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Nightmare In Budapest Is A Dream For Horror Fans

The truth is that it is a bit difficult to define Nightmare in Budapest, and also on our website we thought a lot about where exactly to put this attraction. On the one hand, you’ll find in Google the attractive caption “Haunted House in Budapest”. From the description on the attraction website, however, it seems that this is more than an escape room with a “twist”. Either way, considering the super-excellent reviews that the place has received, it seems that this is an attraction that horror fans should be familiar with.

Meet Nightmare In Budapest Haunted House

Nightmare in Budapest spreads over 400 square meters, which looks like a paradise for horror fans. In fact, the place is divided into several separate attractions. The first, the highlight of the place, is Nightmare in Budapest Haunted House. You can see it as a combination of a horror tour, an escape room and a dramatized horror theater, with lighting and sound effects. The rather basic principle here is that the players find themselves in a room and move between different rooms, where in some cases they have to solve different tasks. For the purpose of the solution, they can use the real actors, who are disguised and well made up.


At various times throughout the year, special events are held in Nightmare in Budapest Haunted House: usually with a frequency of about one event a month. Among these shows you will find a zombie apocalypse, a scary clown show and also a special activity for Friday the 13th, where you will be chased by the famous killers from the horror movies we all grew up with. The prices for these special activities are slightly more expensive, and are announced in advance for each such event. Check the website for further details.


Nightmare in Budapest
Meet the actors. Courtesy of Nightmare in Budapest

There Are Also “Normal” Escape Rooms

In addition to the main attraction of the haunted house, you will find two escape rooms in the complex: the first is Burying Alive designed for two players. As you can infer from the name, the challenge here is to get out of the tomb you are put in within up to 60 minutes (in what seems like a claustrophobic experience, reminiscent of tha 2010 movie “Buried” with Ryan Reynolds).

The second room, Horror Farm, will put you in the shoes of innocent travelers who accidentally arrived at the horror farm, were put in cages by the not-so-friendly creatures that live there and have to solve puzzles and challenges to get out of the farm within one hour. As far as we understand, there are no scares in these rooms, except for the creepy atmosphere, and you can use “creatures” to solve the mystery.

“Help me, i’m Buried Alive”. Courtesy of Nightmare in Budapest

Where Is The Nightmare In Budapest?

Nightmare in Budapest is situated in a location that seems perfect for this kind of activities: an underground basement, located on Nagy Diófa street in the heart of Budapest – not far from the Hungarian market Simpela or sites with a Jewish character such as the Great Synagogue of Budapest.

Who Can Visit The Attraction?

The attraction is intended for adults and teenagers over the age of 14, with some restrictions. For example, you can’t come to  Nightmare Budapest under the influence of alcohol (scary as it may be. And maybe that’s why), and of course you can’t come with a weapon either. The place is not recommended for pregnant women, people suffering from heart diseases, those with mental illness and other sensitive populations.

Nightmare In Budapest Prices

Ticket prices for Nightmare in Budapest vary according to the type of experience chosen and the number of participants, where the main rule is that the more players there are – the lower the relative price of each of them. As of the end of 2022, the prices are:

  • The Haunted House – 17 Euro/6,900 Hungarian Forint (HUF) per person for 1-2 players, 16 Euro/6,500 HUF per person for 3-4 players, 15 Euro/6,000 HUF per person for 5-7 players.
  • Burying Alive escape room – flat price of 3,900 forints (about 9.7 euros) per player
  • Horror Farm escape room – the price is 4,000 HUF (about 9.9 EUR) per person for 4 players, 3,500 HUF (about 8.7 EUR) per person for 5-6 players, 3,000 HUF (about 7.5 EUR) per person for 7-8 players

Nightmare in Budapest is open Wednesday through Sunday, between 2:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m.  It is highly recommended and sometimes mandatory to coordinate the visit in advance by phone or e-mail (full details appear on the attraction’s official website).

Where Can I Buy Tickets For Nightmare In Budapest?

Please note that if you buy a ticket with a specific date, free cancellation is possible up to 24 hours before the scheduled date. It is important to arrive about 10-15 minutes before the appointed time, to ensure that you take part in the activity.

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