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Horror Puzzle Games The Offer Fear In Small Portions

With us, it happens almost every day. I, or my wife, sit with the girl and put together a puzzle. Not surprisingly, we adapt the puzzles to the developmental stage of our childhood. It starts with straightforward puzzles, 2-6 pieces, usually with large pieces that make assembly easier. This is how puzzles with a double-digit number of bits come – we are still at a stage where something like 70 suits the older girl’s age. They already require more extraordinary skills and more massive intervention of the parent – until we finish the puzzle, and according to the family procedure, one of the girls dances on the result.

Every parent knows that at some point, putting together a joint puzzle with the children is one of the most critical actions. To make it short, the puzzles improve visual-spatial perception, improve the children’s ability to pay attention to details, work on their motor skills (especially as the pieces are smaller), improve memory, work on emotional qualities – and the list goes on. But puzzles don’t have to be only for children. Today, there are enough puzzles for adults, both in terms of difficulty and in the fact that they are used to assemble the scariest pictures – These are horror puzzle games. Let’s get to know suitable board games for the adults among you.

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Why Should You Try Horror Puzzles For Adults?

Some of the benefits mentioned earlier are relevant for children and adults. Nevertheless, in recent years, more and more people have discovered that puzzles, those board games that are seemingly kept in the children’s closet, have become excellent activities for leisure time at any age.

The puzzles challenge the brain, practically the right and left sides of it, and this is an essential task at any age. The bigger and more complex the puzzle, the more challenging it is mentally. The person needs to demonstrate creative thinking, problem-solving, and imagination to succeed in the task. Therefore, believe it or not, puzzles can improve brain functions or prevent the “natural” decline in brain performance over the years. 

Even when it comes to qualities that may seem “childish” to us, such as fine motor skills and coordination, there is no age at which it is worthwhile to stop working on them.

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Another significant advantage is that horror puzzle games can be an excellent leisure activity. They pose a difficult challenge; therefore, those who succeed feel satisfied. A complex puzzle can pass several hours with pleasure or even improve the mood. Studies show that challenging activities like putting together horror puzzle game can reduce stress and tension.

Horror puzzles for adults can be put together alone, with your spouse, children, etc. Solving puzzles is an excellent activity for the family, which can even – Believe it or not – disconnect you from the screens for a few hours (!).

Horror Puzzle Games

The Benefits Of Horror Puzzle Games

In horror movies, scary puzzle might have particularly sharp edges, cutting those who try to play them, choking them, and so on (an idea for the new “Final Destination” movie?). In reality, they probably won’t kill you, but it’s still a different kind of puzzle. 

Generally, these are puzzles whose image they present would be terrifying. These can be objects that we see typically as belonging to the horror world, such as cemeteries, ghosts, zombies, or monsters. What’s even more remarkable is that there are puzzles that allow you to put together the familiar characters and villains from horror movies, as you’ll see right away. The results can be realistic or very impressive on an artistic level until you feel like assembling the finished picture and hanging it for decoration on the wall.

Scary puzzles for adults, as a result, are an excellent option for horror fans. They can create a frightening atmosphere because there is nothing like horror games to spend a dark evening at home. The puzzles are suitable for social gatherings, for example, a joint night of watching a horror movie, Friday the 13th, or Halloween.

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The Best Horror Puzzle Games We Found

The range of adult puzzles is quite exciting today, and the selection only grows yearly. Naturally, not every challenging puzzle suitable for adults (and you can find puzzles with 1,000 or even 10,000 pieces) is terrifying or belongs to the world of horror. There are large and complex puzzles of landscape images, various objects, fictional texts that are not necessarily scary, and so on.

We will focus here, of course, on pure scary puzzles.

Pennywise Puzzle

Pennywise Puzzle 1000 Pieces

IT Chapter Two 1000 Piece Pennywise Puzzle -

We start the review with the world’s most famous clown, perhaps the scariest. The next puzzle, an item officially licensed by “It,” will allow you to assemble the character of Pennywise, as we saw him in the sequel “It 2”.

When you finish this Pennywise puzzle, it measures about 49 cm by about 67.5 cm, which means that the pieces here are relatively small. The result, in any case, is impressive by any measure: you can see the image of Pennywise emblazoned on a dark background, with the inscription “Derry” in large letters (the fictional city of Stephen King where the plot takes place in “It” and in other books from the creator of the horror artist), The inscription “Do you have the courage to return” and a paper boat.

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Pennywise Puzzle 300 Pieces

It Vuzzle 300-Piece Puzzle - Entertainment Earth - horror puzzles

Those who want a puzzle that is more reminiscent of the last representation of Pennywise in the cinema can choose the next puzzle that includes “only” 300 pieces. It will allow you to put together the poster of the first movie, the most successful in the horror genre ever.

What’s remarkable here is that the game’s packaging is in the retro style of a VHS tape. This IT puzzle is also tiny compared to the previous ones, measuring only about 11.5 x 8.33 inches (about 21 x 29 cm).

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IT Puzzle Funko Pop! 500 pieces

IT Puzzle Funko Pop! 500 pieces - horror puzzle game

Do you love Pennywise but looking for a friendlier puzzle that might (also) be suitable for the younger ones? The following product could be just for you. This is a 500-piece puzzle from the Funko Pop! series, known, as you know, for the small collectible figures that are considered one of the most sought-after collectibles among horror fans. 

In this puzzle, you will find the characters of the first “It” in their Funko Pop version, including Pennywise and the members of the Losers Club, with all the same familiar accessories from the movie (and also some improvised weapons that the children hold). The puzzle is an officially licensed item, measuring approximately 46 x 61 cm.

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The Nightmare Before Christmas Puzzle Funko Pop!

POP! Disney The Nightmare Before Christmas Puzzle - 500 pieces

The Nightmare Before Christmas is one of this writer’s favorite horror movies, and today – as the hit film celebrates its 30th anniversary – you’ll find countless items featuring beloved characters such as Jack Skellington, Sally, Zero the Dog, Mayor Two-Face, and more, including some toys that got out of control as we all remember. This colorful The Nightmare Before Christmas puzzle, with 500 pieces, will feature the favorite characters in locations from the movie, like the famous spiral hill.

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Those looking for a slightly more realistic nightmare before Christmas puzzle can choose the following product, with 1,000 pieces. Jack Skellington and the dog Zero feature here in most puzzle pieces, with the City of All Saints setting being gothic and quite dark.

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Stranger Things Puzzle Funko Pop!

POP! Stranger Things 500 Piece Puzzle - Horror puzzle games

You don’t need to introduce Netflix’s Stranger Things, one of the favorite horror series of recent years, do you? Funko Pop! Offers a 500-piece version of the series, in which all Hawkins characters come in their lovable cartoon panko version. Unsurprisingly, this puzzle is divided into two parts: the first shows the characters in the “real” world, and the second, the opposite, the darker Upside Down world.

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The Shining Puzzle

The Shining Floor Plan Jigsaw 1000pcs Puzzle - The Shining Puzzle, horror puzzles

After we’ve been in the Funko realms, here’s a puzzle for adults that manages to be more realistic. This complex 1,000-piece puzzle allows you to piece together none other than the plans of the famous hotel from Stanley Kubrick’s The Spark. You won’t find Jack Torrance, his wife Wendy, the boy Danny here, nor the scary characters they encounter at the hotel, like those creepy twins or the old lady peeling from the bathtub (well, the twins do appear on the box).

The Shining puzzle offers the map of the famous Overlook Hotel rooms, in black and white and in small pieces, meaning putting it together will be pretty challenging. There are other elements from the movie here, like a small figure of Jack Torrance with an ax or the famous maze outside the hotel. You can solve it, but we do not guarantee that the effort you will have to demonstrate will not cause you to type a meaningless sentence repeatedly on your keyboard.

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Beetlejuice Puzzle

Beetlejuice- Collage 1000 piece Puzzle - Horror puzzle board games

Beetlejuice from 1988 is a horror classic that should return to us with a highly anticipated sequel. Until that happens, you can try your luck at the 21 x 71 cm stockpile Beetlejuice puzzle, which features Michael Keaton’s black-and-white pajama-clad character as Beetlejuice, the colorful lettering “Beetlejuice” (twice !) and famous locations from the movie, like Dante’s Inferno room or that old famous tomb.

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Chucky Puzzle 500 Pieces

Chucky Puzzle 500 pieces

We are not sure that a puzzle is a board game that will accompany you throughout your life until death. Chucky’s next 500-piece puzzle, however, promises to do just that. Next to the inscription “I am your friend to the end,” you will find a relatively realistic image of the famous horror doll, with the perfect red hair, blue eyes, and a creepy smile. 

From our impression, this scary puzzle offer a pretty friendly representation of Chucky because we didn’t see the scars on the face. Moreover, the focus is mainly on the face – so the character is not holding a knife covered in blood. Note that this finished Chucky puzzle are relatively small, measuring about 35 x 48 cm, so you can expect small pieces and an excellent level of challenge, comparing to other Chucky puzzles.

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Freddy Krueger Puzzle 1000-piece

A Nightmare on Elm Street 1000 Piece Puzzle

We are continuing with another excellent horror icon, which comes in a challenging version of 1,000 pieces of A Nightmare on Elm Street puzzle. Suppose you want a puzzle that will occupy you for long hours or even prevent you from sleeping (because in your sleep, you may encounter in your dreams Freddy Krueger, who will brutally murder you). In that case, you can try the following item, officially licensed by the well-known horror brand. The 71×51 cm puzzle will allow you to assemble Freddy Krueger in one of his favorite horror locations.

The truth is that Freddy is a relatively small part of the frame in this Freddy Krueger puzzle, with his crazy look. In the picture, there are some of Freddy’s murder tools, including the film’s logo on the left and the upper and stitches, which were probably caused by the hand of his knife, on the opposite side.

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The Exorcist Puzzle

The Exorcist 500 Piece Puzzle - part of horror puzzle games review

“The Exorcist” is one of the scariest horror movies of all time, even if its sequel from last year is… well… not exactly impressive. In the next puzzle, you can combine two familiar objects from the movie. At the top of this cool 500-piece puzzle, you will find the haunted girl, Reagan, this time without green vomit but with enough terror in her eyes and some words associated with her. 

At the bottom of theis horror puzzle game is the film’s iconic poster – An excellent choice for those looking for mysteries for adults with a flavor of horror classics.

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House Of Horror Puzzle 1000 Pieces

The next puzzle is heaven – or hell, if you will – for horror fans. It is considered one of Amazon’s most requested horror puzzles, with many orders and positive reviews. It’s not hard to understand why. Toynk’s puzzles come in several versions, each offering various horror movie favorites. We especially liked the House of Horror Puzzle (1000-piece puzzle), which shows a terrific scene with Samara from “The Ring” coming out of the TV and many other horror movies and characters on top.

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Horror Puzzle Movies Collage

What is your favorite horror movie? Whatever the answer, there is a high probability that this movie will appear on top of the following cool puzzle. This horror puzzle is a 1000-piece puzzle, measuring 70×50 cm after assembly, consisting of the posters of many horror movies: classic works and newer movies from recent years, when there are no less than 99 (!) horror movies. The puzzle is made of recycled materials and offers sharp graphics, with the help of organic ink, of a high quality by any standard.

Note that, in a non-obvious way, the selling company offers those who have lost one or two pieces of the puzzle – and God, how annoying it is when that happens – to contact them to receive a replacement piece.

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Friday The 13th Puzzle

Friday the 13th puzzle

At a good time, we come to Jason Voorhees, who has already starred for us in reviews of various products: lunch boxes, Geeky Tikis cups, and more. Friday the 13 Puzzle game from Vuzzle series by the Aquarius company includes, like other models in the series, 300 pieces, with the final result being relatively small in size. Here, too, the image we get at the end is the poster of the successful film, and the box resembles a retro-looking VHS cover.

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