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Eyeball Spaghetti: This Killer Dish Will Take Your Eyes Of

I’m bad at cooking. There are some fundamental things I know how to make, for example, pasta or an omelet. Fortunately, I’m also quite creative. So, from time to time, I make works of art on the plate, mainly the arrangement of the food on the plate in such a way as to create a specific shape. Sometimes it works, but in many cases it doesn’t.

On that tragic evening, I tried to make eyeball spaghetti, also known as monster pasta. I made reasonable pasta and sauce, arranged mozzarella balls around, added olives, and enthusiastically showed the result to my wife and children. “What the hell is that supposed to be?” said my wife, while the older girl laughed aloud, and the younger cried in terror.

Later, in an angry conversation with my wife, I realized my artwork was misunderstood. To use terms you’ll probably be familiar with: it was a bit like Torture Porn Food. The “eyes” looked like a mutilation session from a gory slasher movie, the over-the-top sauce like the gore in an Italian Giallo movie, and even the Pasta pieces were attached in unimpressive shapes, more reminiscent of “The Human Centipede” than a gourmet meal. Since then, my wife makes the pasta while I do the dishes.

The truth is that with a little more creativity and fewer horror movies in mind, you can create a delicious pasta that the children will like: eyeball spaghetti (or other types of pasta), which is even quite simple to make. Let’s learn the primary raw materials and some recipes to upgrade your next scary pasta.

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Why Should You Make Eyeball Spaghetti?

Monster pasta can be a successful solution for fathers who are bored and untalented in the kitchen and who want to do minor manipulations with food to amuse the girls. But there are other target audiences. 

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Eyeball pasts is a dish that you can make with the children, who will surely be happy to cut the cheese and olives (under the supervision of an adult, of course. And preferably only with a knife suitable for children) create the eyes and decorate the pasta with them, according to your wild imagination. Ultimately, the children may be scared to eat the “eyes,” especially if the sight is scary, but that’s another story. For example, here is a video – not real, and according to the guidelines, not suitable for children either – that illustrates the strange feeling you might have if you ate a too-realistic dish, but that’s part of the story.

Pasta with eyes is an excellent solution whenever you host horror-loving friends, for example, at a dinner you put together before or while watching some scary movie. It is a perfect choice of Halloween pasta and can be an integral part of your menu for the holiday. In the Horror food section on this website, we have already reviewed other scary foods you can combine, and in the future, you will see many other equally delicious suggestions. Maybe even more Halloween pasta ideas.

eyeball pasta ideas

How Do You Make Eyeball Pasta?

Pasta with eyes is a great way to add variety, imagination, and creativity to your dinner (or Greek lunch. Depending on when you eat pasta). 

There are several versions of the same dish with different ingredients. Still, the common denominator is the attempt to make what looks like scary eye sockets as part of the pasta bed, which is usually spaghetti. There can be some diversity here in terms of the components of the dish, for example, the sauce, although, as you already understood – I always recommend horror dishes to go for the red and bloody look. Both because it looks great and because tomato sauce is pretty basic in pasta.

The origin of eyeball spaghetti has yet to be fully discovered. Some would argue that these dishes are loosely based on a Polpetta al Sugo, a classic Italian dish of meatballs with tomato sauce served with lots of Parmesan sauce. The “monstrous” pasta dish will usually combine cheese, mostly mozzarella. You will get the effect of the eyeball by cutting olives in a particular round shape and placing them above the cheese in a way that resembles… well, eyes. One of the main advantages here is that we combine some of the favorite ingredients of children today, which are pasta, tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, and olives, in one dish.

Since it is an effortless dish, you can easily change the ingredients to get the desired dish. You can create a more impressive and accurate look for the eyes if you combine meatballs by putting the cheese and olives on top of the meatballs. 

To create eyeball spaghetties, you can use all kinds of other dark vegetables, such as zucchini, eggplants, or cucumbers. For the whites of the eyeball pasta, you can use different types of cheese and surprises like palm hearts. Everything according to your personal taste and aesthetic preferences.

Eyeball Spaghetti

Pasta Can Be Monstrously Healthy

The truth is that pasta has been considered for years one of the biggest enemies of those trying to diet, for the simple reason that it is a carbohydrate we like to call “refined carbs.” 

In recent years, however, we have heard more and more other approaches which show that the monster does not have to be so terrible. One accepted concept, which emerged from several studies in recent years, is that pasta should not cause harm when you integrate it well into a balanced diet. The problem in most cases is that we overeat (because it’s delicious!), and also because some of the toppings and sauces of the pasta are considered fattening. If you eat the pasta correctly, you can enjoy it for a long time (especially when you cook it cooked al dente).

Even in the case of pasta with eyes, you can find versions that are considered nutritionally friendly and even fit into tricky menus, such as low-calorie foods, a ketogenic diet, a gluten-free diet, and so on. You can use any type of pasta, including those that fit into the nutritional menu of those who maintain their weight. The first diagnosis is regarding the type of pasta, for example, penne, spaghetti, macaroni, linguine, etc., when most types (and there are estimated to be more than 350!) can fit here.

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Another point, and probably more important from a health point of view, is what the pasta is made of. An accepted recommendation is for whole wheat pasta, which contains more vitamins and critical nutritional fibers than “regular” pasta and is considered more satisfying. The healthiest plates of pasta are made from legumes, such as green lentils, peas, etc. Beyond that, they are also suitable for those who cannot consume gluten or prefer to avoid it; pasta of this type is rich in proteins, vitamins, and dietary fiber. In the optimistic scenario, you will get here the closest you can to a portion of protein, in carbs.

Eyeball Spaghetti

Another critical point is that the color of the scary pasta matters health-wise and regarding the frightening look you’re trying to create. Light pasta is the classic, the choice you can find in any marketing chain, but there are other options. Some would argue that black pasta is the creepiest. Traditionally, around the world, pasta makers use squid ink (!) to make black pasta; in other cases, they add zinc on top of the pasta.

There are several versions of green monster pasta with eyeballs on the internet – because some monsters are green – and this combination looks pretty solid. If you stick to the classic Italian recipes, you can get it according to the traditional Italian formula through a combination of spinach leaves or Swiss chard.

How Do You Make Eyeballs Spaghetti?

To make eyeball Spaghetti, you don’t need to be an extraordinary genius in the kitchen because pasta is one of the most basic foods. What’s more, if you want to get relatively creative ideas or know that you are doing the right thing regarding the quantities and nutritional components, you can find quite a few essential recipes. In a speedy examination, we found the following recipes:

  1. A classic recipe for an eyeball pasta, on the BBC Good Food website 
  2. A simple recipe for pasta with meatballs, mozzarella, and olives on the Delish website 
  3. A delicious recipe for “bleeding” green pasta with eyes

If you prefer your instructions filmed, some short videos on YouTube explain the preparation process step by step:

A unique and scarier version, which also adds blood and spiders to the recipe:

A simple recipe for pasta combining meatballs with cheese, black olives, and green olives for decoration:

Maybe I should have watched these videos before making my Eyeball Spaghetti.

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