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Scary Fishes That Will Make You Get Out Of The Water

One of the primary measures of the success of a horror film, or any other scary text to be precise, is how much it affects our lives and presents fear we are all dealing with. In practice, it is not exactly like that: a large part of the scariest movies ever made present threats whose existence, in reality, is questionable (to say at least): Zombies, vampires, ghosts, and the like. In this respect, movies like “Jaws” or “Piranha” managed to be successful also because they confronted us with a natural fear, which exists to some extent in many of us—the fear of scary fish that live at the bottom of the ocean, and sometimes even closer to us.

“Depeche Mode” have sung that God has a sick sense of humor. He can undoubtedly Scare us. Without going too much into theological issues, this is one of the ways that it is possible to explain the strange, terrifying, and sometimes even dangerous fish that nature has summoned to us. In the following review, we will introduce types of scary fish in the ocean, some of which still need to be cast in a horror movie.Shop Now

Scary Fishes You Can See in The Ocean (And Horror Movies)

Shark: Hunter of Victim?

We start the review, of course, with scary sharks. They are the most significant and best-known types of elasmobranch fish with a cartilaginous skeleton (that is, boneless fish whose skeleton is mainly composed of cartilage) .

There is no doubt that the shark has a particularly frightening appearance, with its sharp teeth and sullen gaze, impressive swimming ability, the fact that it is attracted to blood, and of course – These scary shark movies.

Sharks are predators that can eat humans, but the number of deaths per year from sharks is minimal in comparison to other death causes. A coconut falling on the head, a hippo attack, falling out of bed, and even choking during sex are more common causes of death, at least according to some data. This is one of the reasons why Peter Benchley, who wrote the bestseller on which “Jaws” is based, criticized the film because it harms the reputation of the shark population. In practice, as we know, man hunts and kills the shark much more than the other way around.

Scary Shark Movies

There is no doubt that cinema has largely cultivated our fear of sharks, which we all see as big scary fish that will be happy to eat us.

Scary shark movies are, of course, nothing new. They will mostly be survival films of a small group of humans facing the threats of nature. “Jaws” is, without a doubt, the top shark movie. It is considered one of the biggest blockbusters of all time and a film that cultivated the fear

Jaws movie poster - Scary Fish

of water for an entire generation (and it also has several sequels, less successful).

There are other scary shark movies, when the main enemy is a shark or a group of sharks. Some of the best shark movies are “Deep Blue Sea,” from which we mainly remember that scene with Samuel L. Jackson, “The Meg” with the prehistoric megalodon shark (which will also be seen in a sequel very soon his), “47 Meters” and his two films, “The Shallows” with Blake Lively, the three “Open Water” films, “Bait 3D” in which the shark attacks man in his natural space (a mall during a tsunami), “Shark Night ” – and the list goes on.

As is the best tradition, there are a lot of B-movies and ridiculous low-budget killer shark movies. You can tell it by their names, such as Shark Exorcist (2015), Sky Sharks (2020), Ghost Shark (2013), Sand Sharks (2012), a Sharktopus (2010), and all kinds of bad shark movies with two, three or six heads.


Piranha fish belong to the Piranian family, which belongs to the carnivore family, which perhaps explains the hostile and threatening reputation they have earned (according to one of the possible translations, their name means "Devil Fish"). Piranha fishes belong to the freshwater fish group and live mainly in South America - especially in the Amazon region and the tropical rain forests. They have a particularly narrow body, with a relatively small length of about 15-25 cm in most cases and a weight of only a few hundred grams.

The main fear of those piranha fish comes from their sharp teeth, although we can also lower the panic level a bit here in practice. Usually, a piranha fish will attack a healthy person who moves in its water only rarely, especially if that fish is in shallow water and suffering from a lack of food.

How Many Piranha Movies Are There?

Even in the case of piranha fish, the cinema raised our fear of them. We mainly mean the 2010 film Piranha 3D, starring Adam Scott, Elizabeth Shue, Jerry O'Connell, Ving Rhames, Kelly Brook, and others. The film grossed over $83 million worldwide, received relatively positive reviews, and made Piranhas look like really scary fish. This film probably takes first place on the best Piranha movies list, but it is not the only one.

We have to put these Piranha movies on order. Many do not know that "Piranha 3D" is a remake of the 1978 film of the same name (without the 3D), starring Joe Dante, which had a sequel ("Piranha 2: The Spawning" from 1982) and another remake with the same name from 1995, which is the first film debut of Mila Kunis.

Are these all Piranha movies to date? Not at all! Two years after "Piranha 3D" came its sequel, "Piranha 3DD", which tried to ride on the success of the hit. As we can tell from its name, poster, or tagline ("Twice The Terror, Double The D's"), the film mainly explores the relationship between this tiny but deadly fish and women with large breasts. Unsurprisingly, it received poor reviews, was shown in only a few theaters, and grossed about 8 million dollars.

Piranha 3DD Movie Poster

Thrash lovers can find bizarre and terrifying films about piranha fish on a ridiculous budget. Believe it or not, but these are all real movies:

"Mega Piranha" (2010)

A mockbuster of the hit Piranha - Meaning, a movie that tries to ride on the success of another movie and largely imitates it. As much as we can call it a script, it features piranha fishes that have undergone a mutation that has made them particularly murderous. They go from the Amazon to Florida at the peak of the tourist season. They eat tourists, ships, submarines, and even hotels. The army tries unsuccessfully to eliminate them, and the situation seems lost. If anyone survives to the end of the movie, the good news is that the lousy cast finally gets the job done.

Piranhaconda (2012)

"Piranhaconda" presents a weird and ugly scary fish, combining a piranha with an anaconda snake. From the IMDB score of 2.9 out of 10, the poster featuring a piranha fish with a bad graphic design and the sculpted butt of a woman in a thong, and the plot description (the

screenplay was written by Mike McLean, who also wrote the screenplays for the masterpieces "Dinocroc vs. Supergator," "Sharktopus" and other clone animals movies) - We conclude that this is a terrible movie.

"Piranha Sharks" (2017)

What happens when you try to engineer sharks the size of a piranha genetically? They take over New York, and we get another horrible horror movie.


Anglerfish, also known as the "common black devil," has an unusual and rather scary appearance. They have round bodies and sharp teeth, but that is not what is most frightening about them. They can be part of the scary fish with light category due to the glowing "hook" hanging before their mouths, attracting creatures that will soon become their meal.

Moreover, speaking of meals - the male angler fish are small and weak, with a low-functioning jaw, so they cannot survive in the wild. So they do what males of this type do: cling to the female and breed with her. During this fishy sex, the males release enzymes that digest their body into hers so that their blood vessels join those of the female, and they live next to her, similar to parasites. In this way, they receive nutrition through the woman and continue to survive. A female can host up to eight males in her body.

Horror Movies About Anglerfish (Or: Look, It Is That Scary Fish From Nemo!)

We do not know of any horror movies focusing on this kind of scary fish, thank goodness. Nevertheless, you can see an episode about them on National Geographic. It is likely that an angler fish porno - And hopefully, there is no such thing - will scar the viewer's soul forever.

Those who still want to see this fish on the big or small screen can go to the realms of animation, the scary fish from "Finding Nemo" is an angler fish, and this scene is quite astonishing.

Here's Angler Fish Finding Nemo Scene:

Long-Nosed Chimera

Long-nosed Chimera is the common name for Rhinochimaeridae, partly because its scientific name is unpronounceable. In Greek mythology, a chimera is a monster that combines a lion, a goat, and the tail of a snake or dragon. Chimera fish got the nickname since the first researchers could not identify what they saw when they met this scary fish at the bottom of the ocean.

Long-nosed Chimeras, as can be deduced from their name, are characterized by a long snout to find fish to devour even in the dark conditions of the sea depths. The shape of their tail is similar to the tip of a kite, intending to allows them to sail as energy-efficient as possible.

Lucky for us, it is hard to meet these fishes because they usually swim close to the bottom of the ocean, at depths several kilometers below the water's surface. Moreover, this deep sea scary fish is poisonous, and their venom can kill a person.

Are There Horror Movies About Chimeras?

Come on, What is up with you? Why would they make a horror movie like this?

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Sheephead fish

Another strange and quite scary fish from God's house of creation. Archosargus probatocephalus fishes are better known as the "Sheephead Fish" because their muzzle resembles sheep. However, the scary fact about them is inside the mouth: Sheephead teeth, reminiscent of human teeth (of a person who hasn't seen a dentist for a while, but let's not be too petty). The teeth of a Sheephead fish develop even when tiny, and very quickly, they will reach relatively impressive sizes and a weight of up to 10 kg. This fish feeds mainly on oysters and other hard food on the bottom of the ocean.

Horror Movies About The Sheepshead Fish (Or Just Sheeps...)

We have yet to hear about such movies. However, there are some decent movies about scary sheep, like the entertaining New Zealand "Black Sheep" or the bizarre "Lamb" from 2021, starring Noomi Rapace, who embodies the best of Icelandic mythology.


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