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Do You Like Scary Movies? Try Horror Trivia Game

One of the main pleasures in horror movies – well, at least in some of them – is to leave our logic “at home”, disconnect from all thoughts, and enjoy an hour and a half of pure fun. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t embrace the brain wheels now and then. It starts with quality movies that exercise our brains, and equally important: Horror trivia games that can be suitable for social entertainment or pass a few hours with great pleasure.

In the following review, we will show you some very successful horror trivia. We will focus on two main groups. The first is the traditional version of board games, where according to our impression it is a relatively limited number of options compared to other real board games – the clear example is Monopoly horror games, some of which we have already reviewed on the site. Alongside this, we will present some “modern” trivia games, designed for smartphone apps.

Why Should You Play Horror Trivia Games?

A horror trivia game offers a range of advantages that cater to fans of the genre. Firstly, it serves as a source of entertainment, providing a fun and engaging platform for individuals, groups, or friends to indulge in horror-themed content.

Moreover, engaging in such games equips participants with knowledge about horror movies, literature, and culture. Players delve into details and facts, expanding their understanding and appreciation of the genre. As we learned in the opening scene of “Scream,” this knowledge may also save your life.

Additionally, horror trivia games encourage social interaction. They create a platform for group participation in solving horror trivia questions toegether, fostering friendly competition and camaraderie among friends or family members.

You may be surprised to hear that trivia games at general, and horror trivia quiz in particular, may help your brain. Recalling specific details about horror themes or works from a cognitive perspective sharpens memory retention and cognitive skills. This exercise challenges participants to remember information and think critically.

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Furthermore, a horror trivia game immerses enthusiasts more deeply into their beloved genre. Players enhance their connection and engagement with horror media by exploring various horror trivia questions and answers.

Crafting questions and answers for the game also sparks creativity. It encourages individuals to think imaginatively, enhancing problem-solving and critical thinking abilities. These games can foster a deeper appreciation for the artistry, storytelling, and craftsmanship behind horror movies, books, and other forms of media. This heightened appreciation often stems from a deeper understanding of the intricate details within the genre.

Overall, a horror trivia game doesn’t just provide entertainment; it educates, encourages social interaction, enhances cognitive abilities, fosters creativity, and cultivates a profound appreciation for the horror genre.

Here Are Some Horror Trivia Games:

Endless Games Horror Trivia Card Game

The first game, from Endless Games, offers 300 questions about horror movies, TV series, books, and more. The rules here are pretty simple. There are a total of 150 cards, each with two open questions. A participant who answers correctly both questions on the card receives it. The twist is that on each card there is an illustration of a weapon. The first player to collect three different weapon cards is the winner.

This is a quite speedy trivia game by any standard: the estimated playing time is about 20 minutes. In addition, the amount of questions here is reasonable, but far from infinite. The questions we’ve seen are interesting, with different difficulty levels. For example, Who wrote and directed the “Nightmare on Elm Street” movies? What is a “Leatherface” favorite weapon? What is the name of Sigourney Weaver’s character in the “Alien” movies? and more.

The mix of horror trivia questions and answers here seems diverse, starting from some that any horror fan could memorize out of a nightmare to smaller details, which will engage the mind of even those who have a mileage of several horror movies.

This classic horror trivia game requires at least two players, with a minimum age of 13. Should we always follow this recommendation? We’re not sure. On the other hand, the game won’t fit those who don’t know well enough the horror genre.

Here is a short video that provides a taste of the game:

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Trivial Pursuit Horror Ultimate Edition

If you’re looking for a longer horror trivia board game with much more questions, check out the next product. This Trivial pursuit game, defined as a “collectible trivia board”, offers no less than 1,800 questions, relating to all aspects of the horror world: mainly movies, TV shows, and books. The questions are divided into six main categories, which to some extent make up the experiences we like to consume: Gore and disgust, psychological, killers, monsters, supernatural, and comedies.

Horror Movie Ultimate Edition Trivial Pursuit

Trivial Pursuit Horror Ultimate Edition is a board game, in which the movers are taken from the horror repertoire: monster hand, doll’s head, straightjacket, goat head, table saw, and a cleaver in brain. In the kit, you will find a game board with a cool “supernatural” design, 300 cards with six questions each, a dice, 36 wedges (according to the color categories), and a rulebook. The principle is that the player rolls a dice and moves in the direction he chooses. The color of the square it lands on will determine the type of question he has to answer. If the player answers correctly, he gets a colored wedge and connects it to his mover. The winner is the player who collects all six wedges and manages to answer the final riddle.

From what we’ve seen, Trivial Pursuit Horror Ultimate Edition questions can be super hard:  minor supporting actors, characters from lesser-known films, facts behind the scenes, or questions that require attention to small details from the plot. Even those who have seen the movie and know it pretty well, may have difficulty answering it (without Google, Yes?). In our opinion, it would have been better to choose easier questions or at least focus mainly on films that every horror fan knows.

Horror Trivia Pursuit is for two players or more, where the age limit is a little tougher: starting at age 17 and above, according to the recommendations. The estimated playing time is at least one hour.

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Trivial Pursuit Horror Movie Edition

The next horror trivia board game, also in the trivial pursuit category, combines “100 years of horror” and focuses on horror movies. The rules of Trivial Pursuit Horror Movie Edition are similar to those of the previous game on this list, but with a few differences. First of all, there is no game board here, so this one is great for travel, trips, or social meetings. The cube shows the color of the category of the question and not numbers.

There are 100 cards with six questions each (a total of 600 questions). Trivial Pursuit Horror Movie Edition questions are divided into six categories: Gore and disgust, monsters, psychological, supernatural, slashers, and international. In our opinion, the questions tend to be too difficult – some would say spotty or marginal – in some cases. But that can be part of the challenge, can’t it?

Trivial Pursuit Horror Movie Edition is for two or more players. One round should last about 60 minutes.

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Horror Trivia

The Nightmare Before Christmas Edition Trivial Pursuit Game

The Nightmare Before Christmas trivia

This trivia board game is based on the classic Disney stop-motion musical film, The Nightmare Before Christmas, easily one of the best animated films ever made. This trivial pursuit game is an officially licensed Disney item. It features 70 cards and 420 questions from six categories related to the movie: Trick or Treat, Songs, Behind the Scenes, Pumpkin King, Christmas Town, and Halloween Town. It also comes with a quick-play travel edition in a coffin-shaped tray, making it easy to play anywhere.

The Nightmare Before Christmas trivia game is suitable for ages 12 and up, and two or more players can play it. It is a fun and challenging game for fans of The Nightmare Before Christmas, Disney, and horror lovers.

Please note that the item we found is not the full game, as it does not include the board or marker tokens.

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The Killer Trivia Game

Do you like watching crime Documentaries on Netflix, or horror movies based (sort of) on actual killing events? In this case, you may love The Killer trivia game. This is a card game with over 700 questions, some multiple choice and others not, about real and fictional killers, murders, and celebrity deaths or scandals. The Killer trivia has 240 Question cards and 60 Jury cards for scorekeeping based on a courtroom theme, plus some surprises like objections, cross-examinations, redirects, and hung juries.

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Horror Trivia Games On Smartphones

The variety of board games in the horror trivia category exists but seems pretty narrow to us. The versions we described here are the main ones related to horror in general, at least those available for purchase on big international websites and stores. Another option, which can provide you with pleasure or at least pass a few dead minutes, is trivia apps. The smartphone offers some nice and free apps(at least as long as you don’t get rid of the ads) – that do a great job.

Scary Quiz The app presents questions on a TV screen, with four possible answers to each question and 30 seconds to answer it. The goal is to answer as many questions as possible, with any mistake translating into disqualification and resetting the score.

Horror Posters Movie Quiz The goal is to identify horror movies by their official or alternative poster. There is a division here into stages and levels of difficulty (the more you progress through in the game, the fewer letters are revealed to us from the answer that makes up the solution). You can get coins by answering questions and doing additional tasks such as watching videos, sharing on social networks, etc.

Horror Movies Trivia – In this fun app, the goal is to answer as many questions in a row as possible. There are three possible disqualifications here (note that even if you get the question wrong, you have to continue guessing until you get the right answer), and different ways, for a fee, to get another “life”. From what we have seen, there are some difficult questions

Horror Character – a simple game, where you have to identify the horror icons and complete their name from the letter board. It may sound easy, but already in the first stages, we met some challenging characters. It is possible to accumulate coins by solving answers and other tasks

Feeling smart? Here are more Trivia board games:

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