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What Is Frankenstein Day? And How Can We Honor It?

August 30 is one of the most essential dates in horror history. On this date, 226 years ago, something big happened. Monstrously big. At this day, back in 1797, Mary Wollstonecraft, later called Mary Shelley, was born in Somers Town, an inner district in North West London, Even before age 20, she wrote “Frankenstein: or The Modern Prometheus” and gave birth to one of the most recognizable horror characters. So to honor her, we are celebrating every year the National Frankenstein Day.

Who is Frankenstein Monster? 

As you should know, Frankenstein’s monster was created by Victor Frankenstein from the organs of dead people. The novel did present a monster that does terrible things – but to the reader and those who have watched the many films that have come out in the years since then, it is clear who the real monster is.

Either way, “Frankenstein” became a classic and is considered one of the most influential books in the genre. It is one of the first and most influential works of science fiction and horror, as it tells the story of Victor Frankenstein, a young scientist who creates a grotesque creature from dead body parts and gives it life. The novel explores themes such as the nature of life, the consequences of playing God, the relationship between creator and creation, and the dangers of scientific hubris.

What Can You Do On Frankenstein Day?

Frankenstein Day is celebrated on August 30 because it is the birthday of Mary Shelley, the author of the novel “Frankenstein or The Modern Prometheus.” This day is celebrated by the fans of the novel and its adaptations and by people interested in science, literature, and creativity.

National Frankenstein Day is an excellent opportunity to catch up with one of the world’s famous monsters. There are many activities that you can do on Frankenstein Day. If you still need to read the book, it’s a great date to start. 

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Of course, you can watch one of the dozens of movies with Frankenstein’s monsters, Starting from classics such as the original version from 1910 (!), the terrific representation of the monster by Boris Karloff (like “Frankenstein” from 1931 or “Bride of Frankenstein” from 1935) and entertaining films from recent years. There were some average new versions of Frankenstein’s story, or sometimes Victor Frankenstein’s story – including the mediocre “I, Frankenstein” (2014) starring Aaron Eckhart, or “Victor Frankenstein” (2015), focusing on the origin story of Victor Frankenstein’s assistant, Igor Straussman (Daniel Radcliffe) and the scientist himself (James Mcavoy). 

There are some family movies involving Frankstein’s monsters, while a pure example is the “Hotel Transylvania” franchise. If you want to learn about Merry Shelley herself, you can watch the romantic period drama from 2017, “Merry Shelley,” with stunning Ella Fanning as the feminist writer. The movie focuses on the hectic life of the novelist, including her forbidden love with the poet Percy Bysshe Shelley and the events that led to the writing of the famous gothic novel.

Visiting Frankenstein

Another exciting way to celebrate Frankenstein Day is by visiting places connected to Mary Shelley or her novel. Some of these places include:

Mary Shelley’s House of Frankenstein in Bath

Mary Shelley’s House of Frankenstein is a multi-sensory visitor attraction that explores the life and work of Mary Shelley. The attraction is located in Bath, England, where Shelley lived for a while in 1816 with her future husband. The house extends over four atmospheric floors, including a basement experience, where you can encounter the 8ft monster recreated as Mary Shelley imagined. You can also learn more about Mary Shelley’s tragic history, the events that influenced her writing, and how Frankenstein and his monster appeared in popular culture, such as movies, comics, and games. You can also try to escape Victor’s Lair or The Shallows Escape Rooms or play the Body in a Suitcase Game.

Mary Shelley’s House of Frankenstein is a unique and immersive experience that celebrates one of the most influential novels in history and its author. It is also a fun and educational way to enjoy science fiction and horror themes. However, some scenes may be too scary for young children or sensitive people. 

Frankenstein Castle in Darmstadt, Germany

Frankenstein Castle is a historic castle in Germany that may have inspired the famous novel Frankenstein by Mary Shelley. There are, in fact, two castles with this name, one in Hesse and one in Rhineland-Palatinate, but the one in Hesse is more closely associated with the novel.

According to some sources, Mary Shelley saw the castle from a distance when she was traveling through Germany in 1814, and she may have heard stories about a mysterious alchemist who was born there. His name was Johann Konrad Dippel, and he experimented with animal oil, human corpses, and soul transference.

Some people believe he was the real-life model for Victor Frankenstein, the scientist who created the monster in the novel. However, there is no definitive evidence that Mary Shelley knew about him or his work.

Frankenstein Wax Museum  

Frankenstein Wax Museum in Lake George, NY, USA, is a museum that features scenes and characters from the novel Frankenstein by Mary Shelley and its movie adaptations, as well as a haunted house and a gift shop. 

It is not just another wax museum but a place to experience the classic tale’s horror and mystery. You can see Victor Frankenstein and his creature and other famous monsters such as Dracula, the Mummy, and the Wolfman. You can also walk through the dark hallways and encounter some surprises. The museum is open from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m. daily, and admission prices range from $8.41 to $13.08, subject to 7% NYS sales tax12

If you are a fan of Frankenstein or horror, you might enjoy visiting this museum. However, some scenes may be too scary for young children or sensitive people. 


Other Ideas For Frankenstein Day

    • Making crafts, such as popsicle stick Frankenstein, tin can Frankenstein, and more
    • Buying Frankenstein products, like costumes, horror funky pop, action figures, decorations, etc.
    • Playing games, such as drawing the parts of a human head without looking or using an app to interact with the story5.
    • Hosting a Frankenstein-themed party with costumes, decorations, and food6.

Frankenstein Day is a fun and educational way to appreciate one of the most influential novels in history and its author. It is also a chance to explore the fascinating world of science fiction and horror and to unleash your creativity and imagination.


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