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Horror Monopoly: Let’s Make a Killer Deal!

Monopoly is one of the most beloved and popular board games out there. Beyond the dimension of enjoyment and shared experience, which is suitable for a wide age range, it is the first meeting point for many of us in the business world. The first version of Monopoly was launched back in 1935, during the Great Depression in the United States, and since it has undergone numerous changes and upgrades. Along with the familiar Monopoly rules and the standard version of Classic Monopoly, you’ll find dozens of variations. More interesting are special versions dedicated to horror movies and series that we all know, we can call Horror Monopoly.

Here’s Some Cool Horror Monopoly Version You Can Find Online:

IT Monopoly

it monopoly cover - part of horror Monopoly games

If there ever was a suitable Monopoly horror movie, it may present the world’s famous clown. We start the review of horror themed Monopoly with the official IT Monopoly board game, inspired by the 2017 movie based on Stephen King’s classic book. It Monopoly rules are quite like the classic ones, with a few twists. Each player chooses one of six tokens from the movie, such as the paper boat, bicycle, Richie’s glasses, the inhaler, and of course the famous red balloon.

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The players sell, buy, and exchange properties in the small town of Derry in Maine, and the locations are from the movie as well: For example, the houses of the members of the “Losers’ Club” and more. While playing It Monopoly board game you will take different types of cards, some of which you will not be happy to meet Pennywise.

This version of the horror Monopoly is intended for 2-6 players, aged 17 and over. It Monopoly game duration, according to the developers, is about an hour – much less than the length of the latest and quite tedious IT movies. And by the way, far-fetchers also have an official IT version of the equally well-known game “The Clue”.


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The Nightmare Before Christmas Monopoly

monopoly the nightmare before christmas

The Nightmare Before Christmas is one of the most beloved horror movies, and perhaps one of the few cases in which an animated film managed to be entertaining, frightening at times, and of added value. As befits the film that became a cult, there is a long line of products based on the beloved characters. Jack Skellington fans will be delighted to know The Nightmare Before Christmas Monopoly, based on the cult film. Each player chooses one of six tokens, corresponding to the characters from the movie: Jack Skellington, Sally, Evil Teddy, Oogie Boogie, the Zombie Duck, and Mayor Two-Face (literally) of “Halloween Town”.

How To Play The Nightmare Before Christmas Monopoly?

The Nightmare Before Christmas Monopoly Rules are simple. The trade here is in the familiar properties of the town from the film, such as Dr. Finkelstein’s laboratory, Jack’s Tower, and the iconic Spiral Hill. The Nightmare Before Christmas Monopoly game has additional twists inspired by the film, such as the ability to sell or buy toys with well-designed Monopoly money, the use of holiday cards named Christmas or Halloween, and more.

If you believe in board game age restrictions, you’ll be happy to hear they are lower compared to some of the other “intimidating” types of horror Monopoly games. According to the developers, Monopoly The Nightmare Before Christmas can fit children of 8 years old and above.

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Beetlejuice Monopoly

Our nostalgic journey continues. This time we reach the 80s and the cult film “Beetlejuice”, also directed by Tim Burton. The film centers on a couple of ghosts who use the services of a whimsical “living yard” called Beetlejuice to haunt those who wish to live in their former home. He has become iconic over the years – and by the way, they recently started filming the sequel to “Beetlejuice 2”.

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Until then, you can play the Beetlejuice Monopoly board game. Like the other horror games, Monopoly Beetlejuice includes six unique tokens based on the movie, such as a wedding dress, Lydia’s camera, Beetlejuice’s tombstone, or the master key. You get the option to trade “haunted houses” and ” Supernatural museums” in well-known locations from the film.

Beetlejuice Monopoly game is suitable for 2-6 players, 8 years old and older.

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Ghostbusters Monopoly

Who do you call when you’re bored and want a shared board game? For the Ghostbusters Monopoly version. The first cool thing about it is that there’s a button on top of the box, which when pressed will play the famous melody from the movie (after opening Monoply Ghostbusters, the button is revealed on top of a card box designed as a ghost trap).

How to play Ghostbusters Monopoly?

Well, after you’ve entered the right atmosphere, you can start trading with this cool version of Monopoly horror: not in houses or hotels, but in ghost traps and storage units. The six tokens in Monopoly Ghostbusters Edition represent objects from the film, most notably the advanced machinery of our reaper heroes. Ghostbusters Monopoly Instructions, cards, tasks, and assets are inspired by the movie, and it is clear that they have done here a great job of going down to the smallest detail. Ghostbusters Monopoly rules and game set will surely satisfy many horror-action movie addicts.

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Jurassic Park Monopoly

Jurassic park monopoly

Business is most likely not the first association that comes to mind when you think of murderous dinosaurs, but maybe the next Monopoly horror edition will change your mind a bit. Jurassic Park Monopoly game is one of the coolest versions out there, so it’s no wonder it’s one of the top-selling horror Monopoly board games.
Monopoly Jurassic Park comes with a

particularly monstrous board, containing six tokens and another T-Rex dinosaur figure. This super big dinosaur is maybe the coolest change Jurassic Park Monopoly rules offer, as it moves around the board, can destroy property, or make players pay out of their dinosaur money.

Jurassic Park Monopoly

How to play Jurassic Park Monopoly?

The goal in Jurrasic Park horror themed Monopoly is to protect the park, and especially the assets each player owns, from the damage of the dinosaurs. Each type of dinosaur in the Jurassic Park Monopoly board game has its financial damage and a fixed cost for its repair.
The board of Monopoly Jurassic Park Edition, for example, includes an electronic gate, which will make you perform different tasks by taking a card depending on the sound it makes. Another example is the two dice, one of which is for the dinosaur character: if it passes you, for example, you will have to pay a fine.

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