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Head Over Fear: The Sinister Side of Horror Bobble Heads

In the dimly lit corners of collector’s shelves, amidst eerie dolls and haunting statuettes, there lurks a peculiar breed of macabre fascination – horror bobble heads. These miniaturized monstrosities have captured the hearts and shivers of enthusiasts worldwide, blending the realm of horror with the whimsical charm of bobbling heads. From wicked witches to grinning ghouls, these pint-sized terrors embody the sinister side of pop culture, inviting us to embrace our darkest fears with every unsettling nod.

In this article, we delve into the captivating world of horror bobble heads, exploring the thrill of collecting them (it can be as cool as Horror Funko Pops!), and present some of the main horror models are there.

What is Booble Head?

A bobble head, also known as a bobblehead or nodder, is a collectible figurine with a disproportionately large head attached to a spring or wire, allowing it to bob or nod when gently tapped. The head is typically connected to the body with a spring or a flexible material, which gives it the characteristic bobbing motion. The figure should move while exposed to light, so it only needs the sun, not batteries. A slight touch will also impact the bobblehead in a quite impressive or even realistic manner.

Bobbleheads have been around for several decades, gaining popularity as collector’s items and promotional merchandise. They are typically made from materials like ceramic, plastic, or resin. Bobbleheads can be found in various sizes, ranging from a few inches tall to larger, more detailed versions. They are often used as decorative items, display pieces, or souvenirs.

Bobbleheads have become particularly popular in sports, with teams and athletes creating custom bobbleheads featuring their players. They are also commonly seen in pop culture, representing characters from movies, television shows, and video games. The exaggerated bobbing motion of the head adds a playful and whimsical element to these figurines, making them a fun and unique collectible for enthusiasts.

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Border Heads, Head Knockers And Enerything In Between

The terms “bobble head” and “head knocker” are often used interchangeably to describe collectible figurines with oversized heads that are attached to a spring or hinge, allowing them to bob or nod when touched. While there is no strict definition or clear distinction between the two terms, they are generally used to refer to similar types of figurines.

However, “bobble head” is the more commonly used term and is often associated with the classic design of figurines with heads that bob up and down. These figurines typically have a spring mechanism connecting the head to the body, allowing for the bobbing motion. Bobble heads are often created in the likeness of celebrities, fictional characters, athletes, or other popular figures.

On the other hand, “head knocker” is a term that originated from the NECA (National Entertainment Collectibles Association) company, which produces a specific line of collectible figurines. Head knockers are similar to bobble heads in terms of having oversized heads and bobbing motion, but they are often designed with a different aesthetic style. Head knockers may feature more dynamic poses, such as characters in action or mid-motion, and they may have a different mechanism for the bobbing motion, such as a pivot joint.

In summary, while both bobble heads and head knockers share similarities in design and motion, the term “bobble head” is more commonly used and has a broader application, while “head knocker” is a term associated with a specific line of collectible figurines produced by NECA. We will refer here mostly to the term “Booble Head”, even tough some models you see here are Neca’s Head Knockers.

Horror Bobble Heads (Or Head Knockers): Great Collectible Items

Horror bobbleheads are a subcategory that depicts characters or themes from the horror genre. These bobbleheads represent iconic horror movie characters, monsters, or spooky elements in a whimsical and exaggerated manner.

The design of horror bobbleheads typically incorporates elements that capture the essence of the character or theme. The oversized heads, characteristic of bobbleheads, may showcase exaggerated features like fangs, scars, or menacing expressions. The bodies may be posed in dynamic or eerie positions, emphasizing the horror theme.

Horror Bobble Heads are often collected by horror enthusiasts, fans of specific horror movies or franchises, or individuals who appreciate the unique and macabre aesthetic. They can be used as decorative items, displayed alongside other horror memorabilia, or as playful additions to a collection.

You can find Horror bobbleheads in various sizes, materials, and levels of detail, ranging from smaller, more affordable options to more extensive and more intricately designed collectibles. They provide fans of the horror genre with a fun and distinctive way to express their appreciation for their favorite movies or characters.

Horror Bobble Heads Examples

Here are some great examples of Horror Bobble Heads. Please note that the collection is pretty extensive and changes occasionally, so you can find another version of some figures we will mention here.

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Annabelle Bobble Head

The Conjuring Universe Annabelle Head Knocker Bobblehead
The latest Horror Bobble Head catalog edition shows one of our favorite dolls. Annabelle, the eerie doll possessed by evil, is a recurring character in The Conjuring Universe movies and even stars in her own standalone films. NECA, a renowned brand, has introduced a new addition to their popular Head Knocker collection featuring the horrifying Annabelle doll seated in her chair. Crafted from resin and meticulously hand-painted, this depiction showcases remarkable attention to detail. Standing at a height of 7 inches, Annabelle’s head bobbles unsettlingly atop her body. The collectible item is presented in matte packaging with a spot gloss finish, adding to its appeal for collectors.

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You can find other styles of Annabelle Booble Head, mostly sitting in a chair with her creepy look.

Halloween Michal Myers Bobble Head

The chilling slasher from the Halloween horror franchise materializes as a spine-tingling Halloween Michael Myers Bobblehead, complete with a hauntingly detailed diorama base. In this Michal Myers Bobble Head, the famous killer stands next to a fence, holds a knife, and looks at you straight with his mask. You can also find a superb young Michael Myers bobble head, and of course – a dozens of other Michal Myers collectibles, like the beloved Funkos.

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Halloween 2 Michael Myers Bobble Head

Halloween 2 Michael Myers on Fire Head Knocker Bobblehead

You can’t kill Michal Myers; even the fire won’t help here. The enduring nature of the famous horror icon is vividly portrayed in Halloween 2, the exhilarating sequel to the iconic slasher film, Halloween, released in 1981. As Sheriff Brackett and Dr. Loomis tirelessly pursue the relentless Michael Myers, a deeply traumatized Laurie is swiftly taken to the hospital. However, she has a visitor she would like not to have in the hospital.

This latest horror addition to the Head Knocker series presents a captivating rendition of Michael Myers, as presented in “Halloween 2”, covered in flames (spoiler alert: He won’t die). Meticulously crafted from resin and hand-painted, this figurine stands at a height exceeding 8 inches. With its head bobbling eerily atop its body, the collectible piece is packaged in a matte box with a spot gloss finish, further enhancing its collectability.

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Pennywise BobbleHead

Pennywise Bobble Head - IT 2017

IT Pennywise 2017 Head Knocker Bobblehead is a chilling addition to NECA’s renowned line of Head Knockers. This sinister character, the antagonist of the 2017 movie “It,” has been faithfully recreated in resin and meticulously hand-painted to showcase astonishing intricacy. Standing at an impressive height of approximately 8 inches, this bobblehead features a head that bobbles eerily. Pennywise Bobblehead is presented in matte finish packaging, adorned with spot gloss, adding charm. Suitable for ages 14 and above.

You can find another version of Pennywise Bobble Head, with a full body image of the famous clown holding – like Duh – a red balloon.

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Freddy Krueger BobbleHead

Freddy Krueger Bobblehead

Unleashed from the terrifying realm of A Nightmare on Elm Street, here’s our beloved Freddy Krueger—as a mesmerizing bobblehead in the collection (or should we say in this case – Neca Head Knocker). Like the other items on our list, this evil dream stalker is expertly cast in resin and hand-painted to captivate every chilling aspect. Towering at a height exceeding 7 inches, Freddy features a bobbling head, seemingly amiable, ready to haunt your dreams. Or at least your desk.

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The Exorcist Bobblehead

The Exorcist Regan in Bed Head Knocker Bobblehead
Renowned as a timeless classic within the realm of horror cinema, The Exorcist has struck fear into the hearts of countless generations. Delving into the depths of terror, witness the harrowing possession of the 12-year-old Regan as she becomes a vessel for the devil himself, necessitating the intervention of an exorcist. In this product, Regan is meticulously crafted from resin and adorned with hand-painted details that bring forth remarkable realism. Standing at the height of 5 1/2 inches, this spine-chilling figurine features a bobbling bed and a bobbling head, an eerie testament to the supernatural forces at play.

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We found another version of The Exorcist Bobble Head, recreating another famous scene from this classic: The moment when Regan is standing and vomit… something green and pretty nasty. This figure is about 6 1/2 inches tall.

The Exorcist Regan Body Knocker - Entertainment Earth

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Frankenstein Bobble Head

Universal Monsters Frankenstein Head Knocker Bobblehead
Frankenstein – Well, Frankenstein’s monster, more precisely – is one of the classic horror icons, so we are not surprised to see it in our list. Bobble Head is an exquisitely detailed 8-inch head knocker, faithfully capturing the creature’s essence from the immortal film, “Frankenstein.” Standing upon a sculpted base, this collectible figure is presented in exquisite four-color window box packaging.

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There is also a pretty impressive Bride of Frankenstein Bobble Head.

Universal Monsters Bride of Frankenstein Head Knocker Bobblehead
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Pinhead Bobble Head

Pennywise Bobble Head

Shall we continue with Pinhead, the iconic character from the classic horror franchise “Hellraiser,” crafted from resin and meticulously hand-painted to showcase extraordinary detail. With a towering height exceeding 7 inches, Pinhead’s bobbling head is adorned with dozens of intricately inserted pins, lending an unmistakable touch of eerie allure. This mesmerizing figure is a delightful accent for desks or shelves, evoking a unique intrigue.

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Sam (“Trick R Treat”) Bobble Head

Trick R Treat Sam Body Bobblehead
“Trick R Treat” is considered a cult film that will probably get a sequel in the next few years. The main villain in the film is Sam, a demon dressed in orange footie pajamas and a burlap sack covering his head, punishing people who don’t obey the laws of the holiday. Standing approximately 6 1/2 inches, this intriguing figure of Sam Bobble Head sways gently from side to side, delightfully responding to light.

You can find another impressive Sam Bobble Head, standing next to his Jute bag and a pumpkin.

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Billy The Puppet (“Saw”) Bobble Head

Billy the Puppet Extreme Bobble Head emerges from the terrifying depths of the “Saw” franchise, one of the highest-grossing ever. There are two brand new versions of Billy The Puppet Bobblehead. The first is Standing at an impressive height of approximately 8 inches, with an astonishingly accurate sculpt, this highly detailed and eerily captivating puppet-on-a-tricycle bobblehead.

Saw Billy the Puppet on Tricycle Bobble HeadBuy On Entertainment Earth

In the second version, with a height of about 6 1/2 inches, Billy stands on his legs, removing his head from side to side when exposed to light or touch.

Saw Billy the Puppet Body Knocker - Entertainment Earth

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Captain Spaulding (“House of 1000 Corpses”) Head Knocker Bobblehead

House of 1000 Corpses Captain Spaulding Head Knocker Bobblehead
The writer of these lines is not a huge fan of Rob Zombie, even though he had a few bright films. The evil clown Captain Spaulding, presented in “House of 1000 Corpses”, may be the best villain character Zombie has ever made. Captain Spaulding Bobble Head, expected in October 2023, is 8 inches tall. It has a bobbling head and also a pretty cool removable hat.

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Jason Voorhees Bobble Head

Jason Voorhees Bobble Head Friday The 13TH

This spine-chilling “Friday the 13th” Jason Solar-Powered Body Knocker Bobblehead, showcasing the formidable Jason Voorhees as a solar-powered bobbling figure, is a great collectible item. Standing at 6 inches, this eerie collectible is for those aged 17 and older – cause we are talking here about Jason.

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Ghostface Bobblehead

From the renowned “Scream” movie franchise, Ghostface emerges as an 8-inch tall polyresin bobblehead. Meticulously hand-painted, this collectible masterpiece showcases Ghostface donning the iconic white screaming mask, a black hooded robe with a jagged hem, and elegantly draping sleeves. Scream Ghostface Bobblehead stands on a base, covered in blood.

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Dracula Bobble Head

Dracula Bobble Head

As we learned in dozens of films and tv series, vampires can’t be exposed to light. This Dracula Bobble Head, however, will not explode or die – but only moves his head. This exceptional 8-inch head knocker faithfully captures the essence of the timeless vampire from the iconic film “Dracula.” It has a thematic base in the shape of stairs, just like in Bran Castle, and our Dracula Bobble Head also carries a candle. This beautiful collectible comes in a strikingly colorful box to complete the aesthetic appeal.

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The Wolfman BobbleHead

Universal Monsters Wolfman Bobblehead Head Knocker
The Wolfman, the famous creature from the Universal Monsters cinematic universe, comes with an imposing stance upon a meticulously sculpted base – representing walking in the woods at night if we understood correctly. This 8-inch bobblehead arrives in a 4-color window box packaging.

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The Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Skellington Bobble Head

The Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Skellington Bobble Head

The Nightmare Before Christmas seems like one of everyone’s classics, and we love items based on the film and its loveable characters. After we wrote about some excellent design items and Nighmarise backpacks, we present this ack Skellington as he playfully peeks from behind a tombstone, standing tall at over 7 inches with a bobbling head. Crafted from cold-cast resin and meticulously hand-painted, this figurine boasts extraordinary detail. Suitable for ages 14 and up.

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Chucky Bobble Head

You didn’t think we would find our famous doll outside this list, right? Chucky Bobble Head, from the classic “A Child’s Play” franchise, is standing at an approximate height of 6 1/2 inches. Chucky, with his famous “Good Guys” clothing, is holding a knife because that’s what Chucky does best. It sways gently from side to side when exposed to light, eagerly seeking a playful day in the sun.

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Predator NECA Head Knocker

Predator Extreme Head Knocker - Entertainment Earth
The Predator may be “one ugly motherfucker”, as Arnold Schwarchenger described it in the classic from 1987, but it may be a great addition to your collectibles of horror head knockers. Like the creature itself, Predator Neca Head Knocker it is enormous compared to other Horror Bobble Heads as it stands at an approximate height of 10 inches. You will find all the great details, like the fantastic suit the alien is wearing, his weapons, and skulls on the base. Constructed from a sturdy ceramic-like resin, this collectible exudes durability and artistry.

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Hannibal Lecter Bobblehead

This enigmatic figure of Doctor Hannibal Lecter is renowned for his portrayal in the movie “Silence of the Lambs” and its sequels. This iconic character, an American serial killer, has gained notoriety for his unnerving habit of consuming his victims, earning the infamous moniker “Hannibal the Cannibal.” while having some old friends for dinner. The bobblehead rendition of Doctor Hannibal Lecter captures his likeness with exceptional accuracy, standing tall at approximately 10 1/4 inches.

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Leatherface BobbleHead

This Leatherface Bobble Head, the iconic villain from “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” series, is an Entertainment Earth exclusive (however, you can find it also on The Royal Bobbles store in Amazon. With this item of Leatherface BobbleHead covered in blood, you can witness the horrific realism as Leatherface emerges, donned in a blood-soaked apron, his terrifying mask (made of human skin, of course!) concealing his visage, and wielding a menacing hammer high above his head. Standing on a gory grated base adorned with haunting animal skulls, this limited edition Leatherface bobblehead is an ominous addition to your collection.

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