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Hello, Sydney! All Of Sydney Sweeney Horror Movies

It was supposed to be a quiet evening in the life of the young blonde: a few quiet hours without the boyfriend, a horror movie on TV, popcorn, 90 minutes of escapism. But then the phone rang. She did not recognize the caller with the mysterious voice and hung up. But then he called repeatedly, and she realized she had no choice. The man seemed flirting with her, and she felt uncomfortable hanging up. There was something scary about this guy. Especially when he knew her name was Sydney, although, to the best of her memory, she hadn’t told him. She turned on the gas and put the popcorn on it – who even makes popcorn like that these days? – Ready to end the conversation soon.
“What is this?” asked the mysterious caller.
“I’m making popcorn. I’m watching a movie,” she answered.
“What film?”
“Just a scary movie.”
“Do you like scary movies, Sydney?”
“What’s your favorite scary movie?”
“Well, that’s ironic.”
“Never mind. You want to play in a horror movie, Sydney?”
“Why would I play in a horror movie?”
“Fuck. Wait, didn’t I call actress Sidney Sweeney?”
This scene, of course, never happened. It is loosely based on THE Sidney of the horror world, Sidney Prescott from the Scream movies, and somehow corresponds with the franchise’s iconic opening scene (without Sidney herself, but why be petty). Nevertheless, it is not accidental. When I was thinking about how I would open an article about the horror films of Sidney Sweeney, Hollywood’s current Hit Girl, it was as if I heard a mysterious voice in my head saying, “Hello, Sidney.” Too many horror movies affect your sanity at some point.
On paper, Sidney Sweeney isn’t necessarily a horror icon in the making. Some actors and actresses have appeared in more horror films, some of which we reviewed in this website section. She is less identified with the genre than talented young actresses like Maika Monroe or Jenna Ortega. Still, if you look at Sidney Sweeney’s resume, you see that she has quite a few horror films in it: most of them are small films she made in the past, before the big break. If you add that Sydney was “the scariest woman on the TV screen,” you will soon understand why – you can understand why she received her place in our section about horror celebs with respect.

Sydney Sweeney Horror Movies
Young, with quite a few movies and TV series. Sidney Sweeney (AI generated)

Sydney Sweeney Movies And TV Shows

Sydney (Bernice) Sweeney was born in 1997 in Spokane, the second largest city in Washington, to a lawyer mother and a father who worked in the medical field. At an early age, when an independent film was being shot in her town, she started dreaming about being an actress. Young Sydney convinced her parents to introduce her to the world of acting, partly with the help of a detailed five-year business plan. It even surpassed her previous dream to be a wrestler (Sweeney is trained in fixed martial arts and still practicing it between films because, during shooting days, she is not allowed to engage in this dangerous activity). It worked because the rest is hysteria.
Today, Sidney Sweeney is one of the most sought-after actresses in Hollywood. At first glance, some mistakenly regard her as a mere sex symbol, or as she described: “The biggest misconception about me is that I’m a stupid blonde with big tits.” She’s indeed one of the hottest actresses in Hollywood, and her breast size is certainly causing public debate.
Despite this, Sweeney demonstrates acting talent at almost every opportunity and has played significant roles, showing her versatility, charisma, and ability to step into complex and diverse characters. It’s probably not a coincidence. Before each role, she prepares a “journal” of 100 pages about the character and builds them from scratch, starting from the day of birth and throughout life.

Sydney Sweeney horror movie list - illustration photo (AI)
Not only blonde. Sidney Sweeney (AI generated)

It started with guest roles in well-known series, such as “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Pretty Little Liars” or “90210”. Later came slightly more significant roles in the series “Everything Sucks!” on Netflix. She began to gain attention in the miniseries Sharp Objects, a role that turned out to be bigger than initially planned. Even then, we saw her hard work and the ability to get into the characters and understand the story behind them, in this case, those who suffered from mental illnesses and had suicidal tendencies.
Sweeney starred in some of the most talked about series of the last few years, such as the revealing (literally) role of Cassie, a girl with a troubled sexual past in “Euphoria” who faces, among other things, the distribution of intimate videos, a complex role in the series that included daring Sydney Sweeney nude scenes; the obedient girl Eden Spencer in seven episodes of “The Handmaid’s Tale,” who breaks the rules and is executed to death; And a particularly beachy role of Olivia, a rich and abusive girl in “The White Lotus.”

The critics started to fall for her. Sweeney has received two nominations for the Emmy Award, for “Euphoria” and “The White Lotus”. And it’s quite a no-brainer for someone whose first instinct in Hollywood always seems to be to judge her by her looks. “I’m very proud of my work in ‘Euphoria.’ I thought it was a great performance. But no one talks about it because I got naked.”, she said once. “I do ‘The White Lotus,’ and all of a sudden, critics are paying attention.”

Sydney Sweeney Horror Movies
“No one talked about my acting because I got naked” (AI generated)

Sidney Sweeney horror movie list is less impressive, but it seems just the beginning. She played in quite a few independent or low-budget films, some of them horror films that we will present to you right away. Alongside this, she played one of Charles Manson’s gang members in Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, the American soldier Reality Winner who is considered the first whistleblower of corruption in the era of Donald Trump (“Reality”) and a leading role in the romantic comedy “Anyone But You,” which came to the cinema screens not long ago – and became surprisingly a massive hit.
Soon, she will enter the world of blockbusters, with a very intriguing role in the film “Madame Web” from the Spider-Man cinematic universe. Sydney will play Julia Carpenter here, aka Spider-Woman, and will do so alongside a rather impressive cast that includes Dakota Johnson as Madame Web and three industry-known actors – Emma Roberts, Adam Scott, and Mike Epps – in undisclosed roles.

Welcome To Horror World, Sydney!

The truth is that Sidney Sweeney has quite an affinity for the world of horror. Her Instagram profile includes, alongside photos that the average man would find it difficult to remain indifferent to, a picture from a few years ago, in which she is dressed as one of the scary Grady sisters from Stanley Kubrick’s “The Shining.” Sweeney received a very significant honor from the New York Times, which defined her as the scariest girl on the television screen. Unfortunately, this is not one of the horror roles she did, but a reference to her role in “The White Lotus.”

Sydney Sweeney movies
The scariest girl on screen? (AI generated)

These are all of Sydney Sweeney Horror Movies

ZMD: Zombies Of Mass Destruction (2009)

The first Sydney Sweeney horror movie is also the first in her filmography. This is, how fantastic, a science fiction horror comedy about a virus that turns people into murderous zombies. The film, unrelated to the comic with the same name (!), was not very good, to say the least, and received rather negative reviews.
We looked for Sidney Sweeney in the credits because, between us, it’s too much to see, in retrospect, an entire movie for a few minutes of screen time of an actress in the making when she was 12. We discovered that she played the minor role of a character named Lisa, who was tragically hit by a car. Oh well.

The Ward (2010)

The Ward (2010) movie poster, with Sydney Sweeney playing the younger version of Amber Heard
If you ask horror actors who is the director they would be happy to grow in his films, John Carpenter may rank well in one of the first places. After all, this director brought masterpieces into our lives, such as the first films in the “Halloween” franchise, “The Thing,” and others. “The Ward” was directed by Carpenter, and it’s hard to say that this is one of his successful films. But a mediocre Carpenter film is still worth watching.
In her first mainstream horror film, at 13, Sydney Sweeney played Amber Heard. More specifically, the younger version of Amber Heard (about 11 years older than Sweeney) in several flashback scenes. Amber Heard plays here a young woman who sets fire to a farmhouse and is sent to a closed ward. She doesn’t remember too much of her past but discovers that in the present, a mysterious figure who may be connected to the past of that ward chases her.
After some nice scenes and a some jump scares, we discover the truth in an interesting (even if not very believable) twist already seen in several previous horror films.

Spiders 3D (2013)

Spiders 3D (2013) movie poster
Quite a few actors and actresses start their careers in horror B-movies, which involve dealing with some mysterious creature, a product of not very impressive computer graphics. Sidney Sweeney also has this movie, and it’s even in 3D!
“Spiders 3D” presents a scenario that may seem delusional, but it can still come true in a wild world like the one we live in. The film begins with a Soviet space station crashing into the New York subway station (!), which somehow mutates destructive spiders. They grow, kill everything that moves, and threaten to destroy New York. In the film, Sweeney plays Emily, the daughter of researcher Rachel, who at one point is kidnapped by a giant spider and taken to a nest, where she guards the eggs or something like that.
We haven’t seen the movie yet, but it’s hard to say that we have expectations from it based on the plot description, the terrible reviews it receives (a score of 3.4 out of 10 on the IMDB website) or the words of the professional critics, who pretty much killed the plot, the dialogues, the special effects and also the acting, for example, including Mrs. Sweeney’s. On the other hand, maybe this is just the kind of movie that’s so bad it’s fun.

The Horde (2016)

The Horde (2016) movie poster
Remember Sidney Sweeney’s fondness for martial arts we mentioned earlier? So maybe this unfamiliar film in which she took part in 2016 was a dream come true for her. Paul Logan, who plays the lead role here, wrote the script. Logan is an actor, stuntman, and martial arts expert whose list of films includes mostly B-movies on the border of horror, science fiction, and other nonsense plots. Here, he plays a character you might expect to find from actors who specialize in martial arts. You know, the ones who start a fight in a bar and beat dozens of armed people.
In any case, the main character here plays the Navy man, who almost single-handedly saves a group of students (among them, of course, Sidney Sweeney) and their teacher from the threat of murderous mutant creatures in the forest. It looks like a strange combination of Rambo and “Wrong Turn,” but the result seems fun, or at least so bad it’s fun.

Dead Ant (2017)

Dead Ant (2017) movie poster
If your fantasy is to see Sidney Sweeney running in a bikini in the desert, trying to escape from giant ants but falling into a pit and being eaten by them (what’s wrong with you, guys?), the next movie is just for you. In “Dead Ant,” the heavy metal band with one big hit hits the road for California’s Coachella festival in what is supposed to be their comeback. The problem is that these guys, joined by Sydney Sweeney as the group’s groupie, run into giant ants and have to fight for their lives.
Sweeney does a good role here until she meets her death in a way you already understand what it is. The cast alongside her includes names like Tom Arnold, Sean Austin, and even low-budget horror favorite Courtney Palm, who just a few years earlier had to deal with beavers turning into zombies in the insane “Zombeavers.” Here, Palm appears in the opening scene as a favor to the director, running away from the giant ant while undressing (so the ants eat her underwear and not her, like duh), screaming in panic but unable to survive the scene before the opening credits.
The film defines itself as a meeting between “Tremoers” and “Spinal Tap,” but you should lower your expectations.

Along Came The Devil (2018)

Along Came The Devil (2018) movie poster - horror movie starring Sydney Sweeney
The horror film “Along Came the Devil” (also called “Tell Me Your Name”) is probably not one of the highlights of Sidney Sweeney’s career so far. The film was inspired by actual events – a code name for a plot that usually has a weak connection with the original – and Sweeney plays the lead role of a troubled girl named Ashley.
After a family trauma, she returns to her hometown, tries to connect with her past, and understands what exactly happened to her family. A psychic helps her communicate with her mother’s spirit. Still, as usually happens in horror movies – it opens the door to an evil entity that wants to take over Ashley’s soul, which is haunted in a way that might remind you of “The Exorcist.” Some would even call is A Exorcist rip-off.

The film received mostly negative reviews from the critics and the audience, mainly because it contains “cheap” and ineffective jumps, chewy scenes (for example, a mirror scene), bad visual effects, and an uneven plot. Even if Sidney Sweeney’s acting did not receive praise, the impression we got is that she tried to do her best with what she got.

Nocturne (2020)

Nocturne movie poster - horror movie starring Sydney Sweeney and Madison Iseman
“Nocturne” shows, to a large extent, what people are willing to do to fulfill their dreams – which is also very connected to the personal story of Sidney Sweeney. In the film, she plays Juliet, an ambitious but timid and shy student who studies music with her twin sister (played by Madison Eisman, who also has quite a few horror films on her resume). Juliet dreams of becoming a piano player and, above all, to surpass her sister.
The problem is that her twin sister is more talented than Juliet, which causes frustration and jealousy. Everything changes when Juliet finds a mysterious notebook that belonged to her deceased classmate. With the help of the notebook, Juliet begins to get attention and receives more praise than her sister. But in the end, it is impossible to lie to people forever, reflected in an excellent and symbolic ending scene.
We liked “Nocturne,” although it is far from perfect. There have, of course, been films that more convincingly presented the struggles between musical talents (such as Netflix’s excellent “Perfection” and, of course, Aronofsky’s “Black Swan”). Still, the film quite successfully presented the struggles, the sacrifices for music, and the horror we put into our lives to fulfill our goals. Sweeney and Eisman did a pretty good job.

The Voyeurs (2021)

The Voyeurs - an erotic thriller starring Sydney Sweeney
I’m not sure if the next movie should be on our list because it is defined as a suspense drama or even an erotic thriller. And yet, this film has elements that remind us of a horror film. Pippa and Thomas (Sweeney and Justin Smith) play a young couple in Montreal, Canada. At some point, they become obsessed with what they see in the apartment across the street, where some handsome photographer leads a wild life with his wife and someone who isn’t his wife.
The two listen to what’s going on in the apartment across the street with a laser pointer, which points to a mirror they put into the apartment somehow and reflects light and sound back to them or something like that (I guess they did some research to see that this makes sense, right?). The surveillance kicks up a gear when the two discover things that would be better left undiscovered, and Pippa goes a little too far with the stalking.

“The Voyeurs” is a slightly messy film, which I think had more potential than the final product: yes, maybe if it went more in the direction of horror, “Disturbia” style or even Hitchcock’s “Rear Window.” Sweeney does one of the boldest roles of her career here, including a rather detailed sex scene, which is an opening for developments in the last part that are more reminiscent (at least to me) of a horror movie. There are even some twists that say something about voyeurism or even about our current culture.

Night Teeth (2021)

Night Teeth (2021) - Movie Poster
If you’ve read our review of Megan Fox’s horror films, you shouldn’t expect too much from Sidney Sweeney here, either. Netflix’s “Night Teeth” is about a student who tries to improve his financial situation as a driver for two hot young women (Debbie Ryan and Lucy Fry). What seems like an innocent clubbing trip turns murderous because these two young women are vampires.

The fact that we did not mention Megan Fox or Sidney Sweeney in the description of the plot is not accidental. The two share just one scene of something like three minutes, as leaders of vampire gangs or something similar – and then are brutally murdered (or at least that’s how it seems, because the viewers don’t see the murder on screen).
It’s hard to say that Sidney Sweeney manages to do anything with the ridiculous dialogue she’s given. To her credit, as usual, she looks great in a revealing black dress. I don’t know what the point of this casting is, but it added some paragraphs for this article, so thanks. I agree with the article on “Screenrant” that suggested creating a prequel with Fox and Sweeney, in which they would probably get more than three lines of dialogue and an off-frame death.

Sidney Sweeney’s future

So, what have we seen so far? Among all those movies and television series of Sidney Sweeney that gave her publicity, there are a variety of horror films – mainly, not too significant – in which she played primarily at the beginning of her career, alongside some works that came already when she was a giant star.

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Today, when she is one of the most desirable actresses in the world (literally), one can hope that she will make more significant horror films in which she can showcase her talent (the acting, of course. Not what you think). There are already several exciting films in the future, such as the forthcoming Sydney Sweeney horror movie “Immaculate” in which she will play a religious woman who comes to a rural area in Italy to live in a magnificent monastery and discovers that it holds some dark secrets.
Please keep following along to see how this list continues to be updated.

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