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Jack Goes Home: The Nightmare Before Christmas Decorations

Unbeknownst to us, almost 30 years have passed since The Nightmare Before Christmas was released. The stop-motion animated film, written and produced by Tim Burton, is considered by many (including us) to be a masterpiece. The film tells the story of Jack Skellington, the “Pumpkin King”, who arrives in the fictional “Halloween Town” and tries to teach its inhabitants about the magic of Christmas. The result is entertaining, emotional, and sometimes a little scary work, which passes the test of time.

In the decades that have passed since then, The Nightmare Before Christmas has built a legacy around it. Not suprisingly, one of the aspects is a great deal of merchandise inspired by the film, which will bring the characters and scenes (including the unforgettable spiral hill shot) to your home. Chech out some Nightmare Before Christmas accessories we found online. The good news is that there are hounders of more Nightmare Before Christmas products – As you can see here – So the sky is the limit.

Which Nightmare Before Christmas Decorations Can You Find?

Before Going To Bed: The Nightmare Before Christmas Lamp

We start the review with a cool table lamp inspired by the movie, which can perfectly fit desks, bedside tables, or anywhere else in the house. The lamp, about 35 cm (14 inches) high and in black and white tones, includes in the upper part a variety of illustrations from the movie and the city of Halloween. On the lamp body, you will find the face of Jack Skellington himself. The product comes with a very bright LED light, which is considered economical by any standard, so you can well light the dark rooms in your house and drive away the Halloween ghosts.

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If you’re looking for a lamp that will get the job done but also be a little fancier, the next sculpted table lamp will do the trick. This super luxurious lamp (about $227) is suitable for collectors of unique art pieces. It’s made of two parts: the sculpted base, illustrated by hand, shows the exciting dance of Jack and Sally from the end of the film, with the mischievous dog Zero next to them. The dark lampshade is also well-designed, with an illustration from the film and a sculpted element. The lamp comes with a blue light, to complete the magical atmosphere.

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For Sleeping: 5-Piece Nightmare Before Christmas Bed Set

This beautiful set will not make you nightmares. Nightmare Before Christmas bed set is for anyone who likes to dream at night about horror movies. On top of The Nightmare Before Christmas bed set, made of 100%

5-Piece Nightmare Before Christmas Bed Set

polyester, you’ll find printed illustrations from the movie, officially licensed by Disney, in shades of gray, black, white, and a little red.

The set includes five pieces:

  • a fitted sheet
  • a flat sheet,
  • a pillowcase
  • a “dummy” pillow
  • sheets.

This is Nightmare Before Christmas bed sed twin, but it’s important to go to the website and check whether the specific measurements suit you.

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For The Kitchen: The Nightmare Before Christmas Bowls

On the following product, you will not find illustrations from the film, but it is expected to touch the nostalgia of the film’s fans – and even be very useful. This is a set of three ceramic storage bowls in shades of white and gray with an interesting texture, with a total volume of three liters.

The highlight here is three captions that refer to key scenes in the film, or actually to some of the culinary delights prepared during it. You’ll likely use these bowls to store slightly more trivial items, but at your discretion:

  • Deadly Night Shade is the plant with which Sally tried to poison Dr. Finkelstein to escape from his laboratory
  • Frog’s Breath, which is one of the ingredients in this soup, and also a bowl in it A frog is hiding
  • Worm’s Wort, Dr. Finkelstein’s favorite soup consisting of the ingredients we mentioned above.

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For The Shower: The Nightmare Before Christmas Bathroom Set

Among the products in the design of the nightmare before Christmas, some are intended for the bathroom. This Nightmare Before Christmas bathroom set, an official products of the brand, including a soap dispenser, a tissue box, a trash can, a toothbrush holder, and more. We chose to present you with this cool set, which will turn your bathroom into magic. It also has a bath curtain, two rugs (one rectangular and one in the shape of the English letter U, to be placed around the toilet), a cover for the toilet seat, and 12 hooks for hanging. What’s even more exciting is that you can choose one of more than 25 designs, in each of which the products will all have the same style.

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For Punctualists: The Nightmare Before Christmas Wall Clock

There are dozens of wall clocks in the movie design, and some are very cool. We liked the following wall clock, and in our opinion, it is a must for horror fans. The clock, about 30 cm in size, is made of recycled vinyl records (LP) with a vintage look. It includes LED backlighting in one of five shades, so you can also choose to use it to light up the wall and the room where it hangs. Next to a small frame with Romans numbers, the full attention is given to the elements around and “sculpted” with the help of laser cutting. They express some of the key scenes in the film and associated objects (for example, the spiral hill or some of the characters). You can also choose a personal design for the clock.

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For Style Lovers: Jack and Sally Figurines

If you are interested in a well-designed decorative item, you should also know the following product: figurines that show Jack Skellington and Sally in all their love. The Jack and Sally figurines, about 25 cm high, made with the help of resin stone, were designed and illuminated by careful handwork. So it’s unique and quite fancy.

The result is a reduction in the smallest details, for example in the fashionable clothes that the two wear, which turns the product into a beautiful design addition to the home or office.

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You can find here more super cool Nightmare Before Christmas Figurines.

For Leisure: Monopoly The Nightmare Before Christmas

Not long ago, we wrote a review of Monopoly games inspired by horror movies and series. One of the products that caught our attention is Monopoly dedicated to the beloved animated film, which offers game characters (toucans) based on the characters in the movie, trading assets from “Halloween City and its surroundings”, cool mission cards, and more.

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For Kids: The Nightmare Before Christmas Toys

Nightmare Before Christmas Toys

The following gift is ideal for those who want to instill in their children the love of horror movies, and also get some fun family time with them. This cool set offers nine characters from the film, including Jack, Sally, Audie Boogie, Luke, Shuk, the Mayor, and Dr. Finkelstein. The figures are made of strong PVC, so they are expected to last a long time. Please note that these are relatively small characters, up to about 10 cm, so the game is suitable for children from the age of three only.

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