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Michael Myers Funko Pop Is a Killer Collectible

Say what you say about the last films in the “Halloween” franchise, there is no doubt that (almost) every appearance of Michael Myers on the screen is blessed. The silent serial killer with the white mask and the large kitchen knife, who manages to cover a kilometer in ten seconds of measured walking and survive injuries that would have killed many cats, is one of the greatest icons of the last decades. One of the aspects is a variety of products suitable for horror fans, collectors, and those who want to bring a little horror into their homes or office.

Funko Pop figures are a huge hit with collectors, with some very hot models on pure horror. The fact that there are several versions of Michael Myers’ Funko Pop figures should not surprise you, nor the fact that they have high demand.

Michael Myers’ Funko Pop: The Main Options

If you have not been part of the collectibles world for the past few decades, or at least missed our review of Funko pop figures from the world of horror, here is a quick reminder. Funko Pops are relatively small vinyl figures with a few main features. They have relatively small bodies, heads of disproportionate size, and an expression that, on the one hand, is not realistic but, on the other hand, manages to capture, in most cases, the character and uniqueness of the figure.

Michael Myers Funko Pop - Halloween

In the case of Michael Myers, Funko has produced some impressive models over the years. Michael, in his vinyl version, comes in several possible sizes. In addition, you can find some very cool versions of this type of product, some of their limited edition, for example, figures stained with blood (it goes without saying that Michael Myers, who left behind hundreds of corpses, also has such a version), one that glows in the dark or One that comes with some accompanying accessories, such as the famous house of Michael Myers.

Standing Michal Myers Funko Pops

We start the review with a standing vinyl figure of Michael Myers, with relatively small dimensions: its height is ¾3 inches, that is, a little less than 10 cm – which means that you will not have a hard time finding a place for it on the table, on the display shelf or Everywhere else. The figure successfully conveys the icon’s main characteristics with the rotating head.

You can find a similar figure in slightly different dimensions (4.25 inches, a little less than 11 cm) and in a different position of holding the knife – Because that’s what our Michael does.

Michael Myers Funko Pop (8)

10 Inch Michal Myers Funko Pop

Continuing with a slightly larger model, but probably many times more impressive: Michael Myers Funko Pop 10 inch, also known as “Jumbo Michael Myers Funko Pop.” It is very similar to the previous models we mentioned here in clothing and design (well, his wig is a little lighter), but the main difference is the size, which in this can matters.

Funko POP! Movies: Halloween - Michael Myers (New Pose)

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Michael Myers Glow In The Dark Pop

If you want your Michael with a twist, you’ll be happy to hear that there are some noteworthy models, some of which are limited editions. The original movie poster of “Halloween,” with the hand holding the knife and the inscription “The Night He Came In, “is one of the most famous in the horror world (and by the way, did you notice that Michael’s character appears inside the hand?).

Funko recognized the potential and came out with a Funko doll that includes Michael – about 10 cm in size – and behind him, the iconic poster. One of the best things about this model, if not the coolest of all, is that the model belongs to the “Glow in the Dark” series. At first glance, Michael Myers Glow In The Dark Pop looks similar to the other models, except for the movie poster background. If you turn off your light, the magic will happen. This figure features a special coating, which will cause him to be careful every time you turn off the light.

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Want another glamorous version of Michael? No problem! This Michael Myers Glow In The Dark Pop a relatively limited edition in shades of yellow, orange, and purple (and a little pink because it still needs to represent the blood), which glows with a bright neon light in the dark. The figure, also made of vinyl, stands approximately 4 inches tall. It includes a rotating head, an impressive size that befits Funko Pop models, and can stand independently.

Halloween Michael Myers Black Light Pop! Vinyl Figure - Entertainment Earth Exclusive

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“It’s Not My Blood,” Michael’s version

Michael Myers is one of the horror icons with the most murders (in fact, on the list we found online he is second only to Pinhead from Hellraiser, mainly because of a particularly crazy scene in the third movie where Pinhead kills 264 people in a nightclub). With such a history, it’s only natural to hope you can find a Michael Myers Funko Pop that corresponds with that bloody past, right?

The bloody version of Michael is a killer thanks to the blood stains that decorate his clothes, body, and, of course, the knife. The figure, on most models with a height of about 9 cm, is made of plastic and rubber.

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You can also find a similar but more “gentle” vinyl version – if you can call it that – in which the spots are emblazoned exclusively on the knife while Michael manages to keep himself clean. He was always very precise.

Michael Myers Funko Pop With House

Michael Myers’ home has become one of the most famous horror movies, and you can also find this unique “piece of real estate” in its own Funko figure. Michael Myers Funko Pop With house includes, as you can already tell by it’s name, two parts. The first is a figure of our favorite killer, who comes here with a bloody knife and the same familiar blue outfit.

The second, more unique piece is a scaled-down version of Michael’s house, about 5″ tall. Michael Myers Funko Pop with house can be an excellent solution for those who want to bring some life (or death) into their home and, above all – are not satisfied with the characters themselves, perhaps out of a desire to recreate movie scenes.

We are still determining if this is the perfect imagination game for children because we are talking here about a horror movie from the slasher category. Still, this is a beautiful purchase for those who enjoy playing with their characters or combining different products.

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What’s The Cost Of Michael Myers Funko Pop? And Where Can You Buy It?

We do not pretend here to tell you exactly how much you will pay for the various Michael Myers characters and in general. As you have seen from the relatively short review we brought here, there are different versions, each with a different price tag. Usually, the more extensive and impressive the product, and especially the more it is a reduced version, a limited edition, or one no longer sold today, the price is expected to go up.

Michael Myers Funko Pop

Of course, there is also a difference between the various companies and websites that market the products when your challenge in this regard is to buy the products on recognized websites, which will be able to assure you that it is an original item with an official license and not a fake or an imitation. We are not talking here about the super unique service of designing your own Funko Pop we found online.

The encouraging news is that, like other Funko Pop models, you won’t have to pay exorbitant amounts to find the Michael Myers Funko Pop you are looking for. One of the main advantages of the figures is the affordable price tag, which explains why many horror fans (and in general) collect dozens of such figures, if not hundreds. In a very rough estimate, the price of one figure is several tens of dollars. When buying products in different countries, it is important to consider the shipping costs, as you will surely be happy to hear that some websites offer minimal or no-cost shipping when you exceed a certain purchase amount.

You can buy the products on the following websites: (Note: We may make a commission for purchases made through these links)

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