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Want To Create Pennywise Voice? This Is How You Do IT

I’ve always been told I have a radiophonic voice. Once, even the cleaner of the building was willing to hear me announce some commercial. There are also imitations that I’m good at. My girls love the imitations of their favorite characters, such as Mickey Mouse, the puppies from Paw Patrol, and more. Still, it’s hard to say there’s a particular horror icon I can reasonably emulate. If so, I could have had an impressive career as an announcer of horror commercials, podcasts, and the like.

When it comes to horror characters, there is a way to resurrect them – or at least their voice. Take, for example, Pennywise, the famous clown from Stephen King’s book It, who has had some very memorable film adaptations.

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Pennywise Voice Through The Years

In the 1990 mini-series, Tim Curry portrayed Pennywise. Curry used his natural British accent and a high-pitched tone to contrast his friendly and menacing sides. Tim Curry Pennywise voice is also raspy, gravelly, and sometimes slurred, giving him a sense of unpredictability and madness.

In the 2017 and 2019 movies, Pennywise is played by Bill Skarsgård, who adopts a new Pennywise voice: A Swedish-American accent and a lower-pitched tone to create a more sinister and ancient vibe. His voice is also modulated, distorted, and sometimes layered, giving him a sense of inhumanity and power. Pennywise’s high-pitched, menacing voice is one of His trademark hallmarks (like the crazy laugh, makeup, and dancing).

Pennywise Voice Changer - illustrations using AI

One Voice, Multiple Uses

You will be happy to hear that with some software, or even for a reasonably minimal amount to professional service providers, you can listen to the world-famous clown say exactly what you want. You will be surprised, but it can have quite a few uses.

While the average person would only sometimes look for a way to create Pennywise voice lines, this can serve several purposes for the horror fans among you. It’s always fun; you can entertain yourself and others in various ways. For example, some silly game at a social meeting with horror-loving friends, or Pennywise voice prank on people who used to be your friends.

Somewhat more severe, or even more professional, uses are to create content in which Pennywise’s voice plays a central role. Pennywise voice can be a great addition if you tell horror stories, create a podcast, edit a movie about pure horror, or run a scary escape room. The same goes for horror games, videos on social media (for example, reviews of horror films in the voice of one of the most recognized icons of the genre) – and the list goes on.

Nevertheless, one should also be careful using the Pennywise voice generator. It’s curious if the average person on the street would be happy to hear Pennywise’s voice and that pranks centered around a child-murdering clown will be loved. We must remember that many people fear of clowns in one form or another. There is also an ethical issue here, or even a legal one – even if it is clear that lawsuits for impersonation or fraud of this type are not filed right and left. Ultimately, it would help if you were calculated and knew you were getting here – um… great power. Use it wisely, etc., etc.

Pennywise Voice (8)

How To Do Pennywise Voice?

Pennywise Voice Samples

The first option to make your voice (or any other person’s) sound like Pennywise is with the help of dedicated software and websites. Here, we have to divide the possibilities into two. First of all, you can download familiar voice clips of Pennywise, even for free: be it a few lines from the movie, the rolling laugh, the scene where he calls Georgie, and so on. You can use these sound effects for different purposes, whether it’s movies you create, pranks from a close person, the sound of a conversation or a message on the phone, and so on. 

On the Voicemod website, we found a pretty impressive collection of Pennywise voice lines, uploaded by various creators. You can download it and use it for your needs.

Pennywise Voice Changer Online (Welcome, AI)

Want to take it a step further? You’ll probably want your voice to turn into a voice or even have it read aloud written text. Here, the picture becomes a little more complex. There are apps, websites, and software designed for this exact purpose. Not surprisingly, in recent years, this field has been established mainly on artificial intelligence (AI).

Take, for example, Voice Mod, one of the prominent programs in the field. This software allows you to choose more than 150 sound effects of characters such as robots, demons, celebrities, or familiar characters. According to the site, there are also Pennywise effects. In general, we had trouble downloading the application to the computer or phone, but if it works out better for you – you are welcome to update us.

The truth is, that’s precisely the point. There are quite a few tools on the Internet that are meant to do this, but mostly, you will have to work a little to understand the rules of the game: register to each Pennywise voice simulator, see what samples you can get for free, find out what the payment routes are, and so on. You may encounter technical problems or glitches, such as the inability to record, poor sound quality, difficulty saving the products, etc.

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In other words, if you could produce the voice of your favorite clown with a few button presses, the picture would be more complex than that. Even if AI has made the process of Pennywise voice changer online faster and simpler than ever before, as long as you understand the rules, the most appropriate tools, prompts, etc.

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Pennywise Voice Changer May Cost You Money

If you have experimented with various online services, whether related to horror or not, you have probably already realized that, in many cases, there is a gap between what the program offers on paper and what happens in reality. Clear evidence is the various services that allow you to change the voice or “dub” existing characters.

You must pay for the best, most convenient, and most effective tools of Pennywise voice changer. For example, there may be a limited free version in the editing options or the credits you can use in a given month. Let’s take Voicify’s viral tool, powered by artificial intelligence, as an example. Of course, it is described on its website as “the number one platform for creating high-quality AI-based cover versions in seconds.” You can find three options there – Credits, Creators, Power Users – each with a different amount of credits (which can also be unlimited), other editing options, and so on. Prices start at about $8 a month on the basic plan but can be more than ten times more expensive on the comprehensive plan. Therefore, those who use the Pennywise voice generator for a one-time purpose will find some tracks not worthwhile.

Voicify AI is another online tool that lets you create a pennywise voice over using artificial intelligence. You can upload your voice or use one of the thousands of community-uploaded AI voice models. You can create AI covers of songs, speeches, memes, and more in seconds with a pennywise voice. According to my web search, Voicify AI is not free but offers a free trial and affordable pricing plans for unlimited access to its AI voice generator. There is no pro version of Voicify AI, but different plans differ on the number of credits you get. One credit allows you to create one AI cover with any voice model. 

Professional Pennywise Voice Actors

On the Internet, as on the Internet, you can find countless experts for everything. Suppose you want to produce a few sentences or scripts in Pennywise’s voice. In that case, you can turn to Fiverr (which is unsurprising. The online global commerce arena has almost every service you can think of. And some you haven’t imagined).

The principle is simple: you hire freelancers who work for you. If at the beginning Fiverr was mainly associated with cheap offers (the initial concept was services for five dollars), today you can also find such offers – but on the other hand, professionals or even artists in their field, who may charge higher amounts. We must remember that narration is not just a monotonous reading of texts. For it to be successful, it is essential to perform it correctly in terms of tone, form of speech, style, and so on. Adaptation to the goals of the narration or the target audience is also essential, and someone who is an expert in the field will surely be able to do it better than you will, even if you understand the technical highlights.

For example, a freelancer who goes by bymyvoice “promises to record anything you want in the voice of Pennywise from IT.” The price starts at about NIS 77 for a text of up to 50 words, with a commitment to deliver the products within two days and one round of corrections. Voiceguy Media, loaded with positive reviews, another example, is a professional voiceover artist for eight years who has been recording in various styles, including Pennywise style, at a fair price. And, of course, there are other examples.

Professional services such as these simplify your life: the price is not in the sky, the delivery time is fast, and if you have chosen correctly – you will also receive excellent products, with helpful communication with the service provider. On the other hand, there is a need for a particular financial investment or effort to find the ideal service provider. The quality varies between the different freelancers, and there are cases where unplanned (and sometimes unjust) costs are added to the service.

They are awesome, and some can even talk in Pennywise voice. Check more Pennywise products:

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