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The Nun Bobblehead Will Make You Pray For The Devil

It is difficult for me to define precisely what I think about the nun from the cinematic universe of “The Conjuring.” On the one hand, this is a super scary character whose limited appearance in “The Conjuring” movies raised many expectations. On the other hand, the spin-off based on the story of the nun, or should we say the demon Valak that entered into her, received an independent film in 2018, which was very disappointing, according to these lines, and also considering the critics’ scores and viewership ratings. On the other hand, it is the most successful film in the most successful horror franchise of all time, with revenues of more than 365 million dollars worldwide, so it is not surprising that “The Nun 2” is expected to hit the screens very soon and become one of the most profitable horror films of 2023, and maybe even the most profitable most.

The good news is that in the world of horror, in many cases, it is enough for a character to be creepy and well-crafted to become well-liked by viewers. We are not claiming that the nun will be one of the greatest horror icons ever. It’s not there. But the fact that we are starting to see more and more products on it in recent years is anything but surprising. We recently learned that the Neca company, which is responsible for many of the most sought-after models of horror bobblehead, has added a bobblehead figure in the design of the nun to its excellent catalog. And it looks great.

The Conjuring Universe The Nun Head Knocker Bobblehead

The Origin Of Valak The Nun

Valac, the same demonic demon who takes over nuns in Romania in the 1950s and then gets involved in the plots of Ed and Lorraine Wood in the Summoning Evil movies and the Annabelle sequels, is not an invention of James Wan and the other guys responsible for the cinematic universe of “The Conjuring.” 

You could see descriptions of this demonic entity in grimoires, that is, books of sorcerers (such as The Lesser Key of Solomon) with instructions on making magical objects and summoning angels and demons. In one of the more familiar versions, Valak takes on the guise of a child with angel wings riding a two-headed dragon, as most children do today.

According to stories, James Wan, the director of “The Conjuring,” heard at one point about a vision experienced by Lauren Warren, in which she claimed to have encountered a hooded figure. He decided to make Valak a demon possessing a nun to contrast Valak’s demonic nature with the exorcists and to say something about the investigators and other characters’ belief in religion. The demon is played by the actor Bonnie Aarons, who is partly responsible for one of the monstrous characters that haunted the writer of these lines for years: that monster from David Lynch’s masterful “Mulholland Drive.”

We saw the nun in several relatively short scenes in the various films of the franchise. One of the most memorable is when Lauren is chased by the nun in “The Conjuring 2”, who emerges from a scary picture hanging on the wall during her foray into the world of the dead.

The prequel tried to introduce the backstory, which shows the evolution of the demon. In the plot, a teacher at a Spanish religious school who is learning to become a nun (Taisa Farmiga, the little sister – and not the daughter of! – Vera Farmiga, who plays Lauren Warren, as you remember), is sent together with a priest (Damien Beecher) to a monastery in an ancient village in Romania to investigate the mystery of the suicide of a nun. They discover that demonic entities are involved, including one named Valak, who “contributed” to reducing the population of nuns. The film included some thriving scenes, but it is hard to say that it was too impressive.

We hope the second film, which will hit the screens on September 8 and present more confrontations of Irene with the same nun, this time in France in 1956, will correct the impression. Until that happens, we’ll always have fabulous products based on the same character.

The Nun Bobblehead: What We Know?

It isn’t easy to find too many details about the product in question, like most bobbleheads, because it is relatively simple. If you are unfamiliar with or somehow missed our review on the subject, it is a relatively minor figure characterized by a large head in a way that is not proportional to the rest of the body. 

What’s remarkable here is that the head moves or wiggles when you touch it, and sometimes also due to exposure to the sun because it’s attached to a wire or spring. The swinging head of the nun is designed with impressive attention to detail, like most of the items that come from the creator of Neca, so that it can be a great addition to your horror collection at home or in the office. The figure was designed by hand in a very similar way to the original, so you can almost imagine her shouting at us and coming out of the shelf to attack us. You can see here what made the character impressive, at least visually, such as the white makeup, the black lips, and the sharp teeth that looked as if they came from the creator of Art the Clown, the bright eyes that radiate evil, the hands spread wide and the satanic symbol that is on top of the stand. 

Valak The Nun Head Knocker stands about 8.5 inches (a little over 21.5 cm) tall, which means it has a presence on the one hand, but on the other hand, you won’t have to make too much room for it on the table or the shelf.

How Can You Buy The Nun Bobblehead?

As of this writing, the nun bobblehead is in the pre-release stages. You can rder it through the collector’s shops, with the launch date being June 2024. Since items of this type tend to go out of stock very quickly (until it is renewed), we advise those interested to think positively about pre-ordering now.

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