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Horror Funko Pops Are The Biggest Collectible Hits

I’ve never been much of a collector of things, at least not on purpose. I have a lot of things at home, and some accumulate in every good corner because I get attached to them or don’t find the time to arrange them. Still, I’ve always dreamed of starting a collection that expresses one of my greatest loves, and that is – you guessed it – horror movies. So next to a catalog of hundreds of horror movies, some of which I’ve ever seen at some point, I started to be drawn into the world of Funko Pop, tiny and super cool vinyl figures in the design of all the biggest horror icons. My collection of Horror Funko Pop is still in its very early stages, but I’m working on it, as they say.

The truth is, it turns out I’m not alone. Funko Pop Vinyl figures are a massive worldwide hit today. You will find them in astronomic quantities in toy stores. I always go through all the shelves to see what horror models are there, only to find just a few single models, if any (these are children’s toy stores, after all). On the Internet, the picture is entirely different. On various websites and online stores, you will find thousands of models of horror Funko Pops. The catalog only changes and develops every month. Is it any wonder that many see it not only as a terrific addition to the shelf at home or in the office but as a hobby or even a real addiction?

Funko Pops: What Is All That Buzz About?

But let’s start from the beginning. Pop Figures, also known as Fukno Pop!, are a super successful product of Mezco Toys – an American company specializing in licensed, sometimes limited, collectibles with a clear connection to pop culture. These are vinyl figures made in the design of popular characters from various franchises, including movies, TV shows, books, and video games, alongside figures of real people.

The hallmark of these characters is the unique design, which includes a small body, large head and eyes, and relatively simple facial features, but ones that do the job and allow accurate and straightforward identification of the character. What’s more, quite a few characters are detailed or include cool accessories that anyone who connects to the world of horror will be able to communicate with them.

Horror Funko Pops - Ghostbusters

The usage of vinyl in Funko Pops is no accident, as it offers several significant advantages that may explain the popularity of Funko Pops. Vinyl, first of all, is a durable material by any measure that seems to be well preserved. The fact that it is relatively easy to create delicate items on vinyl makes the level of detail of each item impressive, and they can express unique elements or even characters.

Vinyl offers complete flexibility in design, and one can produce a variety of colors that attract the eye and stand out wherever you place it. Equally important: vinyl is a relatively accessible material, so companies can make it in large quantities and keep an acceptable price level on any scale. In other words: vinyl makes it possible to create unique, fantastic, detailed characters at a reasonable price.

Meet The Horror Funko Pop Collection

The truth is that it is difficult to estimate precisely how many horror figures are involved; what’s more, the collection is updated and changed around the clock. It is estimated that there are at least several hundred figures here, which are a small part of the endless catalog of Mezco Toys, which is estimated to contain tens of thousands of different figures (don’t forget that some of the products have new editions, limited editions or several versions).

You can notice that some of the items, mainly limited edition but not only include some pleasant surprises. For example, you will find figures that glow in the dark, figures in “bloody” versions with red spots on them, figures with a metallic design – and so on. Mezco Toys sometimes produces very limited edition unique figures for special events, such as conventions. The difficulty of obtaining it largely determines the product’s value.

All horror Funko Pop collection includes all the iconic characters you know from horror movies, TV series, and other media:

Freddy Krueger Funko Pop

Includes the main hallmarks of the famous horror icon, including the burns on his face, the red-green sweater, the hat, and the glove which turns his hands into sharp knives. You can find a glow-in-the-dark or bloody version of Freddy Krueger Funko Pop

Jason Voorhees Funko Pop

This briliiand pop will come with his iconic hockey mask and a machete with which he slaughters his victims, and the clothes are somewhat tattered

Michael Myers Funko Pop

our favorite “Halloween” killer will feature the same famous and expressionless mask, overalls, and a kitchen knife. He also has a bloody version, a glow-in-the-dark version and Michael Myers Funko Pop with house

Chucky Funko Pop

Needless to say, there are several variations of Pop Chucky, right? Among other things, you will find bloody or scarred versions of it. And don’t forget Tiffany, his favorite sidekick, since you can find some cool Bride Of Chucky Funko Pops

Pennywise Funko Pop

the most famous scary clown in the world comes in several versions, including unique ones: Pennywise with spider legs and extremely sharp teeth, Pennywise Funko Pop hot topic or Pennywise Funko Pop Walmart exclusive

Why Should You Collect Horror Funko Pops?

There are quite a few horror collectors in the world, and in recent years also in Israel, and they make sure to religiously stock up on almost every new model. We must not forget that the horror genre is trendy with many fans and, just as importantly – one known for its ability to create icons. Of course, you won’t find a list of hundreds of characters added yearly, but several dozens of icons that the average horror fan can recognize even in his sleep.

Fun.com - Funko Pop! Vinyl Figures Banner

A particular person can use such a collection to express his love for a specific character or movie or even the horror genre. Collecting the characters can be a great way to show the popularity of these characters and the extraordinary impact they had on the world of horror or even other fields. For some people, collecting stems from the nostalgia that horror movies evoke, which is unsurprising given that some best-selling models come from films that have become true classics in the field (alongside characters from “new” movies).

Recently, a veritable community has developed around collecting Funko Pops. It also has an expression in the world of horror. People enjoy displaying their collections or trading in Facebook groups and the various websites dedicated to the field. The characters make it possible to connect with other horror genre fans and be a personal expression; what’s more, from a design point of view, it’s a beauty of addition. The pops have an excellent design, and thanks to the small dimensions, we don’t have to free up too much space for them on the shelf or table. If, in the case of large dolls and replicas, it is more difficult to stock up with dozens of characters from our favorite movies, it is a more straightforward task in the case of horror Funko Pops. Of course, the prices are also reasonable.

Where Can You Buy The Best Horror Funko Pops?

The enormous popularity of pops, along with the fact that we more or less live on the Internet, makes ordering these figures via the Internet an excellent solution. You will find dozens of models in large online stores such as Amazon, Entertainment Earth, and Fun.com (Note: We may make a commission for purchases made through these links). Their main advantage is that they are reliable suppliers, so you can be almost sure you are getting new and fully licensed versions of these beloved horror characters. Unfortunately, we can’t say that about all the sites you will find on the Internet today.

Another option is to buy the figures through the official Mezco Toys website or the Fukno Pop store on Amazon, which sometimes offers Funko Pop Vinyl exclusives that are hard to find elsewhere. You can stock up on figures through stores, second-hand markets, conferences, and Facebook groups, where many sell or exchange figures. As in other areas, here, too, you will find people who buy figures cheaply to sell them at a high price and earn a few tens of shekels. That’s perfectly fine, but we recommend that you conduct tests and always see the price of a genuinely new and original pop product.

Oh, and you can’t ignore the price. Generally, the price of each Funko Pop Vinyl depends on a long list of variables, for example, the type of character, the brand it represents, or the question of how rare it is. There are figures whose price is a few dollars (or shekels. depending on where you buy) and others whose price is several times higher. The most expensive Funko Pop Vinyl may reach thousands of dollars per piece.

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