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Scream Board Game Is The Game You Wanna Play

It happened one night. My friends and I were sitting at my home, talking about horror movies. We saw the last film in the “Scream” Franchise, trying to guess who the killer is. Suddenly, my phone rang, and I was pretty surprised. As a married guy, it is rare that I get a call at night, let alone from an unknown number. On the other end of the line was a distorted voice. “Hey, wanna play a game?” he asked. I looked at my friends apprehensively, convinced that this was a prank by one of them, or worse: the serial killer’s Kofi Kat, who knows we’ve seen the movie and will kill us one by one. “No! Hang up, you piece of Sh%t”!” I yelled in panic, surveying my friends and trying to figure out which of them was Ghostface’s partner. In a spur-of-the-moment decision, I decided to throw one of them, a genre-conscious horror movie freak, the What’s Left of the Popcorn (“It’s you! I Know it”). My friends looked at me questioningly, thinking I was crazy. “Everything is okay, brother?” they asked. “Why don’t you bring here the Scream Board Game we said we’d play after the movie?”.

The truth is that this story didn’t exactly happen that way. But still, it may describe the scenario they thought of when they decided at the Funko company to produce a board game based on the beloved slasher series. In this way, it joins a not-too-wide but sufficient range of board games based on horror films, such as a Michael Myers board game we wrote about not long ago. 

So, do you want to play this game? You are welcome to read and decide for yourself.

Scream Board Game box - The cover of Scream Game Funko

What’s Included In Scream Board Game?

The Scream Box game is for 3-8 players, and according to the official recommendations, it is for 13 years and older (we are talking about a serial killer here, after all). It’s a fast-paced game, even more so than the average slasher. A game should last up to 20 minutes here. To succeed here, you must cooperate and play as fast as possible. Because, like in a Scream movie, every phone call could end in the “death” of one of the players, as we will see immediately.

Scream Game contains the following accessories:

😱 A Ghostface character

😱 A small game board, which you use mainly to know where the character of Ghostface is

😱 A knife marker with a base you place on the board

😱 20 “Scream” cards

😱 24 location cards (in a game with a limited number of participants, you don’t use some of them)

😱 Application to download (see below)

How To Play The Scream Board Game?

The challenge of Scream Board Game Funko, according to player reports and user reviews, is really not easy: To stay alive (at least on the game board). You do it by completing all the “scenes”. These are locations from different Scream movies: Stu’s house, the hospital, the high school, and the pool hall that only appeared in “Scream 5”. 

You can win Ghostface with the help of props, which you must collect to complete each scene according to its objects. On the cards appears one of five objects (keys, cell phone, DVD of the movie Stab, popcorn, and blood), and in some of them, also the unpleasant character of Ghostface.

Scream Game Funko includes a cool knife accessory, and the player holding it is the one who starts.  In turn, the player can choose to do one of three actions:

  • Take a card 
  • Exchange a card with another player, who must accept your request
  • Complete the scene with all the required objects. In this case, you set it aside and take a new scene card

Only if you complete the scenes, with all players remaining alive, can you defeat Ghostface together, as a team. Because even a scream movie can have a happy ending.

The Phone Call You Don’t Want To Get

One of the exciting things here is that you play the Scream Board Game with a dedicated app, which is available for free download for iPhone and Android devices. 

After entering the players’ names and pictures, if you wish (estimation: a large part of the players will choose the names of characters from Scream movies), place the device next to the game board. Now and then, randomly, the device will ring, and of course, there will be Ghostface on the line. If you enter the game from somewhere, every call from the application may become a jump scare.

Ghostface calling during Funko Scream Board Game app (illistration)

Every time Ghostface calls, there are three options:

Taunting – in the first option, he will display a number that expresses the cards on which his character is drawn. If the user has the same or higher number of Ghostface cards, he must discard all of his cards.

Threatening: When Gospace threatens, he will present in his threatening way one of the locations on the game board, to which you move his attached figure. If a player has this location card and the card that Ghostface shows, they must discard it. If he doesn’t have it, he removes all his cards.

Stoking – Ghostface indicates a player and several cards of a particular type, which the player must collect – with the help of the other players – until the next phone call from the killer. If the player has the number of cards Ghostface asked for, they get rid of them but stay alive. If not, the player is “murdered,” and the whole team loses. 

In any case, the game is also timed (up to 20 minutes). You lose if you don’t complete the scenes or Ghostface is catching one of you. From the reviews we’ve read, there is a serious challenge here, and staying alive is not apparent.

Here is a video that explains the main rules of the Scream Box game:

Where Can You Buy The Funko Scream Board Game?

You can play the game in different locations, with the small board allowing this even in challenging places. On the other hand, it’s still being determined if you’ll want to Funko Scream game in a public place – because they might call the police and report you (unless you use headphones, but that’s another story). Please note that the number of players here is at least three, so if you built on a romantic couple’s evening where you try to stay alive and have fun – you will have to choose another game.

Scream Board Game release date was 18 July, 2023. Since then, you can order it on the following sites:

Buy on Walmart

Buy on Target

Buy on Amazon


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