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Mickey Mouse Horror Movies Are Spreading Like Mouses

As a father of two girls, I find myself exposed to new children’s characters in recent years. Who would have thought I would announce to my daughter with such enthusiasm that the last “Paw Patrol” movie we saw in the cinema every few months had arrived on television? Or I could recite in my sleep the plot of series like “Gabi’s Dollhouse,” “Super Wings,” “Peppa Pig,” “Baby Shark,” and other masterpieces. But among all the new content, some bring me back to my childhood, like Mickey Mouse and his clubhouse (if you’re driving down the road and see a car with songs from the series at total volume, wave hello to me). I’ve always thought that Mickey and his friends had a creepy side, and the last few months – with news of several horror films based (roughly) on Mickey Mouse being at work – have shown that I may be right. Because lately, we all heard about Mickey Mouse horror movies.

It’s hard for me to decide whether a horror movie about Mickey Mouse is a great idea, especially in light of other films about children’s characters that were so far, to put it mildly, not too successful (yes, I mean mostly you, a terrible horror movie about Winnie the Pooh). You may have already heard about some new horror movies that will center on the world-famous mouse, or at least the early versions of it. Perhaps you also realized that the reason for this is related, as in the case of “Winnie the Pooh,” to the expiration of Disney’s copyright on the early image of Mickey Mouse. 

We will put some order in the mess. We will explain what has happened in the world in the last few months and the first horror movies you can expect in this context.

Mickey Mouse Horror Movies? More Like Willy

If you thought that in the new Mickey Mouse horror movies, we’d see the character as we remember him from the current Disney versions — you know, with the yellow shoes, red button-down pants, white gloves, and charming smile — think again. The subject of the expiration of the rights refers to “Steamboat Willy,” a 1928 Walt Disney animated black and white film that was the first to introduce the characters of Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse commercially. I’m never sure if they were husband and wife, spouses, or just sleeping buddies. Earlier, two other films presented their rights but did not receive commercial distribution. That’s why “Steamboat Willy” is considered their first full-length film.

Steamboat Willie 1928 poster

Well, let’s go back to Mickey and Minnie Mouse. The seven-minute “Steamboat Willie” is considered an innovative film in every sense of the word and one of the most influential animated films ever made. It was the first animated film that included a full soundtrack and one of the first with a synchronized sound channel. During the screenings, musicians sat behind a curtain and played using harmonicas, pots, pans, a whistle, and more, while Walt Sidney provided minimal dialogue.

The film presented a plot quite innovative at the time and strange today, which again showed why, in the early versions, Mickey Mouse was much more evil and dark than we know. In the current film, Mickey Mouse takes over a ship, meets animals and abuses them, produces music by strange means, and more, partly to impress Minnie. The film received a lot of criticism for the treatment of animals, which was reflected in scenes that included stepping on a cat, pulling its tail and spinning it overhead, pulling young pigs from the teats of their nursing mother, spinning a goat’s tail to simulate a turntable and throwing potatoes at a parrot and more. Disney edited some of these scenes in different versions of the film.

Free Willy: The Rights Disney Fought For

“Steamboat Willie” is also considered to be controversial regarding its copyright. Along with claims that referred to the fact that the film should not hold copyright due to one technical issue or another since the laws were drafted incorrectly, on a few occasions, the rights to it were about to expire from the Disney company and reach the public – but received an extension in the American Congress, some would say due to the action of lobbyists on behalf of Disney. It happened first in 1956, then in 1983, then in 2003, and finally in 2023. The Copyright Extension Act drafted in 1998 is also known as the “Mickey Mouse Protection Act.”

Anyway, at the beginning of 2024, it was finally over. After 95 years, Mickey Mouse has finally entered the public domain. You can use the character, but as long as you stick to how it was presented in Steamboat Willie and not the more recognizable symbols that Disney added later. This fact did not stop some horror creators, who tried to ride on the familiar character and produce – as quickly as possible – a horror film about Mickey Mouse, hoping it would become a hit mainly because it’s based on Mickey Mouse. They probably got their motivation from the (sad) case of Winnie the Pooh. This terrible and sloppy film was produced after the rights to some of the characters expired (again, without the familiar Disney representations), with a ridiculous budget. The film also was terrible, but it grossed almost five million dollars worldwide, resulting in a sequel.

This fact explains why we see more than one horror movie about Mickey Mouse. We meanwhile counted three, along with one computer game, and the hand is still tilted.

Which Mickey Mouse Horror Movies Are Expected (So Far)?

Mickey’s Mouse Trap

Mickey's Mouse Trap poster

It took a little time. A few hours after the expiration of the official rights, we learned about the first horror film that centers on the dark side of Mickey. Mickey’s Mouse Trap is an indie Canadian slasher, and the first Mickey Mouse horror films we heard of, who looks promising.

Mickey’s Mouse Trap Plot

The story seems very simple: a group of young people arrive at an amusement park after closing hours to celebrate the 21st birthday of one of them, who is working shifts at her birthday party. But very quickly, they discover that the person who is there is a serial killer disguised as Mickey Mouse in his early version. That Mickey will play them murderous games, which will make them realize that free cheese is only available in a mousetrap. Our Mickey will likely kill them one by one until the confrontation with the main heroine that will end with the potential for a sequel.

Mickey’s Mouse Trap Trailer

“Mickey’s Mouse Trap” trailer released at the beginning of 2024, short after the announcement about the movie. As you can expect, it doesn’t look like a high budget film, so say the least. The costume of Mickey Mouse – Sorry, Steamboat Willie – looks really simple. We are not looking for a masterpiece, and probably it will get mostly negative reviews, but it can be fun low bodget slasher.

Mickey’s Mouse Trap Cast

From this Mickey Mouse horror movie trailer released a few months ago it looks like this movie can satisfy those who like self-aware horror comedies or movies that you might scream with or on them. The film’s director is Jamie Bailey, whose short résumé as a director (besides roles as cameraman and producer) includes directing a Canadian talk show that no one has seen (there isn’t a single rating on IMDB), a Canadian documentary that no one has seen, a film A futuristic (and probably critical) drama about the United States called “This Was America” and a horror movie that sounds pretty cool called “Deinfluncer,” about a psychopath who kidnaps a cheerleader and confronts her with various challenges related to social networks. In the Mickey Mouse horror film, he said: “We just wanted to have fun with it all. I mean, it’s Steamboat Willie’s Mickey Mouse murdering people. It’s ridiculous. We ran with it and had fun doing it, and I think it shows.”

The script for “Mickey’s Mouse Trap” movie was written by the British actor Simon Phillips, whose resume includes several interesting roles such as in the 2020 horror film “Butchers” about a family that slaps anyone who approaches their territory, playing a character of a murderous Santa Claus in the films “Once Upon a Time at Christmas” and “The Nights Before Christmas” and several other B-Movies. According to the credits, he’ll also be playing Mickey Mouse in Mickey’s Mouse Trap”, which means we probably already know who the killer will be here. Unless it’s not a twist, it doesn’t really matter, or you don’t know this actor, so the revelation of the character under the mask – if there will be one – can surprise you.

Alex, the main role, will be played by Sophie Mcintosh (“The Sacrifice Game”), hoping to create a decent final girl. The cast of Mickey’s Mouse Trap also includes Nick Biskupek, James Laurin, Mireille Gagné, Damir Kovic, Callum Sywyk, Allegra Nocita, Jesse Nasmith, Mackenzie Mills, and more.

Mickey’s Mouse Trap Release Date

It’s hard to estimate how successful a Mickey Mouse horror movie of this type will be, but it may still pass the time for fans of the B-Movies and films based on childhood characters.

If you want to know when does the Mickey Mouse horror movie come out , you will be happy to hear that “Mickey’s Mouse Trap” is set to be released sometime during 2024. The official date has yet to be announced, but we will give you updates once we know when does “Mickey’s Mouse Trap” come out and where can you see it.

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 Untitled Steamboat Willie Horror Film

Untitled Steamboat Willie Horror Film - official poster

As part of chasing the buzz, announcing another new Mickey Mouse horror movie – even when there’s little to announce. So shortly after “Mickey’s Mouse Trap,” we got another announcement about a horror movie that is not yet known or too many other pieces of information about it. But still, there are some pieces of information that we managed to collect.

So far, the prominent name here is director Steven LaMorte, who started his career mostly directing short films (including a movie about the Powerpuff Girls, how scary). In our context, in 2022, he directed “The Mean One,” a horror version of the Grinch from the immortal works of Dr. Seuss. The film received mostly negative reviews from critics and audiences alike but still received good attention from horror fans. The key to this is that the one who played the murderous character of the Grinch here is David Howard Thornton, better known as Art the Clown from the “Terrifier” movies.

The plot is about a mouse mutating into a monstrous predatory creature (hey, at least he didn’t take cocaine). From here, the passengers and crew of a ferry, which was no longer sailing so happily in New York, begin their survival journey. The movie’s poster, which shows Mickey shot from behind, holding a blood-soaked knife and looking up at the ferry against the New York night sky, doesn’t look bad at all.

It has yet to be announced which actors will star here, although it is a safe bet that we will not see Emma Stone, Ryan Reynolds, Margot Robbie or Hugh Jackman here. We still need to find what is this Mickey Mouse horror movie release date, and of course what will be it’s name.

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The production, in any case, is underway. “Steamboat Willie has brought joy to generations of people, but beneath its happy exterior lies the potential for pure, unhinged horror,” LaMorte wrote in a press release. “This is a project I’ve dreamed of, and I can’t wait to release the twisted version of the beloved character to the world.” The creators emphasized that they do not intend to take risks at the legal level but to present their version of the beloved character – which will be called Steamboat Willie and not Mickey Mouse – with a combination of humor and horror.

“It all comes from love for these characters,” LaMorte said in another interview. “Filmmakers are like children in the sandbox. We like to take the characters and play with them in different ways. This is not the desire to destroy these characters or make money off them, but our love and respect for them, along with the desire to present them in a new light.”

The Return Of Steamboat Willie

We continue with another Mickey Mouse horror film, this time one with a name – and even a teaser trailer – but no information about this Mickey Mouse horror movie cast or director. “The Return of Steamboat Willie” briefly describes the plot: “After 95 years of being trapped, Willie is freed and wants his steamboat back.”

The Rrtuen Of Steamboat Willie Trailer

Fewtore Studios, who are producing the film, released a short, animated teaser that more or less shows this story. The camera moves between fields and cows until it reaches the water, including a haunted ship. Inside the boat, several objects indicate that something terrible happened there, such as a severed hand. The TV in one of the rooms is on, and clips of Willie are showing. Then there are bullets on the floor, the sound of an ignition opening with a screech, and a mysterious figure that looks like a mouse running towards us.

The Return of Steamboat Willie Release Date

We are yet to know The Return of Steamboat Willie Release Date. We will give you the update once it’s published.

There Is Also A Mickey Mouse Horror Game

In the coming months, we may hear about more films presenting the early versions of Mickey Mouse, with one murderous twist or another. Right next to the announcement of these three films, we also heard about a horror game called “Infestations: Origins” from Nightmare Forge Games. The creators changed the game’s original name, which was initially Mickey Mouse Horror Game Infestation: 88. 

The reason, to the best of our understanding, is not related to copyright issues but perhaps to the fact that the number 88 is associated, among other things, with the Nazi regime (the number symbolizes the Nazi Saluth, and it is named because H is the eighth English). If you add to that the plot of the game, which involved fighting a monstrous mouse version of Mickey and dealing with swarms of professional rats with the help of gas, you can understand that it was too much and forced the company to change the name.

According to the creators, they were unaware of these hidden meanings and chose the number 88 because it symbolizes the year in which the game’s plot takes place. “Infestation: Origins” is a survival game for one to four players. From the trailer, which has received almost two million views in the few months it has been on air, fans of horror games have something to look forward to.

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