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Cheers To Cheels With This Geeki Tikis Horror Collection

It happens in a lot of cities I visit. I hear about a bar ot restaraunt that feature a super cool attraction: Beautiful and somehow weird mugs, in a form of something… else. Even if many people don’t really understand terms like “Tikis,” such places can be a huge hit, especially when they offer some ezotic cocktails and drink in these mugs, creating a unique atmosphere. In recent yers, such mugs have made their way into our homes and has an impressive representation in the horror area.

If you are a fan of horror movies and tiki culture, you might be interested in horror Geeki Tikis Mugs. These drinkware products combine horror films’ iconic characters and themes with American tiki culture’s stylized design and aesthetic. In this article, we will introduce you to Geeki Tikis, explain why they appeal to horror enthusiasts, and show you some examples of horror Geeki Tikis that you can buy or collect.

Horror Geeki Tikis

What Are Geeki Tikis Mugs?

Geeki Tikis are a line of drinkware products created by Beeline Creative, Inc. that mix pop culture’s most beloved characters with the unique stylization seen in American tiki culture. Tiki culture is a phenomenon that emerged in the 1930s and 1940s in the United States, inspired by Polynesian, Micronesian, Hawaiian, Caribbean Island, and Melanesian art, music, and mythology. Another clear inspiration is Oceanian art, creative works made by people in these areas years ago.

And what about the “Geeki” stuff? Well, it refers to the “Geek Culture,” or as you can call it: “Geekdom”. The term describes people interested in entertainment and intellectual subjects that may see as “nerdy,” like Science Fiction and Fantasy, comics, graphics novels, Anime, Manga, gaming, technology, and such. That’s why Geeki Tikis horror mugs may refer to characters from such a world strictly, as you will see soon.

If you think that Geeki Tikis horror items are meant for people that society may consider “geeks,” think again. The Tikis culture is part of the leisure scene today all over the world,  all ages. Tiki bars, restaurants, and lounges became popular places to enjoy exotic cocktails and food in a tropical-themed atmosphere, most of the times using Tiki mugs – ceramic vessels that serve these drinks, often shaped like tiki gods, animals, or human figures.

Horror Geeki Tikis

Who Should Buy Geeki Tiki Horror Mugs? 

Geeki Tikis are made of high-quality ceramic material and feature vibrant colors and detailed carvings that capture the essence of each character. Depending on the design, they come in different sizes and shapes, ranging from 10 oz to 40 oz. Geeki Tikis are functional drinkware products and collectible items you can display as part of your home decor or fandom collection.

These collectible tiki mugs have become popular among fans of both tiki culture and geek culture, as they offer a fun and creative way to combine the two interests. Collectors often seek out and display these mugs as part of their pop culture memorabilia collections, and they can also be used for enjoying tropical or themed cocktails.

Horror geeki tikis are a subcategory of geeki tikis that feature some of the most brutal killers and monsters in the history of horror films. Horror fans should buy or collect horror Geeki Tikis for several reasons:

  • Horror geeki tikis are a fun and creative way to express your love for horror movies and characters. They add a touch of humor and whimsy to horror films’ otherwise dark and scary themes. They also show your personality and taste as a horror enthusiast.
  • Horror geeki tikis are perfect for hosting or attending Halloween parties or horror-themed events. You can use them to serve your guests or yourself delicious cocktails or mocktails that match the mood of the occasion. You can use them as conversation starters or icebreakers with other horror fans.
  • Horror geeki tikis are valuable and rare collectibles that can enhance your fandom collection. They are officially licensed products made with high-quality materials and craftsmanship. They are also limited edition items that are not widely available. You can display them on your shelves, cabinets, or tables as part of your horror memorabilia.
  • You can use it for Halloween parties, horror-themed events, or everyday enjoyment.

Geeki Tikis Horror Collection - Horror World

Building The Best Geeki Tikis Horror Collection 

Choosing a horror-themed Geeki Tikis can be a fun and personalized process. Here are some steps to help you choose the perfect one:

  1. Determine Your Favorite Horror Icon or Theme: First, consider what aspect of horror interests you the most. Is it classic monsters like vampires, werewolves, or zombies? Or are you more into horror movies, such as slasher films or supernatural thrillers? Identifying your preferred theme or character will help narrow down your options.
  2. Research Tiki Mug Options: Start by searching online for horror-themed tiki mugs. Big websites and Geeki Tiki mug stores may have a wide selection. You can also check if there are any limited edition or collectible horror Geeki Tikis mugs available.
  3. Consider the Design: Look at the design and details of mug. Does it capture the essence of your favorite horror icon or theme? Some Tiki mugs may have intricate artwork or unique features that make them stand out. Choose one that appeals to your personal taste.
    Horror Geeki Tikis
  4. Check Material and Quality: Pay attention to the material of theGeeki Tikis mug. Many are made of ceramic or stoneware. Ensure that the quality is good and that it is suitable for both display and use. Som mugs are purely decorative, while others are functional for serving drinks.
  5. Size Matters: Consider the size of the mug. Some are larger than others, which can affect how much liquid they can hold. Make sure it’s a size that suits your preferences, whether you plan to use it for beverages or as a collectible.
  6. Price Range: Set a budget for your Horror Geeki Tikis purchase. The different products can vary widely in price, with limited editions or artist-designed mugs being more expensive. Determine how much you’re willing to spend and stick to your budget.
  7. Read Reviews: If possible, read reviews from other buyers to gauge the quality and satisfaction of the mug you’re interested in. Reviews can provide valuable insights into the product’s durability and overall appeal.
  8. Consider the Brand or Artist: Some Tiki mugs are designed by well-known artists or produced by reputable tiki mug brands. If you have a favorite artist or brand in the tiki community, look for their horror-themed creations.
  9. Think About Display: Consider where and how you plan to display your horror Tiky mugs . Some collectors like to showcase their tiki mugs on shelves, while others may use them as part of their home bar decor.
  10. Personal Connection: Finally, choose a Tiki mug that resonates with you personally. It should be something that brings you joy and reflects your passion for horror.

What Geeki Tikis Are There?

Geeki Tikis applies this concept to various pop culture franchises, such as:

  • Disney Geeki Tikis, in the likes of Mickey Mouse and Minney Mouse, The Lion King characters, etc.
  • Star Wars Geeki Tikis
  • DC Universe, like Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Harley Queen, Aquaman, and more
  • Marvel Universe, with all the big names: The Hulk, Captain America, Captain Marvel, Ant-man, The Black Panther and others
  • Game Of Thrones Geeki Tikis mugs

Star Wars Geeki Tikis, cups of Marvel and DC characters, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, and many more- including famous horror icons. some of them we will review right now.

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Ghostface Geeki Tikis

Do you like scary movies? How about frightening Geeki Tiki mugs? If you are a Scream franchise and tiki culture fan, you will love this Ghostface Geeki Tikis Mug. This 19 oz ceramic mug features the iconic mask of the mysterious killer from the horror film series, with a stylized design and a glossy black finish. The cup has a round shape and curved handle, making it easy to hold and drink. It is an officially licensed product.

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The Nightmare Before Christmas Geeki Tikis

Jack Skelington Geeki Tikis

The Nightmare Before Christmas 30th Anniversary Jack Skellington 22 oz. Geeki Tikis Mug - Entertainment Earth Exclusive
One of the all-time favorite animated horror movies is celebrating 30, and it’s a great reason to drink a toast with this exclusive Jack Skellington Geeki Tikis Mug, a limited edition of only 600 pieces. This 22 oz ceramic mug, Entertainment Earth Exclusive,  features the Pumpkin King of Halloween Town with a stylized design and a shiny silver finish. The cup has a tall, slender shape and a straight handle, making it easy to hold and drink. Whether you want to enjoy a hot chocolate, a pumpkin spice latte, or any other beverage, this mug will add spookiness and sparkle to your drinking experience.

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Sally Geeki Tikis

If you want to make a perfect couple on your table, you can also buy a smaller Sally 12 oz—Geeki Tikis horror mug, which takes the lovable rag doll and changes it entirely. The cup has a fabulous light blue gaze, creating a tropical look, with an orange interior representing pumpkins. 

The Nightmare Before Christmas Sally 12 oz. Geeki Tikis MugBuy on Entertainment Earth

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Evil Dead Ash Geeki Tikis Mug

Ash, one of the most lovable horror protagonists, will help you bring the charm of the “Evil Dead” franchise and “Ash vs. Evil Dead.” This 18 oz ceramic mug features the heroic character of Ash Williams, holding a chainsaw. It has a cylindrical shape and a straight handle, making it easy to maintain and drink. The mug also has a scenic design with 360-degree storytelling. 

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Freddy Krueger Geeki Tikis Mug

Nightmare on Elm Street Freddy Krueger 21 oz. Geeki Tikis Mug
One, two, Freddy comes for… A drink? Anyway, you can have a drink from your dreams with this Nightmare On Elm Street Freddy Krueger Geeki Tikis Mug, holding 21 oz. You can see Freddy with his distinctive look, for example, the fedora and the knives on his fingers, with a Geeki-Tikis twist. It could be more realistic, but who’s looking for realism with this horror icon anyway?

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Annabelle Geeki Tikis

Annabelle 16 oz. Geeki Tikis Mug - Entertainment Earth
If you are brave enough to face the evil doll from the Conjuring universe, you might want to check out this Annabelle Geeki Tikis® Mug. This 16 oz ceramic mug features the cursed toy that terrorized many people, with a stylized design and a glossy red finish. This item has a round shape and a curved handle that makes it easy to hold and drink from, but remember that its capacity is a bit low. This mug is also a collectible item you can display as part of your Annabelle memorabilia or geeki tikis collection. Hand wash only.

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The Nun Geeki Tikig Mug

The Nun 16 oz. Geeki Tikis Mug - Entertainment Earth
Let’s proceed with one of the recent horror characters – The Nun, or Valak- from the cinematic universe of The Conjuring and “The Nun 2”. This mug is 16 oz, relatively small, and its dimensions are 7 inches tall and 3.5 inches wide. It has full color, including red inside. It may lack the scary appearance of the nun, but it looks like a pretty cool one.

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Pennywise Geeki Tikis Mug

It Pennywise 25 Oz. Geeki Tikis Mug - Entertainment Earth
Have you read our article about Pennywise mugs? If so, you might have met this cool Pennywise Geeki Tikis mug featuring the world’s most famous horror clown—this 25 oz. The mug is relatively big, standing 9 1/2 inches tall so that you can enjoy a longer drink. In this case, multiple colors would fit perfectly with the character, but this red and white mug is impressive anyway with its minimalism.

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Michael Myers Geeki Tikis Mug

We wrote a lot about Michael Myers products, and even the “Halloween” mythology in general (for example, the famous Halloween theme). You won’t be surprised to see the iconic serial killer on this list of Geeki Tikis horror mugs. Michael’s figure in this 23-ounce mug is based on his appearance in the sixth installment in the franchise, “Halloween: The Curse Of Michel Myers” from 1995. If you have seen the movie, it may be clearer why Michael Myers Geeki Tikis mug is based on blue and white colors – These are the primary color schemes in the film (watch the poster for an example). The cup has a little red on it cause we must consider the blood when it comes to Michael.

Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers Geeki Tiki Mug

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The Exorcist Regan Geeki Tikis

The Exorcist Regan 16 oz. Ceramic Geeki Tikis Mug
The Exorcist Geeki Tikis is a ceramic mug that features the likeness of Regan, the possessed girl from one of the best horror movies ever. The mug has a capacity of 16 ounces and is approximately 6 1/2 inches tall – Meaning it can be great for smaller cocktails or smaller houses with little room for storage. The colors are white and green, maybe to resemble that green vomit scene.

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Jeepers Creepers The Creeper Geeki Tikis

Jeepers Creepers The Creeper 15 oz. Geeki Tikis Mug
Jeepers Creepers The Creeper Geeki Tikis

This new Jeepers Creepers Geeki Tikis mug is much better than the last two movies in the franchise, featuring The Creeper.

This mug (15 oz.) is designed in the traditional Tiki culture and features The Creeper in a “greenish-brown glaze with a contrasting blood red interior. The creature is wearing a tattered trench coat, gripping his battle axe, and donning a hat from one of its prior victims.

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Corpse Bride Geeki Tikis Mugs

The Corpse Bride Emily Geeki Tikis Mug

Tim Burton’s “Corpse Bride” is another terrific animated horror film; luckily, it has its mug. Emily Geeki Tikis mug. An officially licensed item holding 18 oz. will give you the chance to drink for our bride, who finally got her happy moment. With the blue and white colors and the impressive detail, it may be a perfect addition to your kitchen collection.

Emily Corpse Bride Geeki Tikis Mug
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Victor Corpse Bride Geeki Tikis Mug

It takes two to tango, or in this case, a wedding dance. This “Corpse Bride” Victor with scraps is the perfect match, so you can buy it as a romantic gift for your partner or other couples, hoping their love will last (almost) forever.

Victor with Scraps Corpse Bride Geeki Tiki Mug
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Here are some more cool Geeki Tikis mugs available online:

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