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Terrified? Art The Clown Joins Living Dead Doll Collection

We have already argued on the website that Art the Clown, the scary villain from the “Terrifier” movies, is definitely on the right track to becoming a horror icon in the making. It has many aspects that are not only related to the Franchise’s movies (although they have also gained momentum and a fanbase in recent years). 

Today, you can find a long line of products based on the not-really-human clown, with black and white clothing, makeup in these colors, and terrifying smiles. If you want further evidence of Art the Clown’s popularity, you can find it in that he recently joined the Mezco Toys horror doll “team,” aka Living Dead Dolls (or LDD for short).

What Is The Living Dead Dolls Series?

LDD’s series is one of the most sought-after among horror doll lovers and horror collectors in general. The first doll was launched in 1998 and handcrafted by Ed Long and Damian Glonek. Since 2000, the dolls have been manufactured industrially under the toy giant “Mezco Toys.” We hear about several new dolls joining the impressive collection every year.

From a practical point of view, the LDD series dolls have some significant characteristics. Many of them are based on familiar characters from the world of horror – be it horror movies, books, folklore, or pop culture – while others result from a design from scratch by the feverish minds of the Mezco Toys people. 

As the company defines it, the result is dolls of “twisted minds and tortured souls.” The dolls in the current series are mostly 10 inches tall (about 24.5 cm), made of plastic with cloth clothes, and usually include five articulation points. What is equally remarkable is that, according to the concept, they come packaged in boxes reminiscent of a coffin, with a death certificate describing, Among other things, the cause of “death” of each of them.

art the clown living dead doll

Please note that the dolls are divided in advance into several series according to their main characteristics, appearance, and features. As far as we know, there are over 30 series – and the arm is still tilted. The clown art technically belongs to the LDD Presents series. To give you an idea of how good he is in hands, here are some of the other scary dolls in this series:

  • Pennywise, the clown from “It” movies
  • Billy the puppet from the “Saw” franchise
  • The Nun, from the cinematic universe of “The Conjuring”
  • Wednesday Adams, in the recreation of the famous dance scene from the hit Netflix series. We wrote about it here
  • Ghostface from “Scream,” in the “zombie” version

Art The Clown LDD Version – Everything You Need To Know

Art the Clown Living Dead Dolls offers the main features of the collection. It stands 10.5 inches tall – slightly higher than other dolls – and has five articulation points. The company has succeeded in transferring the character’s look to the doll, or if you will, the murderous nature of the clown. 

Art the Clown LDD includes the features we’ve come to love in the franchise films. There seems to be a rather impressive reduction in detail here, in the makeup, the hideous smile, the clothing (the clown pom-pom suit, with the wrinkles), and also the butcher’s knife that the doll holds in her right hand, which comes here as an accessory.

Here is a brief video overiew of Art The Clown Living Dead Doll:

How Can You Buy Art The Clown Living Dead Doll?

The Art the Clown Living Dead Doll should arrive to buyers in October 2024. You can purchase it by pre-order on the collectibles website Entertainment Earth, the official Mezco Toys website, and other online stores.

Buy on Entertainment Earth

Buy on Mezco Toys Official Website

Not For Children

These dolls, like most of the others in the Living Dead Dolls series, are not intended for children because they have small parts that create a choking hazard or may be too scary for them. The official guidelines are for ages 15 and up (at least a little less than the recommended age to watch Art Clown movies). 

In addition, the dolls are mainly intended for display and less for “rough play,” so it is not sure that it is worth trying to recreate the murderous scenes from the movies about other dolls with Art’s doll.


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