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Ghostface Mug Offers You The First Morning’s Scream

It started like many Friday evenings. I sat down with my friends, watching a horror movie: This time, a marathon of Scream movies. At some point, we decided to drink coffee. After one of my fellas made the drinks, I picked up my favorite mug, with the figure of Ghostface on it. I drank the hot coffee – a weak cappuccino with cinnamon and no sugar, like I’ve gotten used to drinking in the past months – and realized something unusual was happening. The taste of the coffee in my Ghostface mug was just strange, and I suspected the worst of all. “Who done it?” I asked and looked at my friends, trying to find the killer of my damn drink. “Why did you make me this strange coffee?”.

Everyone in the room started looking at their phones. All of them are suspects, I understood. My suspicions fell on one of the gang, a nerdy guy who is very aware of the barista rules and often quotes from Turkish movies. But then, next to the goth girl who only drinks black coffee, I saw him. He looked at me, holding a knife, and smiled. “We all go a little strange sometimes,” he said, licking scraps of cinnamon off his fingers. I shouted in panic (“It’s you!”), threw on him what was left of my coffee cup and also a banana I found on the table. The guy, along with the other friends, looked at me questioningly. “What’s wrong with you, bro?” he asked. “I just meant to cut a cake with the knife. But I may have accidentally put sugar in your coffee.”

Ghostface Mug, illustration of Ghostace holding knide and talking on the phone, while holding a Ghostface cup

“Scream” mugs are an item that can speak to many horror fans, even the ones who don’t believe that slashers happen in reality daily. What could be more classic than drinking a drink from a glass or mug with the image of one of the greatest horror icons of recent decades, Ghostface? (Perhaps the only icon whose identity changes in every movie, depending on the killer’s list). 

The good news is that although the list of Scream mugs is not endless, to say the least, some great products can be the last shout or at least the first scream of the morning.

Why Should You Buy A Ghostface Mug?

As you may have realized in our other reviews of horror products, emphasizing home products, there are enough options for horror fans who want to stick to familiar icons. 

This is also the case with scream cups, which horror fans can enjoy because of their several advantages. Whether you’re using a mug to sip your morning coffee or want to grab a drink in the middle of your nightly horror marathon, you can make it more extraordinary with a mug whose design speaks to horror fans. A mug that can express our greatest cultural love. It can also be the lucky glass, one that we will only see good horror movies every time we use it. Well, that’s too much to ask.

Some horror glasses express art in the complete sense of the word, for example, sculpture, and others possess significant features for drinkers, such as a thermal glass or even one whose appearance changes as we progress in drinking. Our review found several Scream mugs (not enough!) whose design is unique. Cups of different sizes and colors, even if it is clear that the common denominator is black and white shades, according to the cloak worn by the chosen Ghostface in each of the “Scream” movies. 

Scream glasses can be an excellent gift for you or the horror fans, for example, for Halloween or a regular horror movie marathon. Of course, you can put together a collection of horror mugs for yourself because there are designs that advance most of the known villains. On the website, for example, we already wrote about Pennywise mugs, and there are countless options for scary Geeky Tikis mugs that we like.

Scream cup


Some Great Ghostface Mugs We Found Online

Ghostface Sculptured Ceramic Mug

Ghost Face Sculpted Ceramic 16oz. Mug - Entertainment Earth

We start the review with the popular Horror Bioword Mugs, which you can buy in some stores specializing in horror products (such as Entertainment Earth). This Ghostface sculpted mug is made of ceramic, with the iconic figure of Ghostface on it, in black and white tones. The mug, at about 13.5 cm high and about 14.5 cm wide, offers a sufficient capacity of 16 ounces, with a rather large handle that seems quite comfortable.

The mug is an officially licensed brand item and can certainly be used as a collector’s item. Unlike some of the other mugs offered today, it is actually considered safe to use in the microwave (if you usually heat mugs in the microwave—we are against this). However, the mug is less recommended for use in the dishwasher, so it is desirable to prefer manual washing only.

The reviews on this mug are excellent, and quite a few state it is “the best Ghostface mug.” It is also one of the best sellers in our category, even though its price is a little higher than some of the other models. You can see it not only used as a functional item but also designed specially, some would say artistically.

Buy on Entertainment Earth

Ghostface Mug Spirit Halloween

Spirit Halloween Ghostface Mug

At Spirit Halloween, you’ll find a wide variety of cool collectibles, including this adorable coffee mug. Although it is not sculpted in the complete sense of the word, it is definitely three-dimensional. The mug is black in color. On one side, you will find the illustration of Ghostface, prominent about the outline of the cup, and on the other side, the Ghost Face logo.

The mug, with a 16-ounce capacity, is made of dolomite (a type of sedimentary rock). Here, too, it is an officially licensed item of the beloved slasher series. It has excellent reviews and a slightly lower price tag than the previous mug. The recommendation is to wash it manually.

Buy on Spirit Halloween

Romantic Ghostface Coffee Mug 

Romantic Ghostface Mug

Here is a fantastic coffee mug that can be an excellent gift for your partner, assuming they (or you) like horror movies. On top of this ceramic mug, made in the USA, is Ghostface – or at least a pink, romantic version of him – talking on the phone. We loved the combination of white, black, and even pink shades, reflected in Ghostface’s clothing and the illustrations of the kissing lips. There is also a caption here: BOO and You Horror, and famous quotes from the movie (“What’s your favorite scary movie”?, “I told you not to hang up on me!”.) 

This ceramic mug is designed for “coffee, tea, chocolate, cappuccino, latte, and other drinks at all liquid levels,” as its advertising states. It’s relatively small (11 oz.), but that size can fit your morning coffee.

Buy on Walmart

Ghostface Cup Cinemark

The Cinemark Ghostface Cups were a delightful addition to the promotional campaign for the film “Scream VI”, which came out as we remember on 2023. In addition to splendid popcorn tubs, the American movie theatre chain released a two-pack “Bevarage Buddies”. Each 32 oz Ghostface Cinemark cup came with a silicone straw and measured about a 6.5 inches tall.

These Cinemark Ghostface cup were available for pre-order online, or purchase at the cinemas. Today, we found some buyers selling ot on Etsy, Ebay, and such.

Here is a reveiw of Cinemark Ghostface cup and other collctibles:

Customized Ghostface Mug

For all our love of Ghostface and items based on it, although there are some great Ghostface mugs out there – their offerings, from our testing, are pretty limited. Still, you have enough to do. You can contact an artist who provides customized mug design services, as we found, for example, on Fiverr. The principle here is simple: send him a picture or specify what design you are looking for, and he will prepare the perfect mug for you.

Ghostface Cup - costume made, illustration

The main advantage here is that customized mugs, whether by Ghostface or any other design, can guarantee you will have a unique mug that no one else has. You can choose endless designs (some artists in the field also offer several rounds of corrections), add a personal dedication or inscription, and so on. A significant advantage is that mugs of this type will usually be cheap compared to the branded products with the official license – on Fiverr, for example, we have seen several sellers with excellent reviews who offer personalized mugs for a price starting at only 5 Dollars. The result can be impressive with a creative designer who knows the job.

Not just mugs! Here are more cool Ghostface products:



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