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Bridge Of Terror? Meet The London Bridge experience

London Bridge is a very important site in the history of London. Legend has it that it was the first bridge in London that preserved the city until the 18th century when the seven-arched Westminster Bridge was built. At first, it was A simple wooden bridge, the Romans built in the first century AD to cross the River Thames. It went through quite a few transformations: a fire started in 1014 intending to keep intruders away from it (this is the event mentioned in the well-known song “London Bridge Collapses”). The bridge was then rebuilt, destroyed In the Great Storm of 1091, it was rebuilt and burned in 1136. In the following centuries, London Bridge fell and was rebuilt in several forms, for the simple reason that it went through fires, congestion problems and was even sold to a hardy American and moved to Arizona. Its current version opened to traffic in 1973 and is still used by Residents and tourists of London, although we should remember one fact: it is much less impressive and touristy than the London Tower Bridge, which is about a 10-minute walk from it in the east direction (some tourists get confused between these bridges).

But why are we telling you all this, on a website that deals with horror and not the long history of London? For the simple reason that at the foot of London Bridge, you will find an extremely scary and fun experience. It’s called The London Bridge Experience, it presents the story of the bridge originally. So you can indeed include it in your trip plan to the capital of England. Read all the details in This London Bridge Experience Review.

What Is The London Bridge Experience?

London offers dozens of attractions. With all respect to the city’s Must-See, a lot of horror fans looking for unusual experiences in London. The London Bridge experience is a recommended attraction for those who like to get plenty of horror during their travels. It does the job, impressive and often scary. The awards it has won throughout the years, including the leading horror attraction in the world at the Worldwide Attractions awards and the scariest attraction in the UK under the Scare Awards for 11 years in a row, are clear evidence. Moreover, The London Bridge Experience Reviews are quite positive.

The London Bridge Experience will take you on a journey through about 2,000 years of the bridge’s history which is well intertwined with that of London itself, with an emphasis on the more shocking and terrifying moments the city has experienced. The attraction is divided into several parts: an elaborate show with the participation of actors, and then a maze of scares – London’s dungeon version – at the old site of the nearby London Tombs.


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The first part is a tour of a route that includes an elaborate decoration of the city and the bridge: starting from the Roman period, through the struggle of the warrior queen Boudica against the Roman rule and up to the great fire that struck London in the 17th century (which did not damage the bridge, which inactive at that time).

During the tour, which presents London from Roman times to the present day, You will meet actors portraying some of the well-known characters in London’s history: starting with the Scottish knight William Wallace (whom Mel Gibson portrayed in the award-winning 1995 movie “Braveheart”), through the calling “bodyguard” to some of the horror stories on the bridge to serial killers that plagued London, headed by Jack the Ripper of course. The route passes between places that whet the appetite of horror fans, such as the Bone Yard or the Hall of the Living Dead. This part of the visit is a little dark but more funny and educational than scary.

You can definitely see this as London Bridge Experience 2 for 1, since there are separate two attractions included in the price ticket. The second part is a horror maze between the rather creepy tunnels of the London Bridge Experience tombs, in almost complete darkness, and an experience that works on several senses (including the sense of smell, by the way). As per the best tradition, there are quite a few scares achieved thanks to various effects, actors playing zombies, and other threatening creatures. If the tour interests you and not the horror maze, or you are afraid of this part, you can end the visit with the London Bridge experience at this point.

Here’s London Bridge Experience Video to unlock your appetite:

Not Just For Adults

If you are traveling with your children in London, but are not looking for too scary attractions (because after all, it is difficult to find a babysitter in the city) – you may be happy to hear that the London Bridge Experience and The Tombs can also be suitable for children – at least not too young. You can sign up for a more kid-friendly version, named “Guardian Angel Tour”. Young people, or those who wish to be exposed to the graves without being frightened, will be taken before the rest of the group. This means they won’t experience the scares but can feel the atmosphere and learn about the place and history of London.

London Bridge Experience and The Tombs offer several other attractions, for example, the well-designed “Monster Bar” where you can register for various events, or “The Christmas Tales” which will open this year during some of the weekends in December. This family-friendly London Bridge Experience Halloween will bring them together with the stories and characters of Christmas – chief among them, ofcourse, Santa Claus and his reindeer. The children will be able to take a picture with Santa, receive a gift from him, and choose one of the options offered for breakfast. In other words, this specific attraction doesn’t fit our website – to the best of our impression, this is not a murderous Santa in the style of the worst horror movies, and the gifts did not turn out to be scary creatures like in “The Nightmare Before Christmas”. But it certainly looks nice for families who want to expose their children to a holiday experience while visiting the city.

London Bridge Experience Ticket Information

London Bridge Experience Opening Times

The place is open every day of the week, between 12:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m., including on local holidays but not on Christmas. Sometimes London Bridge Experience hours change a little, especially on weekends, so you should check through the attraction’s official website before arriving. We didn’t find the London Bridge Experience’s last entry information.


When Can You Buy London Bridge Experience Tickets?

Purchasing London Bridge Experience tickets in advance, which will allow you to reserve a seat for yourself, avoid the lines at the ticket office and save a few shekels (the price online is discounted compared to the box office), is recommended. The date reservation is by day and not by the hour, which makes it very easy to integrate it into your travel plan when you can cancel and get a full refund until midnight the day before the visit. The place is quite busy so you should be patient, especially if you arrive during the peak tourist season in London.

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London Bridge Experience Prices:

How much London Bridge Experience costs? As for 2022, London Bridge Experience and The Tombs prices are as follows:

  • Adult ticket (age 16 and over): €25.78
  • Child ticket (age 5-15): 22.35 euros. Children up to the age of 15 must be accompanied by an adult
  • London bridge experience discount – available for students or adults over 65 (on presentation of a certificate) – 24.07 euros.
  • Children up to 4 years old are free. There is no official London Bridge Experience age limit, but ut this attraction is not suitable for these ages

London Bridge Experience London Pass

Another way to get a London Bridge Experience Discount is with London Pass since this attraction is on the list of sites included in the popular card . In this case, there is no need to book in advance but simply arrive with a London ticket.

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Frequently Asked Questions About The London Bridge Experience

How Long Is The London Bridge Experience?

In total, the experience usually lasts about 45 minutes. However, London Bridge Experience duration depends on the pace of progress or the fear levels of the visitors. It’s recommended to devote at least 60-75 minutes to it in your busy schedule in the kingdom.

Is The London Bridge Experience Scary?

It depends on how easily you get scared. It has its scary moments, but even though “Horror Addicts” can handle it pretty well in our opinion.

The place is not recommended anyway for pregnant women, people suffering from heart problems, epilepsy, claustrophobia, and other sensitive populations.

London Bridge Experience Vs London Dungeon: Which Is Better?

A lot of horror fans want to know which of these attractions is better, but the truth is that you can’t find a clear answer. Both the London Bridge Experience and London Dungeon are very impressive and entertaining. Each one exposes you to different sides of the city’s history, so our obvious answer to this question is clear: You don’t have to choose between London Dungeon Or London Bridge Experience, since you can visit both attractions!

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