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How To Draw Freddy Krueger: Making A Nightmare Come True

I still remember my first meeting with Freddy Krueger, which was abruptly interrupted by my mother. At a young age, I learned to fear what is considered one of the greatest horror icons. The grotesque appearance with the burnt face and fingers, which are actually knives, the unique clothing that includes a not-very fashionable sweater and a black Fedora, and most of all – the fact that Freddy Krueger attacks his victims in what is considered the safest place, their dreams.
It’s not that I had nightmares about Freddy Krueger, but he was one of the villains that drew me into the world of horror. To this day, of course, it’s hard to find horror fans who don’t memorize Freddy Krueger’s name out of a nightmare.
Freddy Krueger Drawing
Happily, we can bring Freddy into our lives in many ways. Re-watching movies from the broad franchise (and hey, every few years, there’s a new movie, reboot, or something like that), buying various products inspired by Freddy Krueger, listening to that iconic song… or drawing Freddy Krueger.

Why Should You Draw Freddy?

Now that we’ve learned how to draw Pennywise, a horror icon as famous as Freddy, here are some tools and tips to create that dream lunatic. So is this the recommended activity for perfect quality time with your children? Not sure because this is a cruel killer, while children usually prefer to draw a house, animals, the sun, and friendlier creatures.

Freddy Krueger Drawing

But for those who want to experiment with creating art at any age or enjoy children (relatively adults) who connect a little to the world of horror, the following guide can allow you to create a painting from nightmares. So sharpen your pencils like sharp knives, put on your fedora hat (or at least a more fashionable painter’s hat), put on your best clothes (a sweater is also allowed), and choose the paintings you want to create.

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How To Draw Freddy Krueger Easy

As in many other cases, YouTube is the first place you can learn how to draw Freddy Krueger. We’ve found some excellent videos for this purpose while noting that from our non-professional perspective, the difficulty level here seems high compared to other horror icons.

How To Draw Freddy Krueger (4)

We start with a difficulty that looks relatively simple to us, at least on paper. The 60-Second Art video will show you how to draw Freddy quickly in a step-by-step guide if its title is anything to go by. The truth is that this video is slightly longer than its title suggests (about eight minutes), and it includes background music rather than a voice prompt. Still, from his impression and experience, it is a quick option for drawing Freddy Krueger, which is very suitable for beginners.

How To Draw Realistic Freddy Krueger

The next video we present, from Cartooning Club How to Draw (a successful channel with over 4 million subscribers), will show you how to create a relatively realistic drawing of Freddy – well, as real as Freddy can be – using nothing more than a pencil.

How To Draw Freddy Krueger (18)

This video is pretty long, about 24 minutes, which will require a lot of patience because it requires delicate pencil movements, gentle use that creates several shades and degrees of strength, and the ability to transfer to the page what you see on the screen. But the unique end product is worth it all. Following the video, you can picture Freddy in his familiar look, showing off the knives in his nails like a happy girl after a manicure treatment.

If you’re looking for another realistic-looking painting, try the next thing from the Art.Simple. channel. This channel has almost half a million subscribers. In contrast to the channel’s name, this drawing seems complex for beginners. On the other hand, the long tutorial here is detailed, and it looks like a manageable task to follow the artist’s instructions. Here too, the very artistic and impressive result is worth the effort.

How To Draw Freddy Krueger In A Contemporary Pop Look?

The Cartooning Club How To Draw channel presents us with another video, this time taking Freddy Krueger to a more cartoonish look (to us, he reminded us of the funky pop characters inspired by the horror icons).

This straightforward video, which lasts about 13 minutes, will show you how to draw Freddy Krueger step by step. Note that the final product here is of the whole body, and the level of detail is much reduced compared to the previous example so that it will be relatively simple for beginners or the youngest. The video doesn’t show how to color the character, but you can easily do it with primary colors like red, green, and black.

On the Artist Station channel, we found another video that shows a very lovable cartoon version of Freddy. This video is much less viral than the others – as of the time of writing the review, less than 1,000 views – but we did like the detailed explanation and the fact that at every moment, the final product you are aiming for appears on the screen. It is also a very suitable painting for the inexperienced and those who find it difficult to see too much time to invest in their works.

More Options For Your Freddy Drawings

Suppose you prefer to follow written instructions at your own pace, not necessarily videos, you have some excellent options. In that case, you will be happy to hear that there are some very successful detailed guides: naturally, they will be in English, but this is not too much of a problem. The first tutorial on the IHeartCraftyThings website will show you how to make a relatively basic drawing of Freddy Krueger in just six steps, including coloring.

How To Draw Freddy Krueger (5)

‘Some people will be content to see the pictures of the different stages and draw based on them, and that’s perfectly fine. At Dragoart, we found another guide that seems simple to us. Here the result is quite impressive when you will get a sketch that is very simple to make. In the example, they chose that Freddy’s outline will be red and blue, but of course, you can select the colors that suit you and the character you are resurrecting.

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Another option is to search Google for ready-made drawings and try to reproduce them: a basic search like “Freddy Krueger Easy Drawing” or “Freddy Krueger Coloring” will show you dozens of results you can draw, print, or color. It’s super easy to find printable coloring Freddy Krueger pages, while major shopping sites like Amazon, eBay, and Etsy have lovely coloring books.

Similar to what we offered you in the review of the paintings of that famous clown, you can buy an elaborate and artistic portrayal of Freddy Krueger or even turn to Fiverr for horror artists, who will create a painting for you – even a custom one.

Here are some Freddy Krueger products:


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