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Bye Miss American Pie? All Shannon Elizabeth Horror Movies

There are moments in everyone’s life when they realize they have grown up. As someone approaching forty, this usually happens to me when football players you grew up with retire, or even worse, retire and participate in charity games, where they expose unflattering abs. I had a moment of enlightenment just a few days ago – on September 7th, to be exact. The day after I celebrated my birthday, I learned that Shannon Elizabeth was turning 50. Fucking Shannon Elizabeth, forever Nadia from American Pie, is 50. She still looks great, but that’s not the story.

It’s hard to say that I grew up on Shannon Elizabeth. I had other icons that accompanied me over the years, but something about her went hand in hand with my entry into the world of horror. In 1999, I met almost every Friday with friends, renting a movie at Blockbuster because back then, there was no Netflix, streaming, or the possibility to watch nearly every movie ever at the click of a button. One evening, we rented “American Pie,” one of the significant comedies of the 90s. She was there in a relatively minor role of a Czech exchange student who seduces nerdy Jim (Jason Biggs), including that famous Shannon Elizabeth nude video chat scene.

Shannon Elizabeth Movies

In the following years, several movies show that maybe a new horror princess was born here, including the successful parody “Dead to Scream” or other films in which she fought demons, monsters, werewolves, and whatever. Then came the last decade, so Shannon Elizabeth was almost forgotten and stopped making horror movies. What happened to Shannon Elizbaeth? And what Shannon Elizabeth horror movies are there to date?

Breaking (Very) Bad: Shannon Elizabeth Enters Our Lives

Shannon Elizabeth Fadel was born in 1973 in Houston, United States. As can be deduced from her full name, she has multinational roots. Her father is a Christian Arab of Lebanese origin, and her mother is a Christian of British and German ancestry. According to reports, young Shannon Elizabeth loved tennis very much and trained in the white sport. Eventually, the offers for modeling shoots arrived, and she became a full-fledged model. She is a model who is not ashamed to reveal her body – certainly after the breast surgery she underwent, according to reports, at the beginning of her career. Elizabeth posed fully nude for Playboy magazine in 1997 and 1998, including bizarre photos with a robot, a red car, and foam in intimate places. Shannon Elizabeth now claimes that these photos were one of her biggest regrets, even if she did not object to her status as a sex symbol.

After playing minor roles in several small films, including a bizarre scene involving a snowman in a horror film that we’ll get to later, Shannon Elizabeth’s big break came. “American Pie” is said to have expressed an entire generation, and in the case of Nadia’s character, we can maybe argue that it even predicted the rise of the Internet and its dangers. In the same scene, Jim installs a webcam in Nadia’s room to film her changing clothes and doing a few other things. It succeeds, but a little too much: the video is accidentally broadcast too widely.. When Jim is prodded into the room to take advantage of the opportunity, he manages to screw up and do it in his pants (literally).

Shannon Elizabeth topless scenes branded her almost right away as a sex symbol. “If I hadn’t done American Pie and the role of Nadia, with the nudity that came with it, I might not have a career today,” she said in a documentary called “Skin: The History of Nudity in the Movies.” “I didn’t really think about the fact that my character had nudity. I was a struggling actor auditioning for everything I could, so when I got the role, I was so excited to get it. Doing American Pie and the role of Nadia changed everything for me in my career”.

Shannon Elizabeth Horror Movies (12)

Shannon Elizabeth Movies: Humor And Sex

The problem is that the role, together with her body or the fact that her acting abilities are average or below according to the accepted opinion today, meant that in the following years, she mainly received secondary roles of the sexy or slutty girl, which showcased her physical data. Along with the horror movies we’ve gathered here, it’s hard to say she’s managed to break through too much or star in a role that will make us remember her in any way other than “that Nadia from American Pie.” It was even possible in Kevin Smith’s Jay and Silent Bob Strike Again ‘, in which she played the object of Jay’s strange fantasy and also showed some sense of comedy, or at least an attempt to convincingly say lines like “Call me ‘Boo-Boo-Kitty-Fuck’, bitch.” She also had more significant roles in not-so-successful movies, like “Tomcats” alongside Jerry O’Connell.

She reprised her role as Nadia in the sequel “American Pie 2” and in a small cameo appearance in 2012’s “American Pie: Reunion.” She played one of the sexy women chasing a British man in “Love Actually.” In the last decade, we saw her mainly in minor films. Age plays a role because even more established and talented actresses may have difficulty finding roles in their 40s.

She did participate in several reality shows, such as the sixth season of “Dancing with the Stars,” in which she came in sixth place (spoiler: ice skater, Olympic champion, and world champion Christy Yamaguchi won the competition), and in the first season of the reality version of “Celebrity Big Brother “‘; in which she finished ninth (spoiler 2: the winner of this season was Marissa Jarrett Winokur, an actress whose best-known role is “Hairspray” on Broadway).

Poker And Activism: The New Shannon Elizabeth

Another reason is that Shannon Elizabeth turned to other districts. Believe it or not, it turns out that she is a respected poker player who has described it as her “second career.” Elizabeth, who played poker since childhood, reached high places in all kinds of competitions involving (also) celebrities and won some of them. She is defined today as “one of the leading celebrity poker players,” if there is such a definition. The cynics may say that the reason for these successes is that with such a body, she does not need to invest too much in her poker face. But Shannon Elizabeth is an intelligent girl who knows what she wants from herself.

Over the years, Elizabeth has fought many vital issues. She fights for animal rights, similar to her character Justice in “Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back.” She and her husband founded an association called Animal Avengers, which deals with the rescue of animals and pets. She works for animal rights, advocates a vegan lifestyle, designs environmentally friendly jewelry, supports organizations of a medical-social nature (for example, children on the autistic continuum), and more. It’s different from what one would expect based on the character she usually plays in her movies.

Shannon Elizabeth Horror films

Shannon Elizabeth Horror Movies

So, after we saw how Shannon Elizabeth broke into the lives and wet dreams of quite a few young people and that her career didn’t exactly continue to break boundaries (perhaps due to her choices), the time has come to review Shannon Elizabeth’s horror roles. From a girl who meets her death in a bleak way involving a carrot, through the successful horror parody to several films that pit her against a host of creatures, here is the complete list.

We plan to update it with more horror films. Yes, even at the age of 50.

Shannon Elizabeth Horror Movies

Jack Frost (1997)

Shannon Elizabeth’s first film role was in a dull horror film called Jack Frost (not to be confused with the 1998 film of the same name, starring Michael Keaton and Kelly Preston, which was considered a colossal cinematic failure). Shannon’s role in Jack Frost is also one of the most bizarre she will do. The film, which has since gained cult status, tells the story of a serial killer named Jack Frost. On his snowy journey to the execution, there is a car accident. Due to chemicals or some lie, he returns to life as a snowman. Or something like that cause this movie is weird.

In “Jack Frost,” Shannon Elizabeth plays Jill, the sister of a punk named Billy, one of the first victims of our snowman. Jill and her partner sneak into the sheriff’s house to steal wine and have sex, which is supposed to be some revenge spree. After the boyfriend is killed by icicles thrown at him by Jack Frost, Jill takes a bath that is supposed to be pampering. The camera focuses on her enjoying the hot water and the soap, but then a carrot suddenly appears near her feet in the water. Yes, a goddamn carrot.

A few seconds later, in a scene that is hard to imagine in the cinema, the snowman rapes Jill while slamming her against the wall, causing her to die. At this moment, the snowman returns the carrot to its natural place – to the nose, of course – which hints to us about the usage of the carrot in this scene. You won’t see that scene on this website here, as it involves partial nudity and mostly lewd acts involving carrots, but those interested can easily watch it (or the entire film) in other ways.

Scary Movie (2000)

In 2000, shortly after “American Pie,” came a role that could have been Shannon Elizabeth’s real springboard into the world of horror. “Scary Movie” is still considered one of the most prosperous horror parodies, with revenues of more than 278 million dollars in the years since then. The film mocks countless horror films from those years, such as “I Know What You Did Last Summer,” “Scream,” “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and more. Here, Shannon Elizabeth played Buffy Gilmore, part of the girls led by Sydney (Anna Faris), chased by the serial killer Ghostface. It’s hard to say that the movie was a masterpiece, but it provided a lot of funny scenes or ones that are so bad that you want to laugh (sometimes on purpose).

The truth is that this role showed exactly what Shannon Elizabeth can do to survive in Hollywood: laugh, even if, in this case, the laughter is mostly about her. Our Buffy is a parody of two familiar characters from the horror films of that time, Sarah Michelle Gellar in “I Know What You Did Last Summer” and Rose McGowan in “Scream.” In one of the most memorable scenes from the film, Buffy is in the middle of acting dialogue (or, as she puts it: “dramatic reading”) during a beauty contest. In a manner that mocks a similar scene in one of the films we mentioned earlier, she suddenly notices Ghostface sneaking up behind her friend Greg and murdering him. She bursts into a hysterical monologue, and the audience thinks it’s part of the act and cheers.

Later, Buffy encounters Ghostface, does not take him seriously, and mockingly imitates the behavior of women in horror movies, who scream, fight for their lives, etc. At least, until the moment our killer silences her (or at least decapitates her, because that didn’t silence our Buffy either). The deliberately extreme acting suited Shannon Elizabeth quite well, perhaps due to the criticism she has received of her acting abilities over the years. I think it worked, similar to some theater directors deciding to give less talented actors extreme, crazy, or hysterical roles so that their not-exactly believable acting may fit the character. The problem is that developing a stable acting career in such roles is very difficult.

Thirteen Ghosts (2001)

We continue with another solid horror film, which is a remake of the movie of the same name from 1960. “Thirteen Ghosts” is about a family that inherits a house from a deceased family member, a hunter of demons and spirits. The family discovers moving walls in the house, behind which hide – you guessed it – 13 ghosts. The family members try to embody the house’s secrets and fight for their lives, and the result includes some nice but mostly messy scenes. 

Shannon Elizabeth played the family’s daughter here in a role that didn’t leave much of a mark. Shannon Elizabeth’s part involved a lot of screaming and trying to run for life, as you can see in the next scene where she fights for her life – and what’s left of her shirt – against the spirit known as “the jackal.”

By the way, we were recently informed that we would soon see a TV series dealing with the stories of each of the thirteen ghosts, as horror fans have been asking for in posts and memes for several years.

Cursed (2005)

“Cursed” is one of the more disappointing horror films of the 2000s, mainly due to the names behind it. The director is Wes Craven (“A Nightmare on Elm Street,” “The Last House on the Left” and, of course, the first “Scream” films), the screenwriter is Kevin Williamson (“Scream,” the latest “I Know What You Did This Summer” and “Sick,” which we wrote about not long ago ). The cast includes Christina Ricci, Joshua Jackson, Jesse Eisenberg, and, of course, Shannon Elizabeth. Critics smashed the film, which failed miserably at the box office, earning less than its overall budget.

The protagonists of “Cursed” are brother and sister (Ricci and Eisenberg), who, on a whole moon night, crash their car into a girl (Elizabeth). Unfortunately for them, they are attacked by a werewolf and forced into the dust with a curse that will turn them into werewolves, too, unless they can find the werewolf behind the curse. Elizabeth’s role in the film is quite limited. You can get an impression of it in the following video, but a warning: it includes mini-spoilers and is also challenging to watch for those not among the site visitors.

Night of the Demons (2009) 

Night of the Demons, also a remake of the 1988 film of the same name, features a plot that seems pure pan, about a group of young people who arrive at a Halloween party organized by a mysterious woman named Angela (Elizabeth) and discover that the house is haunted in murderous demons. Oddly enough, which is also reflexively mentioned in the film, the cast here consists mainly of sexy women who stand out, among other things, for their chest dimensions. Here you will find Monica Keena (“Freddy vs. Jason”), Bobbi Sue Luther (“Laid to Rest”), and Diora Baird (the lovable “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning” and the terrible “Stan Helsing”). 

So, on the one hand, we got a pretty sexy movie with lesbian kisses, sensual dances, women in minimal clothes, and more. On the other hand, some of these scenes are too weird – yes, we mean the scenes where Diora Baird puts lipstick on one of her breasts or the one where Shannon Elizabeth pretends a champagne bottle is something else with an elongated shape – and overall the movie is messy and not very impressive. In my opinion, a new and slightly tighter version will be great.

What Is Shannon Elizabeth Doing Now?

That is, by and large, the list of Shannon Elizabeth horror movies. It also includes her appearance in one episode of The Twilight Zone’s 2002-2003 remake or a TV movie you can describe as horror, named “You Belong To Me.” 

In any case, almost a decade and a half have passed since these performances in which she was active mainly in small films in other genres and, as mentioned – in her (respectable and impressive) occupations in poker and social activism. She tried her luck in production, opening a production company that didn’t work out, but served as a co-producer in other, not too well-known films. Besides poker, Shanoon Elizabeth today is finding the artist on her, including drawing and photographing. She studied Krav Maga and holds a black belt in Taekwondo. Considering Shannon Elizabeth’s net worth is about 7 million dollars, according to reports, she can afford all of it.

Shannon Elizabeth Horror Movies (28)

Shannon Elizabeth states that she has always worked hard and didn’t get enough respect. Right, indeed, she’s not the most talented actress you’ll find. Another problem is that Shannon Elizabeth’s career, through her fault or not, was based in most cases on her body and not on her facial expressions, maybe because of her choice of roles, maybe because of her status as a sex symbol, and perhaps because she’s not talented enough with all the beauty and hard work, especially in the late 30s and 40s. Age always wins, and as Thom Yorke sang in Radiohead’s masterpiece – so does gravity. These two facts may not be going in Shannon Elizabeth’s favor. 

Nevertheless, we have already seen some miracles. It may still be too early to say “bye-bye” to “Miss American Pie,” even if the odds are not in her favor considering Shannon Elizabeth age and recenet career years. Maximum, she will always remain as the provocative Nadia with the strange accent, which the actress who played also made several horror films in the years after the big exposure. 

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