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My Scary Martian Friend: The Magic Of Lego Venom Head

The world of cinematic comics is most associated with the worlds of action and fantasy. As we have already mentioned on the website, we have recently witnessed a rather welcome change in which comics seem more horrific. Sometimes it is at the level of the film’s plot or its style – for example, “The New Mutants” in the X-Men series or “Morbius”. In other cases, there is also a character who is insanely creepy. This is the character of Venom, who practically belongs to the Spiderman cinematic universe (considered close but separate from the wider Marvel universe). Venom has starred in two films in recent years. Although there is no consensus on the quality of it, to say the least, there is no doubt that the resurrected character is absolutely terrifying. So why not build it yourself, in the challenging task of Lego Venom Head? 

Here you’ll learn how to make Lego Venom, what it offers, and where exactly you can buy it.

Who’s Venom?

Before we talk about the Lego version of Venom, undoubtedly one of the hottest in the Lego horror genre or horror board games overall, it’s worth stopping and explaining a little about this big alien. Venom first appeared in issue #299 of The Amazing Spiderman comic. He hit the big screen in 2007’s “Spider-Man 3” (yes, the one with Tobey Maguire as Spider-Man and Kirsten Dunst as Mary Jane), when he was played by Topher Grace (yes, that Eric from the ’70s Show). In 2018 he got his first film, starring Tom Hardy. This was followed by a sequel, “Venom 2”, and a brief cameo appearance in “Spider-Man: Homecoming” (yes, the one with Tom Holland as Spider-Man and Zendaya as MJ).

Venom Comic

Venom, whether you see him as a “dangerous alien villain” or as an “incomprehensible anti-hero”, as described in LEGO, is a visually impressive character. Venom is an alien symbiote of the Klintar type – which is a kind of alien parasite in a form of a liquid, which performs symbiosis with a Funkdai body (for more details, see the Marvel Encyclopedia). Without going into too many tedious details that Marvel fans can memorize, he merges with several characters – the main one is that of Edward (Eddie) Brock, a reporter in the newspaper where Peter Parker is filming who develops a grudge against him. The main ability of the parasite is shape-shifting, into a large monster with extremely sharp teeth.

To get you in the right mood, here is the trailer for the first “Venom” movie:

What Does Lego Venom Head Offer?

Lego Venom set is part of the broader Lego Marvel series (or in its full name: Lego Super Heroes Marvel), which allows us to build beloved characters such as Spider-Man, Captain America, Thor, the Black Panther, and others. As a matter of fact is not the only Venom lego, as the company also offers you Venom Lego Body – Which is a nice figure with 297 pieces. 

Lego Venom Head (18)

Lego Venom Head is intended for build and display, and can therefore be a beautiful addition to the home or office. The fact that it sits on a very stable base contributes to this. On top of the basis, you will find the well-known Lego logo, the equally well-known Marvel logo, and the hero name, similar to the other types of Lego and Marvel characters. Because after all branding is one of the keywords here. And by the way, a similar model offered by Lego is that of Carnage – a villain who is also a parasitic symbiote, and also happens to be a serial killer. In the comics and movies, Carnage shares a prison cell with Eddie. It is very reminiscent of Venom in its appearance and construction style, with the main differences being that Carnage’s teeth are black (not white), and the main color it’s red.

Lego Venom Head

One of the most impressive points about the Marvel Venom Lego Head model, which contains 565 parts for a challenging and fun assembly, is that it strongly resembles the “real” thing. Lego says it’s one of the main goals that stood before their eyes. “The first obstacle for us when designing was that it was a symbiote, so it’s not a mask. It’s actually a living, breathing thing. Creating something that feels organic, is always a challenge for Lego.” To create a natural look, they created asymmetrical eyes. Other prominent features of the Lego Venom Head are the dagger-like teeth, and the red, large, curled tongue.

This Lego Venom set can be considered a sculpture, some would say a work of art, with impressive dimensions by any scale: more than 7 inches high (approx. 19 cm), 3 inches wide (approx. 9 cm), and deep 7 inches (about 19 cm).

Venom: One Scoops Designer Collectible Toy by Unruly Industries™ 

Lego Venom Instructions: How To Build Lego Venom?

The building of Marvel Lego Venom Head is not a simple thing. If you stick to the official Lego instruction booklet – which is basically the only way to assemble this model – there are over 140 steps. Perhaps this is the reason why the game is according to the official definition intended for adults, or in fact for those aged 18 and over (although it is likely, of course, that this definition is due to the scary appearance of the character). It is clear, however, that in this kind of game age limits are often only a recommendation, so it is likely that children and teenagers will also be able to derive pleasure from this challenging game. Of course, the fact that there are very small parts here takes too small children out of the picture, and it is highly desirable not to assemble the game near toddlers either.

From our impression, the building of  Lego Venom Head is not so complex, if you stick to the instructions, you can certainly resort to it for a few days. Here is a video that shows in 10 minuteS how to build Lego Venom, although in reality it will take a little longer.

Where Can You Buy Lego Venom Head?

If you want to buy the game from the official Lego store, you will have to Say goodbye to an amount of $69.99.

it seems that the prices of the product overseas tend to be similar: we must not forget that this is an officially licensed item by some of the biggest brands in the world, so it’s rare to find special offers on it. On Amazon, we found this model, starting fron $50.5.

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