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The Dancing Nun From Carnival Ride Spins Terror

Since the establishment of social media, we’ve seen quite a few dance videos go viral – some even scary. As you have seen in previous reviews on “Horror World,” the dances can be scenes from movies or horror series, for example, the famous dance scene of Megan or the Wednesday Addams dance. Alongside this are cases where the dance is happening in “real” life, documented authentically (more or less), and reaches tens of millions of views. For example, a video of a scary nun dancing in the middle of a spinning ride at a fair in Mexico.

The videos of the dancing nun on carnival ride appeared in October 2023 and have since become a massive sensation on the Internet. You can see these videos as part of the fact that we like (seeing) and sharing unusual videos, or if you want, a phenomenon influenced by the renewed rise of nun films in recent years, which was reflected, for example, in the tremendous success of “The Nun” and in other films in which you will find nuns, such as latest “Immaculate” With Sidney Sweeney. 

The following article will tell you precisely who is behind “La Monja de la Feria,” how it corresponds with Mexican culture, and how it went viral. And who knows, maybe a horror movie will come out of it someday.


The Dancing Nun On Carnival Ride Won’t Stop

The “scary dancing nun” of Mexico, also known by its original name “La Monja de la Feria” (“the nun from the fair.”) This is a young girl (we’ll get to her shortly) who decided to dance in the middle of an amusement park, or even in the middle of an amusement park. Think of a scary carousel with screaming people and, in the middle, a dancing nun who seems unrelated to the situation. You will understand why it is strange and unique; it also has a viral potential in the current culture.

Dancing nun on carnival ride - illustration

La Monja de la Feria wears a nun costume, but not just a simple nun. As you can see, La Monja de la Feria costume has unique markings that show that she is dressed as Valak, perhaps the most famous nun in the cinema in recent years after she joined the expansive filmography of “The Conjuring” and got, in the meantime, two very successful films. So, next to the classic nun costume, she wears a mask with scary teeth, and the fingers on her hands aren’t exactly human, either. The videos became viral on social media, emphasizing TikTok: shortly after one of the videos was uploaded, it had already reached more than 70 million views.

What Is The Dancing Nun On Carnival Ride Song?

The Dancing Nun has appeared in several parks and amusement fairs in Mexico. In some videos, she danced alone; in others, she danced alongside other costumed characters such as Michael Myers, the Annabelle doll, and even the Pope. The dancing nun on carnival ride demonstrated quite impressive dancing abilities – mainly to the sounds of electronic music from Mexico, such as the song Las Montijas by the group called Grupo Exterminador, which plays “Corridos,” a local form of storytelling and singing based on turning traditional verbal stories into ballads. 


El tagada de Espectaculares Garcia 🎡🎠 #viral #foryou #fyp #parati #fypシ

♬ sonido original – Espectaculares_Garcia

The selection of La Monja de la Feria song is not accidental since its name means “The Nuns.” If I understood correctly, the song is about nuns who deal with illegal drugs, like cocaine. According to one analysis, the dancing nun reflects courage and rebellion against the conventions of the nuns.

And there is also the American thing. The choice of the character of the nun from a Hollywood movie expresses, according to another analysis, the influence of American culture on Mexicans. It also shows the Mexicans’ love for the first “Nun” movie, which ranked in Mexico’s top ten box office hits. In the United States, for comparison, he was ranked 26th that year. It is said that after the videos went viral, quite a few Mexicans ordered a scary nun costume for themselves.

La Monja de la Feria - illustration photo

“Phenomena With A Creepy Nun In The Middle” 

Look, I’m not too fond of dancing. When I do get up to dance, it’s only when I must: for example, at weddings, and only after the bride and groom implore me to do it until about their honeymoon, or when I get a kick in a sensitive area from my wife (whichever comes first). I’ve never tried dancing in the middle of an amusement park, nor wearing nun clothes (really!), so it’s hard for me to examine the level of complexity of what The Dancing Nun in Mexico has done.

But in general, after seeing the videos and also several seasons of “Dancing with the Stars,” it seems that it takes some pretty impressive abilities to do it without falling on your head, freaking out, getting dizzy,  throwing up, or all together.

In an article in the New York Times, Christina Baker – a professor of Latin American studies at Temple University in Philadelphia – described the performance of The Dancing Nun Mexico: “It’s this whirlwind of visuals and sounds and, I don’t know, it’s this otherworldly experience, frankly. It’s a transformative, sensorial phenomena with a creepy nun in the middle.” 

Baker also mentioned the complexity of the dance in such a clumsy costume and the challenging conditions of the facility, which, of course, require a lot of training, physical effort, and ability. “This is someone who just loves to go out and party, or maybe has some dance training”, she tried to guess. Shortly after, the answer came.

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Who Is La Monja De La Feria?

For a time, the identity of the mysterious nun from Mexico was unknown. This fact may correspond with Mexican folklore, which sanctifies the supernatural, ghosts, and horror stories. A pure example is the Mexican Day of the Dead tradition, which has received many mentions in film and television and was celebrated throughout Mexico in November, shortly after these videos went up. It can also be seen in scary places in Mexico, such as the island of the dolls we wrote about on the website. In the cinema sector, for example, we recently saw “The Black Demon,” in the frame of which is a Mexican legend about an exceptionally vast and diabolical shark (our full review here).

In the end, the media found the identity of The Mexico Dancing Nun. Despite what one might think, that the young woman would use the videos and the exposure she received to become viral herself, it looks like she preferred to avoid being exposed initially. In fact, the girl known as “La Monja de la Feria” didn’t even have a social media account. Attempts to contact her were reportedly unsuccessful, and the fairs’ production company did not cooperate either.

When they did manage to interview her, the result looked a bit like part of an exposure episode of “The Masked Singer” – only without the fake astonished looks of the judges, the shouts of “Who is it? Who is it?” or The recorded annoyances and fake cheers of the audience (because there is no audience in the studio during the revealings). A few seconds later, we saw a shy girl under the mask. This is Pamela Jasso Pérez, a 17-year-old girl from Guanajuato, the capital of a state with the same name.


¿La habías visto? Revelan identidad de la monja más viral de TikTok. por favor apoyen a la monja y a su esposo, sigan sus redes sociales @la monja tagada oficiala, @LA MONJA681

♬ original sound – David Anaya Solís


La Monja De La Feria Is A Simple Girl

Pamela Jasso Pérez is a lovely and relatively normal-looking young woman whose body movements in interviews conveyed a bit of nervousness and discomfort but also a pinch of pride. When asked what it’s like to be the most famous nun in Mexico, she replied: “Well, I feel good.” When asked how she manages to dance and maintain balance when a device is spinning and around her people are screaming (or at least taking pictures), her answer was just as essential and direct: “I just do it.” 

She received inspiration and a strong work ethic from a 25-year-old close friend who passed away. “I feel like I’m remembering my friend, and I know that his wife is thankful that we’re [honoring] him like this.”

The Internet may forget the Dancing Nun because there’s always the next viral hit. Nevertheless, if in the next movie in the cinematic universe of “The Conjuring” – and by the way, according to the rumors, the nun may be the main villain in “The Conjuring 4” – you see Valak dancing, you will understand that her inspiration may be a young girl from Mexico who was dressed as a nun and just wanted to dance. 

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