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London Dungeon: The Horror Below London

London is one of the most popular places on earth, Mainly due to its dozens of attractions. The English capital, however, has some much less pleasant sides. London has been linked to countless horror stories, some real and others are fictitious. If you are a horror fan and visiting the city, you must visit at least one attraction of this type. The London Dungeon is without a doubt one of the most popular sites in this regard, and it will make it possible to resurrect some of London's horror stories in an invested, entertaining way... and yes, also a little scary (but not too much).

What Is The London Dungeon?

The Dungeon of London describes the city's long history of horror, which begins from the moment you descend into the dungeon in the ancient elevator that simulates the Middle Ages. London's bloody history, mainly during the Middle Ages but not only, includes, among other things, torture cellars, executions, famous serial killers, and more. You'll meet all of them during the visit.

The place opened in 1974 and included at first mainly wax dolls in the style of Madame Tussauds (those who have visited the London wax museum, by the way, will enjoy a small and particularly menacing section with various scares). Over the years, it slightly changed its character. The dungeon became more theatrical. It included shows that presented those horrific moments in the city's history. Today it combines several worlds, or if you like: several modes of intimidation.



Serial Killers, Plagues... And Everything In Between

In the Dungeon of London, you can meet familiar characters, such as Jack the Ripper who unleashed his terror on escort girls from the East End of London in the 19th century, Mary Jane Kelly who was the last and most mysterious victim of the ripper or Sweeney Todd, the (probably) fictional character that would slit the throats of its customers, bake them in a pie and sell them in the nearby cake shop.

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Alongside the horror stories, you will come across equally difficult historical events in London's history, such as the Black Death epidemic in 1665-1666 which resulted in approximately 100,000 deaths and ended only after the great fire in the city (which is reflected in the dungeon). You will also meet the victims of Henry VIII, take part in a trial in the 18th century, visit the hangman's room and take part in other surprises, for example, skydiving (which is only suitable for children over 1.4 meters tall and adults) or a short boat ride. In total, there are about 20 attractions, areas, or themes. You can find more details on the dungeon's official website.


Is London Dungeon Scary?

The question you're probably asking, at this point, is how likely the visit to London's dungeon is to trigger your horror glands. Compared to other similar attractions in the world, and for those who have enough mileage in the world of horror, the visit to the London Dungeon is not supposed to be too scary. Some would say that it is more entertaining or amusing than it is threatening or frightening, with a combination of the British humor that is so famous.


Still, the place is naturally less recommended for visiting with children, although teenagers or fans of the genre may enjoy it very much. Speaking (with a sometimes heavy British accent) is an important part of the experience, so it is recommended to have a reasonable understanding of the English language.


London Dungeon Tickets and Information

We highly recommend ordering tickets in advance since this is a tourist attraction, and of course - buying a ticket that will avoid the wait at the box office. If you can avoid visiting the place on weekends or in the summer periods (when it is busier) you can consider doing so. On the other hand, precisely during the busier times, the place tends to operate at full power. That means that you may encounter all the scares and players it offers. When the attraction is relatively empty, intimidation may be "saved" or at least scheduled only for moments when there are enough people in a given room



A Particularly economical option is to buy in advance a ticket that combines several attractions in the area. Here are some examples that are correct for the end of 2022:

London Dungeon Ticket Prices

Single entry London Dungeon Tickets: £28 when pre-booked on site, £31 when purchased on the day of visit. The ticket can be bought here.

An open-date ticket, priced at £37 or £41 if purchased on the day of the visit

A ticket that combines several attractions, with a price starting from around £50 per adult for two attractions or £95 per adult for a visit to the dungeon and four of the following attractions: the London Eye, Madame Tussauds, Shrek Adventures, the London Aquarium or the Big Bus.

Those who come for long periods, or are considering visiting London more than once a year, can purchase the Merlin Annual Pass, which grants entry to about 30 attractions throughout the British Kingdom at about £90-300 per person.

Do you like to scream and drink? You can buy the Scream and Spirits ticket, priced at £34-39, which offers a visit to the dungeon as well as a cocktail at the bar located within the dungeon

Where Can I Buy London Dungeon Tickets?

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Frequently Asked Questions about London Dungeon

Where Are London Dungeons?

The London Dungeon is located in the center of ​​the city, near super-tourist attractions such as Big Ben, the London Eye, the London Aquarium, and Shrek Adventures. It is possible to devote a few hours to it as part of the tour in the surrounding location

What Are London Dungeon Opening hours?

London Dungeon Opening Time is daily from 11:00 to 16:00, Saturdays from 10:00 to 17:00, and Sundays from 10:00 to 16:00.


How Long Does London Dungeon Take?

London Dungeon duration is about 50 minutes, or about an hour and a half to two hours if you also take into account the safety training and preparations before the tour. It's not too complicated to include it in the city trip plan, but it's important to arrive at least 15 minutes before the specific time booked in advance so you don't miss out or be stressed.

Is The London Dungeon Worth it?

If you are a horror fan visiting London, you'll probably enjoy London Dungeon since it's interesting, fun, and scary at times. We recommend trying to combine it, along with some other scary attractions that the city offers - The London Bridge Experience, ghost tours, and more.

Trick or treat, don't make me flip my Witch switch.




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