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This HUGH 25 Ft. Michael Myers Inflatable Is Not For Infants

As a father of two daughters, if a word puts the whole family on alert, it must be the word “inflatable.” It doesn’t matter where inflatables are expected to be – at a Gymboree, a trampoline park, a shopping mall, in the neighborhood country, at the zoo, or just in some garden, at a free activity in the town – just this word is likely to create expectations in the girls, along with requests to visit that attraction ASAP. As a horror fan, I reach for those swells and get disappointed time and time again. Sometimes there are giant and very impressive inflatables of huge animals, familiar characters, dinosaurs, and the like. And it is true that for the little ones, the attractions offered by the inflatables, such as ladders, slides, trampolines, etc., are an experience that can occupy them for hours. 

The main problem is I didn’t get to see too many inflatables that you might consider as “scary,” nor ones that are mainly suitable for adults. The good news is that now and then, there are surprises, including the following new product that we will present to you in the current review. 

When decorating the house – for example, in honor of the Halloween party – the size can determine. In recent years we have seen a trend whereby people are looking for more and more bombastic decorations, and the variety of options reaches the sky (or at least close to it). So why not choose one of the most famous icons of the horror world, aka Michael Myers, in an excellent version that can reach up to almost eight meters? The fantastic new Michael Myers Inflatable from HalloweenCostumes.com takes horror to a new level.

Michael Myers Inflatable Decoration: Size Does Matter

 If you’ve seen the “Halloween” movies, with their different and sometimes bizarre versions, you probably asked how tall is Michael Myers. Although other actors have portrayed him, we see Michael Myers towering in height, starting at 5 feet 10 inches (about 1.78 meters), going through 6 feet 3 inches (about 1.91 meters), and even reaching a height of 6 1 foot 9 inches (about 2.06 meters), in that 2007 version of Rob Zombie. That’s the height of Tyler Mane, who played him in that movie. According to the movie site IMDB, Michael Myers’ “official” height is 6 feet 2 inches, which is 1.88 meters. 

So how big is this Michael Myers inflatable decoration compared to a human being or even some kind of residential structure? You are welcome to watch the following video, which puts Michael in his enlarged version next to a young girl wearing a surprising item.

So could Michael Myers have been a basketball player? We are not pretty sure, because from watching the movies it seems that he is a bit clumsy and kind of lazy, as you can conclude from the fact that he doesn’t like to run but prefers to walk. In any case, HalloweenCostumes may have recognized the potential of the height, along with the preferences of many today for bombastic and impressive inflatables as possible, and created a giant Michael Myers inflatable decoration – officially licensed and exclusively manufactured – that rises to new heights, literally.

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Michael Myers Inflatable Reaches New Heights

The most striking thing about Michael Myers’ new inflatable, as you may have already realized, is its size. The standard version, if you can call it that, reaches a height of 25 feet, a little over 7.6 meters. You can find two smaller versions, 15 feet (about 4.57 meters) and 8 feet (about 2.44 meters), but these heights are also absolutely worth it. You’ll need a relatively efficient inflator to do the job quickly and safely.

From the pictures and videos we got, it looks like the guys at HalloweenCostume.com did a great job. You won’t get a too realistic look here because it’s a giant Michael Myers inflatable decoration, after all. Still, the look succeeds in conveying the character’s prominent features perfectly: the William Shatner mask of Captain Kirk from “Star Trek” painted white, the dark overalls that are more reminiscent of a mechanic’s outfit than a serial killer’s, black boots to complete the masculine look, and more. Unsurprisingly, the inflatable Michael holds a knife covered in blood because that’s what Michael does best. In this case, this giant Michael Myers inflatable may want to puncture some unfortunate inflatable, so it is worth keeping him a little away from other inflatables around him.

Michael Myers Inflatable

And by the way, this is really not the first giant Michael Myers inflatable. In a quick internet search, we even found another version, which reaches a height of – hold on tight – 35 ft Michael Myers Inflatable (almost 10.7 meters). The main problem here is the price tag of this 35 foot Michael Myers inflatable, which is no less than about $3,000. You can find it, for example, on Etsy.

How Can You Order The Michael Myers Inflatable? 

You can buy this fantastic inflatable through HalloweenCostumes.com, and as of now, only through it. Please note that we are talking about a pre-order in limited quantities here, with estimates being that the item will be available in stock as early as mid-September. The meaning is clear: this superb item is expected to arrive in time for the Halloween parties and decorations on October 31st. Because what could be more symbolic than an ornament of the killer most associated with the holiday in which he makes sure to come and slaughter anyone who moves? 

The price is not cheap, but many horror fans will say it is worth every dollar. The large Michael Myers model comes with a price tag of $499 as of the current point in time. You can order the medium version for $299, while the price of the reduced version is $119.99. To secure the order, you have to pay the total amount already at the pre-order stage, but it makes sense on the whole against the background of the enormous demand that this product is expected to have. 

In addition, remember that discounts do not exist on pre-purchased items of this type. You cannot combine it with other products from the vast catalog of the store.

Buy on HalloweenCostumes.com

As befits one of the most famous horror icons, who has accompanied us since 1978 until today (and who knows, he is still able to survive what was done to him at the end of “Halloween Ends”), this is, of course, not the only Michael Myers item you can find. To mention a few, there are Countless costumes, Funko Pop figures, Horror Bobble heads, action figures, pajamas, socks, slippers, a new board game – and the list goes on.


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