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Wednesday Living Dead Doll: Get The Moves Like Jenna

What are the most memorable dance scenes in film or television? You probably know or have tried famous dance scenes like Uma Thurman in “Pulp Fiction” or Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Gray in “Dirty Dancing.” Even in horror cinema, some scary dances have become cult. To name a few, we can mention the dance of Alex and the gang to the tune of “Singin’ In The Rain” in Stanley Kubrick’s “A Clockwork Orange,” the strange dance of Buffalo Bill in “The Silence of the Lambs,” Pennywise dance of death in “It” and also some recent works that became a viral hit, like that “M3gan” dance that became a Tik Tok sensation or Anya Taylor Joy’s bizarre performance in “Last Night In Soho.” Not long ago, we saw another dance that became a cult almost instantly, and it’s that odd scene of Jenna Ortega, as Wednesday Addams, in the hit Netflix series.

It was only a matter of time before we saw products based on that iconic dance. The toy giant “Mezco Toys” is among the first to take the reins, as recently we learned of a new Wednesday dancing doll that will be added to its well-known Living Dead Dolls (or LLD) collection – a Wednesday Living Dead Doll that is moving, or at least one that you can move manually according to the dance movements. 

Here’s everything you need to know about the doll that will likely star in the feeds of your favorite social networks in the coming months. If you are one of the horror collectors, love the character, and want to stock up on as many of her items as possible – recently, for example, we extensively reviewed several worthy models of the Wednesday Addams costumes here – you should continue reading.

LDD Presents Wednesday Addams Dancing 10-Inch Doll

The Strange Dance Scene That Makes The World Crazy

Before addressing this Wednesday dancing doll, it’s essential to understand how significant the scene is. The scene was part of the fourth episode of Wednesday’s first (and only so far) season, during which Jenna Ortega’s character broke into a rather strange dance during the prom at the boarding school she is in. Wednesday dancing scene, set to The Cramps’ 1981 song “Goo Goo Muck,” showcased Jenna Ortega’s virtuosic – if somewhat unusual – abilities.

What is most impressive here is that the choreographer was none other than Mrs. Ortega, who has no experience in dance, dancing, or the show “Dancing With The Stars.” According to reports, Tim Burton, who gave her a free hand on a general level, decided to provide her with some “homework.” He equipped her with clips of bands that correspond with the vibe of the series, such as “Siouxsie and the Banshee”, the winner of eight Tony Awards and one Oscar Award, Bob Fosse (mostly from his Broadway musical “Sweet Charity”), and even archive footage of children in the mood of the series – that is, children who are mainly Gothic – from the 1980s.

Ortega watched all of these for inspiration and added movements from the various versions of “The Addams Family” in the 1960s, including dancing of earlier version of Wednesday Addams. She had about a week to put the dance together, which became even more minimal when she forgot about this task and remembered two days or so before filming. She also had Covid-19 at the time, which might explain some of the movements.

To get you in the right mood, here’s a video of Wednesday dancing:

The scene became viral due to a successful version. In fact, it’s so viral that if you ask something like what song is Wednesday dancing to, many people might say two words: Lady Gaga. Someone put the dance moves to the tune of Lady Gaga’s “Bloody Mary” song in fast motion. This successful video received almost 300 million views (!):

The scene blended perfectly with Ortega’s enigmatic character, who makes sure not to give in to society’s dictates (one of the phrases attached to the new doll’s publications is “I act like I don’t care if people don’t like me. Deep down, I secretly enjoy it”) and the way others see her. To this day, this scene receives hundreds of thousands of searches per month on social media, just in the United States. Under these conditions, collectibles based on him were only a matter of time – including a “dancing” Wednesday Living Dead Doll. 

Wednesday Living Dead Doll: Stylish, Creepy, And Unique 

 Living Dead Doll Wednesday Addams has some of the familiar features of the Living Dead Dolls collection, which includes versions of Freddy Krueger, Pennywise, Michael Myers, Jason Voorhees, Annabelle, Chucky, Reagan from “The Exorcist” and characters from the more expansive cinematic universe of “The Conjuring.” 

The dolls are meant to have a scary look but at the same time also cute, with a very impressive reduction in details that creates a realistic look for some of them (or at least matches the unrealistic character). Like other dolls in the series, Wednesday Addams dancing doll stands 10 inches tall and features five movable joints. Since this is essentially a collector’s item, the fact that it comes in “collector-friendly” packaging, as the company describes it, makes it ideal for display in its designated box. It is important to note that this is not the first Wednesday Addams doll in the LLD collection. A few months ago, Mezco Toys announced the first 10-inch doll of the Gothic character (along with her trusty hand). It was available for pre-purchase and should reach the lucky customers as early as this September. 

LDD Presents Wednesday Addams - Entertainment Earth

Similarly, the Wednesday Living Dead Doll is faithful to the original, and from the pictures, it looks like the guys at Mezco Toys have done an excellent job. The doll is dressed similarly to Wednesday in that prom scene, with the same iconic black muslin dress, braided “crown” hairstyle, and black Mary Jane shoes. 

Of course, this is not a doll on batteries that will dance the iconic dance every time you press the button, although we will not be surprised if we hear about precisely such beauties in the coming months.

How To Buy A Wednesday Living Dead Doll?

The announcement of the new Wednesday Addams dolls came out very recently, and it is now in the stages of pre-order (Pre-order) through the official site of Mezco Toys, the collectibles site Entertainment Earth and other stores.

Here you can buy this Living Dead Doll Wednesday:

Buy on Entertainment Earth

Buy on Mezco Toys’s Official Website

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