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Halloween Board Game: Hide And Seek Got A New Killer Twist

Michael Myers, just like Michael Myers, doesn’t want to die. The mad killer from the “Halloween” franchise keeps returning. The truth is that the same can be said about the franchise itself, somewhat reflexively. It started with the masterpiece “Halloween” from 1978, which gave birth to the horror world, and would become one of its biggest and most famous icons. Then came many (too many) horror films in which Michael Myers stars – well, well, except for that film with the witch – divided into all kinds of timelines, characters that come and go, plot holes that suddenly get answered, and so on. But only 45 years after the first film, the franchise gets a new twist. Get the first Halloween Board every Horror Board Games fan should meet.

Halloween Board Game (or in its full name: “Halloween: A Hidden Movement Game”) was developed by Trick Or Treat Studios, which knows about turning horror franchises into games. Among other things, the studio developed board games and puzzles of some of the most beloved franchises and horror characters, such as “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre,” “The Werewolf,” “Frankenstein,” and others. So what is actually expected here, and when will we see all this goodness? We will put some order in the mess for you.

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Halloween Board Game: Hide And Seek, The Michael Myers Version

The Halloween board game is a tabletop version of hide-and-seek, or in our context: “Oh, no. Run away! A crazy serial killer is chasing us with a kitchen knife.” Quite frankly, games of this type include one player taking on the role of the hidden character – Michael Myers, in our case. He places it secretly on the board and moves incognito. His movements on the board with various areas (in our case, the houses of Strode, Doyle, and Wallace families, plus Michael Myers’s home) are recorded separately. Usually, recording the movements of the hidden player will be done on paper, but nowadays, it is likely that a large part of players will do it on the smartphone screen.

Halloween: A Hidden Movemant Game Cover

Let’s go back to the rules of the Halloween: A Hidden Movement Game, and it’s a murderous twist. The other players in the current game are the main characters from the first “Halloween” movie. There are a total of six characters to choose from: Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis, aka “The Final Girl”), Dr. Sam Loomis, Sheriff Brackett, Laurie’s friends Linda (yes, the one who strangled to death with a telephone cable after having sex), Annie (spoiler: she was also murdered) and Paul, Annie’s boyfriend. Those players try to escape Michael Myers to find and capture him.

The players on Hidden Movement Games perform various actions according to the specific game rules, including finding clues, setting traps, etc. In the case of the Halloween board game, these actions include, among other things, collecting weapons, like any horror movie, or trying to locate the children that Laurie is trying to protect during the film. The hidden player can also perform various actions, such as changing location or Placing Bait. If the hidden player is caught (“You can only do this when you are looking at him directly,” according to the company’s instructions) or alternatively achieves his goal, the game ends.

Some Scary Quality Time

Hidden movement games belong to the strategy category, with the bottom line being that to succeed in them, each player needs to demonstrate planning, forward-thinking, and creativity. It is a relatively long game: According to the official instructions, it is intended for about 3-4 players, with the average game duration being an hour. In other words: here is an excellent option for some challenging quality time with friends who like horror movies.

Horror games should bring the right atmoshpere, just like we sae for example in scary Trivia games. Halloween Board Game was designed by Emerson Macciocchi and features illustrations by horror artist Nathan Thomas Milliner, who began his career as a comic book creator and became a writer and director of horror films, mostly short ones or ones you can hardly believe you’ve heard of. From the pictures, the design here seems cool and manages to put us in the atmosphere of 1978, with some contemporary twists in the look.

How Can I Buy Halloween Board Game?

Halloween Board Game is available to purchase through some big international websites, including:

Trick or Treat Official Website



The price currently stands at about $60.

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