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Come And Grab The Black Phone Funko Pop Collection

It takes work to create a horror icon. Although in different articles, we offered a few candidates – for example, Art the Clown from the “Terrifier” Movie – most villains we know have been with us for about a few decades. However, occasionally, we meet a pretty spooky villain, like The Grabber from “The Black Phone.” Some items capture his scary appearance, including horror collectibles.

In this article, I will introduce you to the Grabber, the terrifying villain of the film, and review two (and little more) of The Black Phone Funko pop that are available for purchase. 

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Who Is The Grabber?

The Grabber is the main villain of “The Black Phone”, a short story by Joe Hill (the sun of Steven King, master of horror literature) and one of the best horror films of 2022. If you haven’t watch the film, he is a serial child abductor and murderer who wears a mask and a hat to conceal his identity. He drives a black van with black balloons and lures his victims with candy and promises. He locks them in a soundproof basement, torturing them before killing them. The only thing that connects the basement to the outside world is a black phone on the wall, which is not supposed to work. However, one of his captives – the story’s main protagonist – can communicate with the ghosts of his previous victims. 

The Grabber is played by Ethan Hawke, who delivers a chilling performance as the sadistic killer. It’s not an Oscar-worthy performance because you can barely see his face, and we are talking about a horror movie here, but a chilling performance by an actor who finally agrees to play “the bad guy.”

Who Should Grab The Black Phone Funko Pops?

Black Phone Funko Pops are great for horror fans, especially the ones who are looking to built a collection of horror collectibles. They are exclusive and limited edition products that will be only available from certain retailers or online platforms, at least for now. Like other products in the vast collection of Pop! Movies, they look detailed and accurate representations of the movie characters, capturing their distinctive features such as the white devil mask, the red-framed glasses, the black top hat, and the bloody ax (depending on the version, as you will see soon). They also come in different variants that reflect different scenes or moments from the movie.

The Black Phone Funko Pops are suitable for people who:

  • Are fans of The Black Phone movie or the original short story by Joe Hill, and want to show their appreciation and support for the film and its creators.
  • Are collectors of Funko Pops or other pop culture merchandise, and want to add some rare and unique items to their collection.
  • Are enthusiasts of horror movies or stories, and want to own some cool and creepy figures that represent one of the best horror films of 2022

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Welcome: The Black Phone Funko Pop Collection

If you are a fan of The Black Phone and want to add some horror collectibles to your collection, you might want to check out these two Funko Pop vinyl figures of the Grabber. The Black Phone vinyl figures capture the details of the Grabber’s mask, hat, outfit, and accessories. The result is that, like other horror Funko Pops, the figures are well-made and have great detail. And the most important thing: They are fun and creepy at the same time.

The Grabber Funko pop is the perfect for displaying on your shelf or desk or for giving as a gift to a fellow horror lover.

The Black Phone Funko Pop Vinyl Figure Chase Variant – Surprise, Surprise

The first figure is The Black Phone The Grabber Funko Pop Vinyl Figure 14881. It shows the Grabber in his regular outfits, as seen in the movie. The figure is about 4-4.5 inches tall, depending on the product you get.

Now, here’s the coolest thing here. The Grabber Funko Pop Vinyl Figure is “a chase variant .” These are products with slight differences that the company – Funko, in this case – inserts into the general line of products. The meaning is that each product can differ, like a box of chocolates: You never know what you will get. 

Although we didn’t find a complete description of each variant, we understood there are 6 different versions of it, with changes in The Grabber’s overall appearance: for example, he doesn’t have a hat in one of them. You will find him with a hat and red glasses in another product. And so on. You can’t request a specific design, and it depends on your luck.

The Black Phone Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure The Grabber #1488

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The Black Phone Funko Pop – Bloody & Alternate Version

The second figure is The Black Phone The Grabber in Alternate Outfit Bloody Funko Pop Vinyl Figure 1489. It shows the Grabber in an alternate outfit, wearing a white shirt, brown pants, and slightly darker brown shoes. He is holding a bloody axe in his right hand and covered in blood; so you can guess what he has done with that axe. The Grabber in this item has a more menacing look, and you can tell it even when he’s wearing a mask. 

The Black Phone The Grabber in Alternate Outfit (Bloody) Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure #1489

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The Black Phone Funko Pop Release Date

If you are wondering when will you get The Black Phone Funko Pop, the good news is that you don’t have to wait alot. The Black Phone Funko Pop release date is set for January 2024. Please note that if you pre-order The Black Phone funko pops now, you will be charged only when its ready to ship.


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