise Easy Drawing" will show you several options. You can also check on Pinterest or websites with tutorials on countless topics, such as Drawing Tutorials.

Not only the Internet can be helpful in your Pennywise drawings. Every few weeks, I buy a new sketch or coloring book for my children, depending on their wishes, the level of difficulty, and so on. Of course, I've never encountered a scary paper sheet in "regular" shops, but  that's precisely what the Internet is for. We found some very interesting booklets on Amazon, allowing you to learn how to draw Pennywise and color him later. How To Draw Pennywise Book includes 110 pages demonstrating how to draw and color the famous clown step by step. We did not buy - and at the time of our review, the book was unavailable for purchase - but we recommend you continue following. There are several other brochures on the same idea at a meager price in most cases, but note that their stock seems relatively limited.

Since the smartphone is used by us for countless actions today, it is requested that it can also help us learnhow  to draw Pennywise. We went through the app store on our device (Android, for those interested) and found only one relevant app with the shocking name "How To Draw Pennywise." We're still determining how much you can rely on it to learn how to actually make these creations. As of the time of the test, the application shows 10 pretty good drawings. The problem is that the guide usually only shows about seven steps for painting, while in practice, at each such step, quite a few additions are made to the resulting work. It was tricky for us to follow, but you can try it yourself. You can download the app free of charge, but as is the best tradition in applications of this type, there are quite a few advertisements.

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