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BeetleJuice Coloring Book Will Bring The Colors To His Life

Say what you will about the current period in horror cinema; with films trying to maximize familiar franchises or horror adaptations of movies and stories from another genre (did someone say Disney?), there is no doubt that there are positives. In recent years, some characters we grew up with have returned to the mainstream, thanks to film or television adaptations. So it’s true that we’re always obsessed with new horror icons. Still, we should consider the importance of exposing familiar characters to a new audience who didn’t know, for example, Wednesday Adams now appearing on the Netflix series hit. Or Beetlejuice, which will return to cinemas in September with an anticipated sequel and related products, like this official coloring book.

If you also want to release your artistic side, with the franchise coming back to life (literally) after a good few decades, you should get to know the Beetlejuice coloring book.

Beetlejuice Coloring Book

About The Official Beetlejuice Coloring Book

The Beetlejuice coloring book is the product of a collaboration between the publisher Insight Editions and the Warner Bros. company. It includes over 60 pages packed with details, mostly recreating characters and scenes from Tim Burton’s “original” 1988 film. You can illustrate Barbara and Adam’s journeys to the world below, the famous exorcism scene, the Dietz family dinner, and more.

The illustrator of this book is Alan Robert, one of the most prominent artists in his field. On our site, we already mentioned him in an article about scary coloring pages, and it’s no coincidence. Robert is responsible for a long line of successful graphic novels and the very successful series of coloring books for adults, The Beauty of Horror, with titles focusing on, for example, monster movies, ghosts of Christmas, theme parks, Haunted, and more.

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For Robert, a Beetlejuice coloring book is a dream come true. “The brilliance of Beetlejuice made a giant impact on me as a teenager, and I’ve seen it a gazillion times since then, including recently with my own teenage daughter. I know every line by heart,” he says. “So, to be able to bring the ‘ghost with the most’ alive for generations of coloring fans was a huge honor for me. I’ve included a ton of little details in there that die-hard fans of the film will definitely appreciate!”

Why Should You Buy Beetlejuice Coloring Book?

Beetlejuice coloring books, and pages in general, allow you to color in the images of Beetlejuice, one of the beloved horror icons. They are perfect for fans of Beetlejuice and the horror-comedy genre who want to have fun and express their creativity. 

Beetlejuice coloring sheets have some significant advantages. First, they feature custom art inspired by the iconic scenes and characters of Beetlejuice. Coloring Beetlejuice is a great nostalgic “tour” or a way to prepare for the future sequel.

Today, coloring pages are not for the young generation only. There are multiple products, meant only or at most for adults. Coloring is a relaxing and enjoyable activity that can help you reduce stress, help you relax, and improve your mood. It also has creativity since you can color most of the objects on the paper in different colors (changing the green hair color of our “Bio-Exorcist,” for example).

Beetlejuice Coloring Pages are a great way to practice your coloring skills and experiment with different colors and shades. It’s a way to express yourself or even your love of the horror genre. You can also bring it as a perfect gift for your friends and family who love Beetlejuice, horror films, and coloring.

Beetlejuice coloring pages

When Is The Beetlejuice Coloring Book Coming Out? 

The official Beetlejuice coloring book will launch on September 3 but is available for pre-order now. This date is anything but a coincidence because a few days later – on September 6, to be precise – “Beetlejuice Beetlejuice,” the sequel we are so waiting for, will be released on screens. The movie and book will arrive just before Halloween, so this could make a great holiday gift for horror-loving friends or you if you are a horror fan.

Where Can You Buy The Official Beetlejuice Book?

The Beetlejuice coloring book is available for pre-order now through Amazon. We will update other options, if available, soon.

Are There Other Beetlejuice Coloring Pages?

If you don’t want to buy the official Beetlejuice Coloring book or can’t wait till September, you can easily find other options for Beetlejuice coloring pages. First, as in other guides we wrote about drawing or coloring horror icons, you can always write relevant search terms in the photos section on Google. You will find multiple options, most of them in a decent resolution for print. However, these pages may seem less “artistic” and detailed than the ones Alan Robert makes.

Beetlejuice coloring book

Many websites offer free printable Beetlejuice coloring pages. Here are some of the top results we found online:

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