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Black Friday Horror Deals Arrive With Some KILLER Discounts

Almost every single one of us shops online from time to time. In the calendar, some dates are paradise for online shoppers. “Black Friday” is one of the magic words in this context. When Black Friday comes around, we turn into hungry zombies, ready to storm the stores and hurt anyone who interferes with our ability to buy what we want (This could be a horror movie idea!). The good news is that the significant sites are cooperating and offering a series of benefits and promotions, some of which are significant for horror fans.

In honor of the scared day to shoppers which falls every year on the Friday between Thanksgiving and Christmas, we’ve collected some of the best Black Friday horror deals. Note that the terms of Black Friday deals vary, but in most cases, they are available even now and may even be available in the days or weeks after the official Black Friday date of November 24rd.

Black Friday Horror Deals

Black Friday Horror Deals (Updated)


Amazon, probably the most popular shopping site in the world, offers some very worthwhile deals for horror fans. As far as we know, this year’s promotions are until November 27th.

Amazon Horror Black Friday Deals

Do you want to get some examples? You are welcome! Let’s start with horror movies, our bread and butter. Those who want to get 4K versions of some of the most prominent horror films of recent years will be able to find some very affordable offers, among them:

Horror Movie Deals on Amazon

In the Funko Pop Amazon store, you will find some very significant Black Friday deals, with discounts of up to 70-80% compared to the regular prices. It is important to note that during our examination, we found significant characters related to the worlds of comics and action, such as Marvel movies or “Black Adam,” and happily also horror characters. There is also a nice discount on a collection of 13 vinyl figures from Funko!, including a calendar allowing you to count to 13 in fear.

In the board games section, we found discounts on board games inspired by the world of horror, and perhaps the icing on the cake: a significant deal of about 50% on the intriguing “Scream” board game.

Entertainment Earth

One of our favorite sites is Entertainment Earth, which offers various collectibles and toys with international shipping, including very cool products and exclusive releases for horror fans. 

Entertainment Earth sells various licensed collectibles, such as action figures, clothing, statues, prop replicas, games, vinyl figures, dolls, and toys. Entertainment Earth has many horror-related products, such as action figures, clothing, statues, prop replicas, games, vinyl figures, dolls, and toys1. You can find items from various horror franchises, such as Halloween, Friday the 13th, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, A Nightmare on Elm Street, The Conjuring, The Walking Dead, and more.

And what about Entertainment Earth Black Friday deals? The site offers free shipping on purchases over $39 across the United States using the coupon code Holiday 39.

You will find significant discounts on the products, as high as 35-90%, for many items until the end of Black Friday.

View Entertainment Earth Black Friday Deals

Entertainment Earth Black Friday Banner


If you are a horror fan, you might be interested in the horror collection at Fun.com. They have products related to horror franchises, such as movies, games, and TV shows. You can find horror collectibles, horror action figures, horror Pop! Figurines and horror props. It also has brands like Star Wars, Disney, Marvel, and anime. 

Although we did not find a separate category of Black Friday deals on the site, it has a lot of excellent deals at the current time. In the box games category, we found discounts of up to 25% on selected items, including Beetlejuice, King Kong or The Nightmare Before Christmas board games.

In the sector of scary collectibles, the site offers discounts of up to 40% compared to the usual prices, for example, scary Funko figures, scary ducks, action figures, and more. The current period, just after Halloween, is an excellent opportunity to buy costumes at ridiculous prices, with a discount of up to 70%.

To Fun.com


HalloweenCostumes.com, you guessed it, focuses on a massive range of costumes – including Horror costumes, of course. Halloweencostumes.com sells various products related to Halloween and other occasions, such as costumes, accessories, decorations, and more. You can find outfits for adults, kids, pets, and groups and exclusive and licensed costumes from popular movies, TV shows, games, and books. One of the categories that Halloweencostumes.com offers is the scary costumes collection, which features costumes based on horror movies, creepy characters, and spooky themes.

Halloweencostumes Black Friday Banner

In this period, after Halloween, you can enjoy very significant discounts on costumes of all kinds: more precisely, discounts on almost 1,000 horror costumes. In addition, HalloweenCostumes.com offers 15% discount on sale items and 10% on everything else.

To HalloweenCostumes.com Sales

Trick Or Treat Studios

Trick or Treat Studios is a company that designs and manufactures high quality, affordable Halloween products, such as masks, costumes, props, games and collectibles. They have a wide range of officially licensed horror masks and horror collectibles from popular movies, TV shows, video games and comics. Trick or Treat Studios got some super awesome items, including Halloween games of all kind, costumes, masks, collectibles, home and decor items – and much more.  

This Black Friday, you can find a nice discount on many items across the website: 20% off on in-stock products, from 11/24 to 11/27. Please note that the discount is updated automatically at checkout.

To Trick or Treat Studios Website

Netflix Shop

Netflix Shop is an online shopping store that offers official merchandise from your favorite Netflix shows and movies. You can find clothing, accessories, collectibles, and many other items inspired and designed by Netflix’s leading content. In our context, you will find products of famous Netflix horror shows like “Stranger Things,” “Wednesday,” “The Squid Games,” and more.

Netflix Shop offers many items inspired and designed by Netflix’s leading content, and in our context, such as “Strange Things,” “Wednesday,” “The Squid Games,” and more. In honor of Black Friday, the store offers a 30% discount on various items, including collectibles, toys, fashion products, board games, design items, kitchenware (like Geeki Tikkis mugs), and more. There are also Black Friday deals with discounts up to 60%.

To Netflix Shop


If you like to read horror, you must know Fangoria – the horror and cult movie magazine, a website, a podcast network, and a film production company. The magazine was launched in 1979 and has published issues on horror movies, TV shows, and celebrities ever since. The magazine covers the latest news, reviews, features, and interviews on horror and showcases original artwork, fiction, and comics by horror artists and writers. It also apperaed in many horror movies over the years:

On Fangoria’s website, you can subscribe to the magazine and buy a long line of horror products. In honor of Black Friday, Fangoria offers 40% off new annual subscriptions by entering the coupon code SUB40. You will also find a 50% discount on a single magazine and a 30% discount on various merchandise.

To Fangoria Website


ScreamBox is one of the most popular horror movie streaming services, including classics, indies, B-movies, and more. It delivers an ad-free and uncut horror experience across various horror sub-genres, such as Supernatural, Slashers, Classics, Zombies, Extreme, Psychological, Cult, Underground, and Banned Movies. You can watch SCREAMBOX on your web browser, mobile devices, smart TVs, and other platforms.

ScreamBox is offering some great Black Friday horror discounts: a 50% discount on an annual subscription to the service, which after the discount will cost only $29.99 (instead of $59.99 for a new yearly subscription or renewal of an existing subscription). The deal is available by typing the coupon code SBBFRIDAY50 and is valid until the end of November.

Note that the service is only available throughout the United States unless you use a VPN.

To ScreamBox Website

Cavity Colors

Cavity Colors was founded in 2012 by Aaron Crawford, a horror fan and artist who wanted to share his passion with other horror enthusiasts. It sells horror-themed apparel and accessories, such as t-shirts, hoodies, hats, patches, and  bags. The website features officially licensed products from various horror movies and franchises, such as Halloween, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Evil Dead, and Godzilla. The website also offers original designs inspired by horror culture and icons. 

This Black Friday, Cavity Colors offers 15-60% discounts and free shipping for orders over 100$ in the United States. 

To Cavity Colors Website

Terror Threads

TerrorThreads.com is a website that sells “officially licensed horror movie t-shirts and spooky originals”. On Terror Threads, you can find cloting (like T-shirts. tops of all kinds, hoodies, dresses, hats, and more), plus “Other Goods”: Backpacks, posters, gift cards, Blue-ray, DVD’s and much more. They also have original designs created by their own artists, inspired by horror and Halloween culture.

For Black Friday, Terror Threads offers 10-70% off on selected items, with free shippings on orders over 100$ inside the United States. Sell ends on Monday, 11/27, on midnight. Spooky.

To Terror Threads


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