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Scary To The Ground: Horror Doormats That Stand For It

A Doormat is a useful item on any scale. It is designed to absorb the dirt that comes out of the shoes of people entering the house so that its floor will get much less dirty, and it can absorb water and moisture so that it does not enter the house. This is why, for example, we would like to choose a carpet made of high-quality materials, which was easy to clean and, on the other hand, also had dimensions that were not too large. But an entrance rug has an aesthetic role, and it is even more important. It can adorn the entrance of the house, or even tell those outside the door something about you or the atmosphere in the house. If you like horror movies or the world of horror as a whole, the right choice for you might be designed horror doormats, with characters and images from familiar movies, scary objects, and a host of surprises.

Here Are Some Well Designed Horror Doormats

Friends Doormat, Horror Edition

We all know the iconic series “Friends”, one of the favorites shows ever broadcasted. There is a wide range of products that take the company’s famous logo and replace the beloved characters – Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Chandler, Ross, and Joey – with “friends” from horror movies. We saw this for example in our review of Horror Friends shirt, and we also see it in the case of patterned entrance rugs.

The following friends doormat, from AnyDesign, will create the perfect atmosphere for your home. It comes with a black background, which means you will less notice dirt accumulating on it. This doormat includes seven of the most prominent characters in horror movies: in the center, you will find Pennywise, the terrifying clown from “It”, holding the traditional red balloon. To his left are Freddy Krueger, Billy (the  puppet from the “Saw” movies), and Ghostface from the “Scream” movie series. On the right side is the Chucky doll holding the knife, Michael Myers from “Halloween” and Jason Voorhees from the “Friday the 13th” movie series. Underneath the characters, of course, the familiar “Friends” logo.

The rug size is 17×29 inches (about 43-74 cm), its shape is rectangular and it is thick enough not to get stuck under the door. The main material is felt (a non-woven fabric made of fibers pressed together). On the back, you will find anti-slip rubber that will also make cleaning the carpet a bit easier. You can use it not only at the entrance to the house but in different places inside the house/office and outside.

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Note: If you want a similar version of this rug, in a slightly more delicate and less colorful version, try the next product.

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Catalog Horror Movie Doormat

Do you have dozens of horror movies on your shelf? Have you seen hundreds of movies? If you are looking for designed entrance rugs that express your love for the genre, the following model could be a great choice. This catalog horror movie door mat shows the covers of horror  movies, mainly old or classic movies. Among other things, you will see here the posters of “Night of the Living Dead”, “A Nightmare on Elm Street”, “The Thing”, “An American Werewolf in London”, “Dawn of the Dead”, “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre”, and many other good ones.

On a technical level, horror movie doormat is made of 100% high-quality polyester fibers, and flannel fabric. At the bottom, you’ll find a frame of non-woven fabric. This is a slightly larger doormat than the previous model (20×32 inches, or approximately 49-80 cm) but thin by any measure (about 1.2 cm). The dimensions reduce the risk of tripping over it and make it easier to clean – (even with a washing machine). The maintenance is relatively easy, mainly because the materials chosen are known for their ability to absorb water on them. The carpet includes PVC to prevent slipping and unwanted movement from the place.

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Pennywise Doormat

pennywise doormat

One of the most recognizable images of the “It” film series, based on Stephen King’s books, is that of the murderous clown Pennywise peeking under the manhole, trying to lure young victims. The MUBYS company took this image and turned it into a cool rectangular rug. It’s a great horror welcome mat, altough it may make visitors think twice about whether they should enter the house (sometimes it’s a good idea).

These scary doormats, which measures 17-29 inches (about 43-75 cm), is made of high-quality polyester – a fact that, as mentioned, helps Pennywise Doormat absorb dirt and moisture and keep them outside the house. In tis it Pennywise Doormate you’ll find high-quality recycled rubber on the back of the carpet, soft but strong, which will prevent slipping and keep the carpet stable when stepped on. Its reinforced locking edges are designed to prevent it from getting stuck under the door while opening or closing.

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The Perfect Doormat Halloween Party

When we talk about a red carpet, most people think of the magnificent carpets that stand at prestigious award ceremonies, including the Oscars. Since horror films rarely get the respect they deserve in such events, a red carpet according to our version is – of course – one that includes images of blood on it. For example, one of the well-worn images in horror movies is of bloody feet.

Looking for scary halloween doormats? The next item is very suitable as a decoration for a horror party (such as a Halloween party) or just to do something interesting at the house’s entrance. It’s a runner – that is, a long and narrow rug – designed as red feet and bloodstains on a white background, with the prints appearing on both sides of the runner. This carpet is not usually suitable to be in the house entrance, since its dimensions are about 3.3-7 meters, but you can find many other uses for it including doormat halloween party as we mentioned. The product comes with double adhesive tape.

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Jaws Doormat

Jaws Doormat

“Jaws” is considered one of the most iconic films in cinema history, as it laid the foundations for countless other films showing a survival journey against a monstrous animal found in the water (or many other places). The next doormat, on of the finest examples of Jaws decor, is a hymn to the beloved movie, although you won’t find a shark on it. What does appear here on the carpet is the familiar “JAWS” logo, in bright red on a black background. On the left side, in small size, is the famous film cover. Jaws rug also offer a small surprise, in the form of a round “bite” on the right side of the doormat. After all, we are talking about sharks here.

This scary doormat, a fully licensed item from the film, is made of 60% coconut fiber – a classic and durable material for making carpets. In its back, like most other models, rubber prevents slipping or unwanted movement of the doormat. The shape of Jaws doormat is rectangular, and the dimensions are 17×29 inches (about 43-74 cm).

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A Bleeding “HELP” Doormat

The next doormat could, at worst, cause your neighbors to call the police. In the more likely scenario, it gives you the horror atmosphere you  crave at home. The carpet corresponds with another familiar image from horror movies: The word “HELP” with bloody hands that seem to knock on the glass. You can almost imagine a made-up scene that ends with this jump scare.

This horror welcome mat stands out in its bold red hues, with high-quality print. It is made of a soft velvet surface, with anti-slip rubber on  the back, and the marketers say it’s resistant to wear over time. The carpet is slightly larger than most of the models we reviewed here (40×60 cm), and it can fit not only outside the house but also in its interior parts. And by the way, it doesn’t have to be just a designed entrance carpet either: perhaps place it near your bathroom, which allows you to correspond with one of the most famous and quoted horror scenes.

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And What About Some Art?

Starry Night Horror Doormat

Starry Night”, the oil painting by Vincent Van Gogh, is one of the most important works of art ever made. So why not have a horror version of it as well? The next carpet, suitable in many places outside and inside the house, offers that. This rug, with its bright colors and creative image, features four of the most beloved horror characters – Michael Myers, Freddy Krueger, “Leatherface” and Hannibal Lecter – against the background of that famous Van Gogh painting, with a texture that makes them blend in impressively.

The main material here is a polyester fabric with a rubber anti-slip base. This creepy doormat is washable and can be machine-washed or hand-washed. It comes in one of two sizes: 60x40cm or 23.5x16cm, although at the time of our review only the smaller rug was in stock.

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