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The Terror Is Growing To Life With Horror Chia Pets

If there’s one thing I’m terrible at, it’s growing plants. If the plants watched horror movies – I’m sure I’d be one of the biggest horror icons for them. Every few months, we buy or receive a pot, either when visiting a farm, during an activity in the great outdoors, or when visiting a nursery. Although I try to understand the main instructions, I always miss something. My plants are getting murdered like stupid teenagers in supporting roles in Slashers. Last week I even discovered that one of the flower pots jumped from the window sill onto the neighbor’s car, apparently because of the wind that day. I am almost certain that he feared the fate that awaited him and wanted to end his life once and for all and not die in agony.

On the face of it, I’m not the person to buy the following products in our review: Chia Pets inspired by characters and icons from the world of horror. Unless a miracle happens here, and it turns out that these plants – like horror villains at the movies – will overcome any attempt to kill them and even survive my sloppy breeding.

What Are Chia Pets?

Chia Pets are novelty items that feature a ceramic figurine or container designed to support the growth of sprouting chia seeds. The concept was first introduced in the 1970s and gained popularity as a fun and interactive way to grow plants indoors.

To use a Chia Pet, you typically soak the chia seeds in water until they form a gel-like substance. Then, you spread the seeds onto the surface of the Chia Pet and water it regularly. As the seeds receive moisture, they sprout and grow into a green, grass-like cover on the surface of the Chia Pet, giving it a unique and “hairy” appearance.

Horror Chia Pets - Horror World

Chia Pets come in various shapes and designs, ranging from animals and cartoon characters to holiday-themed figures: from Hello Kitty Chia Pets to Barak Obama Chia Pets. They have become popular gift items and collectibles over the years. While the primary purpose of Chia Pets is decorative, they can also serve as a fun gardening project, particularly for children or anyone interested in growing plants indoors with minimal effort. Chia seeds are well-known for their health benefits. However, not all Chia Pets contain seeds that can be consumed as food, so pay attention.

So that you know, some Chia Pets offer you flexibility. Once the initial growth is complete, you can replant the Chia Pet with fresh chia seeds or even experiment with different grains like basil or alfalfa. This versatility ensures that the fun and enjoyment of owning a horror Chia Pet can continue indefinitely.

Horror Chia Pets: Growing Gore On Your House

While Chia Pets are typically known for their playful and lighthearted designs, there have been instances where horror-themed Chia Pets have been created for those who enjoy a darker aesthetic. These horror-inspired Chia Pets often feature characters or creatures from horror movies, TV shows, or other spooky themes.

For example, you might come across Chia Pets based on iconic horror figures such as Freddy Krueger from “A Nightmare on Elm Street,” Chucky from “Child’s Play,” or even famous monsters like Frankenstein’s monster or Dracula. These horror-themed Chia Pets maintain the same concept as traditional Chia Pets, where the sprouting chia seeds create the characteristic “hair” on the figurine.

These horror Chia Pets offer a unique twist on the traditional Chia Pet concept, appealing to fans of the horror genre or individuals who enjoy collecting unconventional and macabre items. They can be a fun and quirky way to combine gardening with love for horror movies or spooky aesthetics.

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Horror Chia Pets Examples

Chucky Chia Pets

As I learned over the years, growing plants are not a Child’s Game. But with this product, it may be. Chucky Chia Pet lets you produce the Chia seeds on the head of our favorite scary doll (well, one of the favorites) instead of the typical red hair. One of the most incredible things here is that the figure contains two head sides: The first is more of “A Good Guy” face, while on the opposite side, you’ll see much scary Chucky with all the scars.

Like most items in this review, Chucky Chia Pet contains a pottery planter, a Plastic drip tray, and Chia seeds packets, suitable for three plantings. You can expect Chucky to grow to its full size in just 2-1 weeks and replace it with other types of seeds.

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Chia Pets Pennywise

Pennywise Chia Pet, based on our favorite scary clown from the “IT” franchise, is a delightful and hair-raising addition to Chia Pets. This unique Chia pet offers a perfect balance of amusement and creepiness, making it an ideal gift for any occasion, regardless of age. There are two main versions including the clown’s figure, based on the design from the last movies: One of them is solid (as much a Pennywise Chia Pet can be), and the other is “screaming”, showing his famous teeth.

The Pennywise Chia Pet provides an easy and entertaining gardening experience. With the included chia seed packets, pottery planter, and plastic drip tray, everything you need for three plantings is conveniently contained in one package. Following the simple 6-step care instructions, you’ll witness the transformation of your Pennywise Chia Pet in just 1-2 weeks as it develops a lush and green coat resembling the hair of the iconic horror character. It won’t float, but you can expect a lovely green grow.

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Ghostface Chia Pets

Ghostface Chia Pet - Entertainment Earth

One of the newest horror chia pets collection additions is Ghostface Chia Pet, expected in the following months. This handmade planter allows you to bring the iconic Ghostface character from the movies to life in a fun and creative way.

With the included instructions, you can quickly grow a full coat of chia sprouts on your Ghostface Chia Pet in just 1-2 weeks. Follow the steps provided, and watch as your planter transforms into a vibrant, green display of chia growth. The process is both entertaining and rewarding, allowing you to witness the progression of your Ghostface Chia Pet from a plain planter to a lush and unique piece of decor.

Whether you’re a devoted fan of the Scream franchise or enjoy the thrill of horror-themed decor, the Ghostface Chia Pet is a fantastic choice. It provides a unique and engaging way to express your love for the movies while adding a touch of greenery to your space. Get ready to unleash the frightful fun of the Ghostface Chia Pet as it grows and becomes a centerpiece of conversation and admiration.

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Wednesday Addams Chia Pet

Wednesday Addams Chia Pet - Entertainment Earth

Wednesday Addams is a super hit today, thanks to the popular Netflix show starring Jenna Ortega. For this reason, and based on the uniqueness and bizarre of the character, you wouldn’t be surprised to hear about these two items of Wednesday Chia Pet.

The difference between these items and most items in this category is that you don’t grow the figure hair, but two different designs: in the first one, you’ll see Wednesday holding a box where the seeds grow. The second design includes a big hand touching a basis of green. It may not have an iconic dance, but otherwish is a great items for your house or office.

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Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Skellington Chia Pet

We love “The Nightmare Before Christmas” and its heroine Jack Skellington. We know a lot of products based on this franchise, as you can tell from our article of design items based on this iconic film. Jack Skellington Chia Pet is a decorative planter that lets you grow your hero with a green “Twist” on his head.

This handmade decorative planter inspired by the beloved character lets you witness the magic as your Jack Skellington Chia Pet comes to life Like most Chia Pets in a matter of days and reaches its full growth potential within 1-2 weeks, following the simple instructions provided.
What sets the Jack Skellington Chia Pet apart is its remarkable reusability. Once you’ve experienced the enchantment of the initial planting, the fun doesn’t have to end. Each Jack Skellington Chia Pet comes with a packet of Chia seeds that can be used for three plantings, ensuring you can enjoy the captivating growth process multiple times.

Moreover, if you’re feeling adventurous, you can experiment with other similar seeds like basil or alfalfa, expanding the possibilities of your Chia Pet garden.

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Michael Myers Chia Pet

Michael Myers is one of the best horror icons, so it’s not surprising you’ll find dozens of items with its design or arount tha franchise’s world: Think, for example, about Michael Myers Funko Pops we wrote about, a board game based on the first movie and more. If your ever imagined what the silent killer will look like with a green Chia head, this items must fit you well.

This awesomg Michael Myers Chia Pet, with the famous mask and a blood coming from his eyes, resembles his look from “Halloween 2”. This is a great addition to any horror fan.

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Chia Pets Jurassic World

One may ask if you can consider the Jurassic World franchise a horror since it focuses mainly on the action. However, since Dinosaurs can be super scary – We chose to include them in our review with this great Chia Pets Jurassic World.

Chia Pets Jurassic World comes in the form of a Dinosaur – Some T-REX, if we can tell – when the seeds are growing on its back. This product contains a seed packet that can suit three plantings, and you can expect the Dino to achieve its full size in about 2-1 weeks.

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Chia Pets Zombies

The good news is that Zombie Chia Pets – One of the most desirable Horror Chia Pets out there – may not look for human flesh or “BBBBrrrraaaiiinnn” but for water and a safe location. You can find different kinds of Chia Pets Zombies, and as an immortal figure, they maybe even survive my growing habits.

We found three awesome designs of Zombies Chia pets: The first one is in the shape of a hand coming out of the ground, just like you see in dozens of zombie movies (and the ending of “Carrie,” but that’s something else). Another excellent Zombie Chia Pet is a zombie dragging on the grass, or at least the Chia surface you grow. The first main design is a zombie’s head.

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